El Paso Poem

AND REQUESTING INFORMATION SINCE THE WALMART SHOOTING ON SATURDAY, EL PASOANS HAVE HAD TO FIND THEIR OWN WAYS TO COPE WITH WHAT HAPPENED. ONE 16 YEAR OLD GIRL TURNED TO WRITING. KTSM 9 NEWS PHOTOJOURNALIST MIKE VIGIL CRUZ. AND HER SONG, MEANT TO INSPIRE THE SUN CITY. 19:52:30 My name is Genesis De La Cruz… and I love to care about my community 19:55:01 This basically started out as a poem and if I’m being completely honest, I guess a letter you could say or just random words being spread out on a paper 19:45:37 It was pretty late at night when I heard a recap about and I was like, oh maybe I can write a poem about it and see if that can release some of the stress that I’ve had over it, and as I was writing it, I realized that some of the words were rhyming. Some of these are going together, its making sense 19:48:28 I saw that long list of people that we lost and it was just one of those, they need to be mentioned because at the end of the day they were just going to shop for some groceries, shop for some school supplies, they planned on going home to their kids and it’s not fair what happened to them. 19:57:15 I feel like the only way we can heal from this process is to protect our 915 and how people that they’re not going to break us down and we’re going to come back together MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL

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