Ellen Chats with Single Mom Ashton Robinson and Her Professor Henry Musoma

See what an act of
kindness gets you? You’re here and– Wow. This is really amazing. Because this just happened,
like, two weeks ago. And now, like, you’re connected. You’re family. Family, yes. You say that you’re family now. Oh, yeah. Yes, yes. So you have been
teaching for how long? And where do you teach exactly? I’ve been teaching since 2005. And I teach at
Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. [APPLAUSE] And so you have a
child named Emmett. Yeah. And he’s how old? 10 months. And you’re a single mom. Mm-hmm. And so you thought,
I’m not going to be able to go to class. [STAMMERS] You had nobody– I was going to. [AUDIENCE COOS] I know. Look at that face. Because you didn’t have
anybody to watch Emmett. So how did this work out? So September 7th, I got
back to my office, Ellen. And you know, you get this email
from this student that says, Dr. Musoma, can I meet
with you before your class starts today so that you can go
over what’s going on in class? Because I’m not going to be
able to make it to class today. And you see the commitment. You see that she
wants to do school. And you send her back an
email and you say, call me. This is my phone number. She calls me back. And I say, what’s his name? She said, Emmett James. I said, how old is he? She said, 10 months. I said, bring him to class. [APPLAUSE] He said bring him. [LAUGHS] So he’s backstage right now. Hey, Jeannie, bring Emmett out. I want to hold Emmett. Yeah. [LAUGHS] You hold him during class. I’ll hold him during the show. [LAUGHTER] Hi. [APPLAUSE] Hey, puppa. Hey, puppa. Hey, you’re adorable. All right, so you said this
was going to be a rough year. You didn’t even
think you were going to be able to go to class. And why is that? Well– Because of him. Yes, I mean, I had I got
pregnant with Emmett. And I had him, obviously. And I thought that things
were just going downhill. I just recently
became a single mom. And so I was depressed. I didn’t know what to do. And he just completely turned
around my year, completely. And yeah, now I’m obviously
able to go to school and bring Emmett. Yeah, amazing. All right, so you were in
labor, from what I understand, and writing a paper
at the same time. Yes. I had a photography
assignment due. And I was being induced
at 5:30 in the morning. So I was on pitocin and
sending in my phot– I wasn’t able to finish
it though, because– And what– what do you want? You want some water? Are you thirsty? No, you want the flowers? You’re just pointing, saying
they’re pretty, pretty flowers. What is the hardest part
about being a single mom? I am not very good
with schedules. I never have been. And so being a single
mom and a student is really really, really hard. But I just have to– it’s been hard trying
to stick to a schedule. He doesn’t really
know what he wants. But yeah, that’s got
to be the hardest part. Just organizing everything. Organizing. But Emmett makes
it so much better. He’s such a blessing. And he’s my best friend. [LAUGHS] Oh. [AUDIENCE COOS] Well, now I want a baby. [LAUGHTER] Look at what you’ve done. Well, he does [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, Emmett. Let’s just stay like
this for a minute. I don’t have– I don’t have any more questions. [LAUGHTER] Emmett. Why is he so sweet? He is so sweet. He did the same thing in class. I mean, what happened
in class, he just kind of walked down and– He did. –and did the same thing. [LAUGHTER] Don’t act like you do this too. It’s just me and him right now. Don’t try to take
away my moment. [LAUGHTER] All right. Well, this is a perfect way
to start off our do good. Ashton, I want to help you out. You have expenses. And my friends at Cheerios
and I want to give you a check for $10,000. Oh, my gosh. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. Can I hug you? Thank you so much. Oh, my gosh. I don’t even know today. I’m thankful. [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] I want to encourage
everyone to think about doing good for others. Go to my website. Tell me what you’re doing.

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