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Eddie and the supermarket shopping with Eddie was a nightmare I lift Eddie up and squeeze him into the seat on the shopping trolley in you get little fella so he goes rigid he turns himself into a little fat iron bar that can't be bent I can't push his legs through the spaces in you get Eddie push I said in you push get Eddie squeeze slowly he lets his legs relax and I unbend them and thread them into the trolley and off we go we're wheeling past the baked beans and he leans out and grabs a can Vince nor bins no Eddie we don't need any more beans bins bins bins bins no we don't need any beans bins bins bins no beans Eddie we're heading now for the KitKat's penguins topic bars crunchies Milky Way's he stopped shouting bins bins bins and leans out of his seat arms waving we whiz round the corner of the packs of chocolate wafers and his chunky little hand grabs a packet wait Chuck bleeped we we're going to take that packet back Eddie we're going to take that packet back then there is an explosion my chocolate my joke did my chocolate he turns into the little fat iron bar again in front of my eyes he becomes a screaming demon head flat back face going red eyes getting swollen back stiff hands punching out body heaving to and fro a woman is looking at me and saying to herself you're a torturer you're horrible to babies my job lid bins bins bins some people walk about pretending nothing is going on but I can tell they're in pain the noise of Eddie is getting into their bones people are moving away from us there's a man over there hurrying to get to the kitchen rolls Eddie is wrenching the bars off the trolley juggling beans my chocolate beans I want some kitchen rolls – so the man who's trying to get away from me thinks he's being hunted by Eddie then one of the shelf stackers tries to be friendly he looks at the screaming blob called Eddie and winks and does some useless trick with his finger and says oh it's not that bad little one thank you shelf stacker brilliant finger move she is making her fast isn't she says our jolly shelf stocker Eddie is veering about so much the Shelf spec I can't even tell it's a boy bins bins bins chocolate chocolate chocolate I want to yell my head off too I want to run around the supermarket waving my arms about screaming bins bins bins I want to sit in someone's trolley and bend bars and drop baked bean cans on the floor and grab chocklit biscuits and drive my dad crazy then the security men arrive they've come to collect the money from the cash registers there's four of them they're huge in big padded blue uniforms with crash helmets on and crunchings in their belts this is my chance Eddie look who's come to get you he looks he looks and he stops howling ah all around me people relax they smile they chant I glide through paying my bill we all float out into the carpark everything feels nice and easy when we get home I find that I've forgotten to get bread jam toilet rolls milk orange juice tuna fish and cornflakes dinnertime Eddie I say what you want bins says Eddie I go to the cupboard he was right we have run out of beans I say Eddie I'm sorry but we've run out of beans no beans and he says Vince Vince Vince Vince Vince Vince

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  2. B E A N S

    WhEe !!11!1 ChOcCleTE!!1!11 WheEEee!11!11111!1!!1!!1!!

  3. Who needs those ridiculous "toy channels" when you have Miachel Rosen?

    Modern parents today depend on smartphones to "babysit" their kids. They just open up YouTube and let their kids watch a playlist full of questionable "kids" content.

    What they should do is let them watch a playlist full of Michael Rosen videos. Not only is it actually kid-friendly, but it's really entertaining….maybe even more entertaining than TV.

  4. My kids can watch you all day and they will never get bored. Thank you Micheal for being such a good guy. Hope that you have a nice day/month/year/life.

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