Earth’s Tilt 1: The Reason for the Seasons

Imagine that you live
in North America. And one day you call up
your friend in Australia. You guys are talking,
and you make plans to go visit him next summer. So anytime next
summer works for you? Yeah, whenever is best for you. Surprise me. In a few months,
July rolls around, and you hop on a plane for
your Australian vacation. Imagine your surprise when
you show up at his house, and he tells you– What are you doing here mate? It’s the middle of winter. And then you say– Winter? It’s the middle of
summer back in America. And your friend’s like– I don’t know what to tell you. July is winter for us. OK, I don’t get this. How can it be summer in
America and winter in Australia at the same time? That’s a great question. I think we can help
you out with that. To answer this question, we
have to zoom way back and start with a top-down look at the
Earth’s orbit around the sun. Oh by the way, everything
you see in this video isn’t to the correct scale. Now, the Earth’s orbit
isn’t a perfect circle. It’s actually an ellipse. You usually see it
drawn like this. Lots of people think– Hey, this must be
by we have seasons. When the Earth is close to
the Sun, we have summer, and when the Earth is far away
from the Sun, we have winter. But that’s actually not true.
[BUZZER] If that were true, it would be summer in America
and Australia at the same time. And we know that’s not the case. Exactly. The way we’ve
drawn Earth’s orbit here is really exaggerated. People just draw it that way
to highlight the extreme. In actuality, there’s a
relatively small difference between the Earth’s closest and
furthest points from the Sun. If we draw Earth’s orbit
with the correct shape, it looks like this. You can see it’s actually pretty
circular, but it’s not perfect. So it’s not the closeness
of the Earth to the Sun that causes the seasons. To see what’s actually at work,
we have to look that the orbit from the side. In our side view, the Earth
is revolving around the Sun in this orbital plain here. It takes one year to go
through a full orbit, 365 days. Remember, at the same time
Earth is rotating on its axis once every day. The important thing, for
the seasons at least, is that the Earth actually
isn’t straight up and down. It’s tilted at an
angle of 23.5 degrees. So when the Earth is on
this side of the Sun, the Northern Hemisphere is
angled away from the Sun. The Southern Hemisphere
is angled toward the Sun. When the Earth is
revolving around the Sun, it stays tilted in
the same position. The axis doesn’t wiggle
around or anything. It just stays fixed in
a certain direction. So when the Earth is over
here, the Northern Hemisphere is angled towards the Sun,
and the Southern Hemisphere is angled away. When a hemisphere is
angled towards the Sun, the Sun’s rays hit it directly. That’s what’s happening in
the Northern Hemisphere here. But when a hemisphere is
angled away from the Sun, like the Southern
Hemisphere here, the Sun’s rays
hit it indirectly. OK, so what difference does
direct or indirect sunlight make? Oh, there’s a huge difference. Let’s take a look with
a simple experiment. In this experiment, we’re
going to use a flashlight to simulate the Sun. Say that the flashlight
is a particular sunbeam. If it’s shining
directly, all its energy is concentrated
in a certain area. But if the sunbeam is shining
indirectly, the area is larger. This means that the
same amount of energy is spread out over
a larger area. So in a particular
point on the paper it feels colder in
the indirect sunbeam than in the direct sunbeam. And the more indirect the
sunbeam, the larger the area. It’s important to note that the
amount of energy in the sunbeam is always the same. It’s not changing. However, if it’s spread out over
a larger area, we feel it less. Let’s take a look at what
this means for the Earth. Here we have a globe that’s
angled at about 23.5 degrees. It’s June, so the
Northern Hemisphere is angled towards the Sun. If we shine the flashlight
directly on the Northern Hemisphere, we see it
illuminates a certain area. But when we move the
flashlight to shine indirectly on the Southern
Hemisphere, we see that it’s illuminating
a larger area, just like we talked about. So let’s put it all together. When the Northern Hemisphere
is tilted towards the Sun, it’s receiving direct sunlight. It feels warmer, which
means it’s summer there. And the Southern Hemisphere is
receiving indirect sunlight, which means it feels cooler. That’s winter. Six months later,
when the Earth is on the other side of the
Sun, we have the opposite. It’s the Southern Hemisphere
receiving direct sunlight, so it’s summer there. And the Northern Hemisphere is
receiving indirect sunlight. So they’re having winter. And now you know the
reason for the seasons. Awesome. So it’s not how close the Earth
is to the Sun that matters. But instead it’s the
tilt of the Earth. Which is also why it’s winter
in Australia at the same time as it’s summer in America. You got it. Well, I think this has been the
most educational vacation I’ve ever had And there’s so much
more to talk about. Did you know that the Earth– You know, I actually
think I’m good for now. Oh, OK. So what would you
like to do now? We can go bush
walking and barby. Get some soccer. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. You used a flashlight to relate the concept of the sun being 93 million miles away. I thought you guys at MIT were smart.

    Inverse square law from 93 million miles away renders this explanation hogwash. If the earth was a sphere the light would still hit at the same angle but would have to travel a bit farther to locations away from the equator. However that bit would not account for the extreme temperature differences we observe from a source 93 million miles away. 2+2=4
    And the earth is flat with a local sun

  2. Er, If you’re trying to give people knowledge how our seasons happen. why In you’re demonstration do you move the sun(torch)??? I thought the ☀️ didn’t move?!
    If you’d of moved the torch upwards it would of reacted the same as the downwards?!

  3. So, is the equater just closer to the direct sunlight for most of the time?

  4. So what about the North Pole? Wouldn't that get very hot over there?

  5. You've just helped me prove the tilt is horse piss, and it's the sun doing a spiraling trajectory towards the west north in summer in August, In winter the sun travels Southwest in a spiraling trajectory, I've been Sun Dialing, it shows a spiraling trajectory, thanks for explaining this away….

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    could you explain how sun raise from south then set in the north

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    Now imagine that you are not living on a Ball…

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  9. That’s not how it works. Stop with the lies. The earth doesn’t have tilt nor does it rotate. If the earth rotates you can get in a helicopter and hover for a hour and be in a different spot. But you won’t be in a different spot. So once again stop with the lies.

  10. This is the same dumb shit they fed our parents…research flat earth. Too many holes in the globe model.

  11. So this is,what everyone of us learned in school. Put this whole explenation in an accurate scale of the distance of earth and sun with its real sizes,you will notice,that this model can't be the reason for such a difference in sunlight, or temperature. And the most curious fact would be,that we would have exactly the same conditions (weather,sunlight, temperature, vegetation,animal life etc.) On the southpole as on the northpole. Abd this is truly not the case at all. The coldest messureable temperature on earths landmass was measured in the Antarctica, the minor vegetation on earth is in Antarctica.the same with animal life. And the top of all is the missing phenomenon of the midnight- sun in Antarctica. Because this is just the case in Artic region till Norway around. Never heard of someone in Chile or living most near to Antarctica ,experienced the same phenomenon of midnight sun….. Just calculate the real scale of earth and sun,think about everything and don't believe blind an "educational video (kind of sesame street)" of 5min…. Do your own experiments

  12. Even if the earth was not tilted, according to their theory, the rays would still hit the same way. They didn't even consider the rays from the sun fanning out vs the rays being parallel…
    If they claim the earth is a sphere whether it is tilted or not, it will still be a sphere. So seasons are definitely not due to the proposed tilt.

  13. I thought the reasons for the seasons was that God said "while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Thank you for posting.

  14. This is some pretty fucking basic infomation shit i probably learnt at
    School and yet i didn't actually know anything about it 😂😂😂

  15. Great video, but how this missed people in schools blows my mind and is a pretty huge indictment against our educational system. I went to a public school in the 80s and 90s and remember learning this in the classroom and through watching videos. The fact that so many people missed this in school is sad.

  16. They just proved Global warming is 99% the SUN's fault. Poor old humans have not enough control to cause climate change with 0.08% of CO2's contribution to the greenhouse effect….but keep screaming…you LIBS are good at screaming and protesting..DOXing and assaults and death threats etc.

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    lost it's routine, every year summer and winter happens perfectly.
    hahahah cut the bullshit. globe earth is insanity.

  21. 1:16 is what was taught to me at school…we had a junior teacher for geography that year

  22. Thank you! this really helps me to represent a simulation in my Earth Science class!!!

  23. There are 6 states and 2 Territories that make up Australia. Next Time Please include the little triangle down the bottom of Australian Mainland. That is Tasmania!!! Yes … It is a state of Australia!! Not some dinky little island that just sits out there in Bass Strait, Tasmania is an important part of Australia. Thanks. And have a great day!!

  24. read the bible the only thong that tilts is the sun dumb asshole

  25. this workd 2 ways you can tilt the plane and even the sun every motherfucker knows that. remove the video please this is disinforming the public and keeping them from the truth…a flat grounden earth with a tilting sun!!!

  26. Hey you guys are awesome seriously.
    Thankyou for explaining in a very simple way.

  27. 1. A matter of significant importance is that "direct" and "indirect" – are TOTALLY WRONG words to use in this example . If you see the source of light – this light is called DIRECT no matter perpendicularly or not it is hitting the ground. The opposite term is "REFLECTED" or "INDIRECT" (reflected from Moon or clouds or dispersed dust / water-fog in the atmosphere)
    . In your example IT IS ALWAYS DIRECT !!!
    2. "Spreading over a larger area" – it is a horrible explanation. A simple question "How do you know that this is a factor? Maybe it's not? How can you PROVE it? " or "how to figure out when we only receive a half of the summer's amount of energy so we know FOR SURE it is a significant factor? " immediately brings the confusion back. Guys have you ever heard about the concept Sin, Cos, Tg, Ctg ? Power of light hitting the surface = Power (hitting perpendicularly) * Sin (of the actual angle). If Sin (summer)/Sin (winter) equals 3 we know that this area receives 3 times less energy in winter. Easy to imagine and simple to understand? – yes.
    3. Snow is white. It reflects more than 90% of sunlight back to the Universe. Before hot air / wind from Equatorial area (South for Northern Hemisphere or North for S.H.) melts it (uncovering the dark ground first) , even "Direct" (by your definition) sun light will not cause any significant warming and season change. If snow were BLACK (which is irrelevant to Earth tilt, right?) and covered the ground same way like now, it is possible that season change (the way we know it) would not exist at all. I mean it is a no less important factor than the Earth Tilt and should have been mentioned as explanation too: " A very important factor is that white snow reflects sunlight back to the sky so the light does not contribute to season change in early spring in snowy areas "
    Guys go back to school…

  28. Awesome explanation – U kept it very simple and the message is passed very easily. How I wish I had a teacher like you when I was young. I would have been a scientist now

  29. This is probably going to help with my science test tomorrow! 😎

  30. This video has the wrong information!
    The sun is much smaller than they show in scale in the video and it can not work,
    it's just stupid like their voices are!
    The tilt is assumptions indoctrination build on math to fit the globe lie!

    There are 24 hours of sunlight in the middle of the summer in Iceland. It proves the earth is a flat plane.
    The 66.6° or 23-degree tilt isn't enough explanation for this!
    (Earth's axis = 23.4 degrees minus 90 degrees = 66.6 degrees, number of the beast! 😉
    If you look at the sun pattern on the flat earth model, can't happen on the globe model,
    the sun's circle get smaller radius in the north and around the North pole. It fits flat earth perfectly, 😇
    but not the globe!
    Here comes the sun:

    If the Earth were actually a spinning globe revolving around the Sun, the only place such a phenomenon as the Midnight Sun could be observed would be at the poles. Any other vantage point from 89 degrees latitude downwards could never, regardless of any tilt or inclination, see the Sun for 24 hours straight. To see the Sun for an entire revolution on a spinning globe at a point other than the poles, you would have to be looking through miles and miles of land and sea for part of the revolution! Anyone below the 89th parallel could never witness the Sun for 72 hours, 3 whole revolutions, straight because to do so would be to assume you are somehow seeing “through the globe” and to the Sun on the other side! Since such an assumption is ridiculous, and yet the Midnight Sun can clearly be seen as low as the 65 parallel, this is another absolute proof that Earth is the flat, stationary center of the universe.

  31. Now let me tell you the problem with All of this the problem is you a get parallel shadows and other words a few mart from morning till dark the tip of a Shadow from a poll the shadow would go in a straight while.. Now if the Earth were still and the Sun were moving and circular formations and you did the same process the shadow would be like a Crescent moon which is exactly what we see. Plus try to explain to me how a 24 hour clock works properly on that diagram. Where it would be high noon on the other side of the Sun would be midnight so a 24 hour clock does not work with the heliocentric model.

  32. The earth's tilt has to be conveniently added so as to account for the seasons and non one has seen or measured the tilt. Your illustration of the sun is very poor, it does not take into account the distance which is 93 million miles away. You must never ever show this video to anyone, I think YouTube must take it down – it is embarrassing!

  33. You paid full attention in the false class! The reality of our world is that the earth is stationary and the sun, moon and stars moves over the face of the earth and seas inside a firmament over the earth and seas! Read Genesis chapter one. All that we have been taught about the famous Globe is fairy tales. Sad to say we were brainwashed!

  34. That kangee wasn't aussie! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED AN AUSSIE!

  35. Not necessarily true it appears larger in some cases or equal to because of atmospheric moisture. It has a magnifying effect. So there you have it you can deny what I said but evidence scientifically or experimental e proves what I said.

  36. 8 inches a mile squared . Is not observable. That's is a fact

  37. All this time I thought the earth rotated on it's axis, I was told wrong as a kid, and never learned right. I feel dumb right now. And I got a 5 on my calculus ap exam, so no excuse for my mathematical stupidity. Sigh. I never realized the axis tilt is the same, just it's relation to the sun is different when on the opposite side.

  38. WoW, finally i understood it. It's a rare day when i am able understand. So, now in happiness , i m going to order pizza.
    But, I can't because a nice Pizza in India is very expensive. And i am poor by heart. So, i am just going to play WoT Blitz and ruin my future.

  39. Sun obliquity is a secondary cause for increased warmth in the summer. The primary cause of heat increase is simply the length of day. During the summer, the local area is exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time and has a much shorter period of night to cool. Yes, the dispersion of sunlight also contributes, but the factor carrying the load is length of day.

  40. Wow l totally understand…. thank you so much for wonderful information.

  41. 1:08 And thank God it isn't or it'd be pretty toasty here on earth

  42. Ok, so what I don't get is if the sun is so far away from earth, why would a tilt heck even move 2 earth lengths closer to the sun, there should be no real noticeable difference.
    I fail to see how this supposed tilt causes anything at all, an hour or so more of daylight in the summer, why if we rotate at a constant 24 hr period?
    Do you believe that the Apollo missions actually went to the moon?
    Do you think that a handful of Pakistanis with box cutters caused the Pentagon getting hit, the Twin Towers, what about building 5, went down because of a fire I suppose.
    If you believe this congratulations you have been indoctrinated into the cult of Babylon.
    We have been deceived by the very people we put our trust in. May God Almighty have Mercy on us all.

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