Electric Kiwi – The Safety Poem

Here at Electric Kiwi, we care about you
so we’ve put together a fun acrostic poem… to help you remember how to
be safe with your power. P! Powerboards! Don’t overload these puppies… if you overload them and the fuses blow it can be extremely dangerous. O! Oh did you know? Appliances are to be used for their intended purposes. Don’t use heaters as cookers and ovens for heating. W! Watch out for exposed wires! If you see any, contact your landlord and ask for these to be covered. Covered wires, are safe wires. E! Each light bulb needs to be the correct wattage and size for the fittings. Always buy the same bulbs otherwise they can overheat and cause fires. R! Are you listening? You should never have water near electricity. No CD players or wall powered tape decks while you have a bath. Like Sambuca and Baileys, water and power doesn’t mix! S! So you’ve done some laundry. Don’t try and dry it over a heater. Or you’ll probably start a fire. Keep heaters away from curtains and anything else that could catch alight. A house fire will heat your
house effectively, but it will hurt. A! A fun, but scary fact. Electricity when conducted through a persons body… can be both painful and lethal. Try not to touch any of the electricities. F! Fuses blow it’s a no. Just a reminder on that one. As it’s super important. Fuses are made to take care
of a certain amount of power. And if they are blowing, you’re overdoing it. E! Everything we say is true. And it might sound boring. But it will
keep you safe and alive. Don’t be silly when it comes to the
forbidden spicy juices. Remember these short power safety rules… they’ll keep you safe from harm. Power safe.

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