Emergency workshop prepares people for world without power

well this may sound like something out of a movie but an electromagnetic pulse could put millions in the dark and paralyze our daily lives and it is a very real threat it was the topic at a conference today in Cumberland County CBS 21 is Erica Moffitt live with the Cumberland County mobile newsroom tonight in Erica why is this conference being held now well Rob it’s taking place now because organizers of the conference here at the US Army War College say there’s no better time to get prepared if you could imagine going through a day without any automobiles or without electricity or without computers or without phones think of living like you would in perhaps the 16th century for many of us that’s a scenario that’s hard to even imagine but a disaster just like that one is what military government and local community leaders are learning how to prepare for we’re looking literally at people living without electricity for a year it’s not it’s not it’s not hype you know it’s a strong possibility that could occur and it takes a multi-faceted approach to address the planning for these the workshop is aimed at getting the conversation going on how communities can prepare for an electromagnetic pulse caused either naturally by sunspot activity a high-altitude nuclear explosion or during a cyber attack cyber weapons cyber issues are growing in intensity and in sophistication and we are concerned about the possibilities of adversarial countries or groups getting involved in trying to take down our infrastructure organizers of the conference say conversation is an important step in becoming prepared and they add even you should think about getting ready if you were to go without electricity say for a month what kind of things would you do what would you prepare would you have some stockpiling of food sources or would you have some other kind of capability to just exist until things came back the conference will last three days for security reasons no cameras were allowed to film the actual presentation live with the Cumberland County mobile newsroom at US Army War College Erica Moffat CBS 21 News it

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