East Harlem: Poem Guy with love declarations for New York

(Knock, knock) – Heyyy!
– Hiiiiii! – He-heh! Well, you’re a cheerful guy, how
are you? – I’m doing good, it’s good to see you. – Now, I need to know why you love New York? – I love New York for the people!
– Oh yeah? – It’s a human universe and I think that’s
a beautiful place to be. – That’s a wonderful answer! – Yeah!
– What do you do for a living? – I write poems for people.
– Where do you write them? – Ah, in the wintertime I’m in the subway,
but I’m happy to announce that it’s no longer winter! And so I’ll be in Washington Square Park,
Central Park, all around outside. – So you’re doing it on the streets or in-
– Yeah. – Oh, really?
– Well, well, I prefer the parks because I like trees.. – Oh yeah, he-he!
– …As well as people.. And, uh, and so.. Washington Square Park I
think gotta be my favorite place to be. – Right!
– Yeah. – What do you always bring to work?
– I, oh, [CLAP!] wanna see it?! – Oh, I would LOVE to see it! ‘Cos you have
it here? – I always bring my, I always bring my Bernie
table and I always bring my chair.. And I set my chair up and then I set my table up..
And.. and.. The nice thing about my situation is it’s compact.. It all fits in here, and I open
this sucker up.. And what do you know! I have my favorite machine
in the whole world.. – Oooooh! – Mighty Little!
– Ooh, it has a name! – Next year she’ll be, I mean, next month
she’s gonna be 99 years old.. – Do you love it?
– What? – The machine?
– Do I love it? – Yeah?
– Oh yeah! I, I, I’m.. I’m kind of sad to say I love this machine more than I love
almost everything else in my life, he-heh! – How would you describe the relationship
with the machine? – I don’t know, it’s just, it’s like, uh,
uh… At this point this machine is like a character, it’s like, something alive to me,
it’s, I’ve had a lot of very beautiful moments intimately connected to this machine, so.. – That’s beautiful! How many poems do you
write a day, or, yeah? – Oh, I mean, average day I think I write
like, 12, 15.. – That’s a lot! So where do you find inspiration
to write them? – Well, I get it from the folks who walk
up.. It’s a game of empathy, it’s love, I get it out of my love for the people who come. – Do you have a poem, uh, about something
that’s related to New York that you could read up? – Uh.. Sure! How about a pizza poem?
– Ohh! Of course, a pizza.. poem.. perfect for New York! – So the guy who wanted this poem, he’s
like, yeah give me a poem about pizza, and his friend wanted it to be something more
cosmic, something a little bit more… – Ni-, eh, yeah, lovely? Ehhe-he.
– He wanted it to be about meditation, so meditation and pizza! – Oh, yeah! When it’s good.
Really good. The eyes closed. Drawing the light inward. Completely. To shine. Garlic. Basil.
Tomato. Meatball. Rolling around your mouth. Absorbs the mind like a napkin. Wipes away the mess. While you sink. In pure flavor. The galaxy swirling around you. The good sage knows there is no greater value. Than pizza mind. – That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing
that. – Thanks for stopping by! – Well, I hope that you’re gonna have-
– You sure you don’t wanna stay for coffee? – Well I would love to but you know, the
whole concept is just a 3 minute visit! – OK. – So, eh, we’ll come back another time,
if you would like us! – OK, thank you. – Bye-bye!
– Bye-bye.

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