Elbphilharmonie »Made In Hamburg« | Poems of Jamiro

We are Poems For Jamiro from Hamburg. This is Laila, and I’m Nina, and we’re an indie-pop electro duo. We’re actually appearing with a band today, but usually it’s just the two of us. ♪ I would describe our music as celestial and electronic, but it still features unusual elements as well: we’ve brought along a violin, for example, and our two-part singing is also very important. ♪ Otherwise, the Elbphilharmonie is an important new Hamburg landmark. Of course it’s triggered some controversial debates: Do we need it? Is it important? Is it good or bad? Who benefits from it? Whom does it harm? But I believe that this kind of debate can also be enriching. It can induce us to something really long-term that benefits everyone in the city and the surrounding region. And I think we’re moving in the right direction. ♪ The Hamburg music scene is super. If you go somewhere where music is playing, then you bump into more or less everyone, even though there truly are loads of people. It doesn’t take long to get in touch with everyone, and that’s something I really like about the Hamburg music scene. ♪ So it’s actually really great to be playing in a big concert hall like this again, one that is really meant for classical music. It’s a pretty impressive setting of course, but it’s also homely here because everyone who is important to us is here.

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