14 thoughts on “Edmund Morris, Author, "Colonel Roosevelt"

  1. I give a dislike here strictly regarding Morris and not Mr. Lamb who is always a pro.

  2. My God! Does this guy deserve a good punch in the face or what?

    Talk about smug self-importance? Making himself a character in what is supposed to be a non-fiction biography is inventing a new "literary form?" Having that character carry dialogue that didn't happen is biography?

    This guy is the living embodiment of the degradation of scholarly standard in historical writng. He is to history what Gore Vidal is to history, an asshole who believe in order for the reader to understand history should be fiction–personal invention.

    If this guy had gone to my middle school, we would have kicked his but everyday on general principles. We're adult now, so let's just all put our thumbs in our mouth and make flatulation sounds at him.

  3. The photo at 26:24 is not of TR's "beautiful young wife,'" as Morris refers to her. That is a picture of TR's oldest daughter. I  suspect it is the mistake of a production assistant who didn't realize both the wife and the daughter were named Alice.

  4. This interview is exceptional. Great interviewer. And it goes without saying that Morris is a brilliant biographer and fascinating interviewee. Thank you for uploading this.

  5. I want to read this book; Roosevelt was one of the greatest imperialist war mongers ever; great enemy of the folks I admire most in late 19th and early 20th Century America, the Anti-Imperialist League. TR paid them the greatest complement a war monger can pay peace activists-he called them "unhanged traitors". The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  6. That was kind of crummy that they he gave away the last line. They should have edited it out.

  7. Good interview, but what's up with that hideous music at the end? It's like the stuff they use to move weepy Hollywood actors off the stage at the Oscars.

  8. @sirhonestharry When was this….just recently at the release of Colonel Roosevelt?

  9. I watched Morris lecture at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, at 17, I was the youngest person there! Morris signed my book, "I bought The rise of TR," he looked at the flyleaf, there was an old picture of TR as a young man, Morris said "Looks about as young as you!" it was so cool…

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