Emerson Wilde – “I Am Your Nurse” – Australian Poetry Slam 2019 – Bathurst

remember me I was your nurse I’m trying
to recall the first time that we met I think it was in the ED after your baby
had knocked their head no was it a panic attack chest pains
a car crash perhaps either way I’m glad you’re here because we need to talk some
of the things you said and did they’ve lingered in my thoughts you see as your
nurse you should have treated me with respect I mean you probably assumed
that’s something I already get but it’s rare
I’ve been spat on and I’ve been hit I’ve had to listen to debates about whether
I’m a boy a girl or an it and I will never judge you on your sexuality your
gender your race I will never judge you on your background affliction body or
face everything I do I do because I care and I’m sorry if I’ve ever seemed
distracted or tired it’s probably because I haven’t eaten slept or showered in
over 12 hours and some days I’m not fine I see a lot of loss and grief I’m yet to
process in my mind twin baby boys take their first and last breath while next
door in newborn suckles on their mother’s chest a daughter’s face
forgotten a lifetime of regret i watch you never get the chance to say all the
things you wish you’d said and just as every person that I treat is more than a
patient or a little plastic wristband ID I am more than the name badge on my
chest the color of my scrubs or my expected professional etiquette
I am Emerson and I was your nurse the next time we meet please show me the
respect I deserve

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