Eminem: Stuff to Never Rhyme (Full Video)

Brought to you by –INAUDIBLE– most hip-hop alchemist, that’s right, Mr. Porter These are the hip-hop don’ts. Royce’s here. Startin’ now. Yes Royce is absolutely here. Royce da 5’9″ is here If you have an emergency It cannot be with an urgency and if it is with an urgency in your rush to emergency surgery You cannot be burned in third-degree. No at all And if you’re gonna murder me it cannot be like you never heard of me. MR. PORTER: You gotta know him.
EMINEM: It’s– You have to know me You can go to surgery for a burn, but it just can’t be third degree Yeah, yeah, you could if it– if it’s– if it’s a second-degree burn Okay, you can be rushed to emergency surgery but there can be no urgency. Absolutely not. No urgency If you want to be a pimp you cannot Have a limp. No, you straight walk. He must walk straight line straight line. If you want to be a pimp and your rhymes. Yes You you know You can be either or. You can be a pimp, and if you are a pimp, and that’s what you choose to do, that’s fine It’s all good. Just do not have a limp. Absolutely not. You cannot be a mobster and eat lobster at all if you’re the mobster Eat something else god damn it. if you are a mobster stay the fuck away from lobster And and for anybody that want to start a war and you want to drop a bomb It cannot be on Vietnam Vietnam already over you can’t drop you cannot drop a bomb like Vietnam A bomb like anything? Yeah. Okay, no more bomb dropping if it’s gonna be a missile it cannot be a scud missile No, you not be a scud missile try if you’re gonna freestyle it cannot be till you’re senile so you can freestyle. That’s fine but do not do it into your senile just before you’re about to push to the point of Senility. Yes You cannot die hard. You cannot die hard like Bruce Willis no more no more Your poems can’t be popular. They can’t be popular can’t be off of the dome if it’s off of the dome It cannot be a popular poem Nobody can okay no more off the top of the head or at the top of the dome off the cerebellum None of that shit no more no more now If you’re getting brains from a girl, there’s no way you can become smarter from that You cannot come smarter from brains. Yes, you can like she gave me brains and fucking genius. No, no if a girl gives you brain It cannot make you smarter you gotta be dumb as fuck you can get brain. That’s fine Just do not come out of it a smarter person. No, no speaking of smarter person knowledge in college No
You are not allowed to you can have knowledge but it better not be from college it better be a high school One or the other you cannot manage to do damage No more no more managed to do damage, man If you’re gonna manage something it cannot be damaged stay away from damage if you have for anybody that’s got one skill Do not use it for any means by any means to pay bills. Yes Pay the bills If you have skills To pay the bills wait just because you’re in the booth It’s the fucking truth, NO You can lie in the booth too – from now on lie in the booth because you cannot be in the booth – to spit the truth To the young youth no more if you’re in the booth, you have to stay away from truth Yes, you’re gonna have a backpack, this is serious this is serious I don’t care if you have a backpack in your first verse You can and you got three verses and you try to have a knapsack in the third verse No, you cannot have your backpack and a knapsack you pick one of the other take a fucking fanny pack I don’t care because different I can have a backpack and a knapsack why what is wrong with you if there’s gonna be violence? It cannot rhyme with silence I’m… It’s in advance. We’re telling you that I gotta be loud. It’s gotta be loud. Yeah loud violence Cannot have a riot and be quiet No You cannot hit the block at all by any means with a Glock you cannot you can’t wait You can’t be on the block with the Glock and make it cock. No, no. No, it’s too much. There’s too much Too much. No black glock cock Nope, you know what all of that I’m gonna just go out there and say this no more jewelry temperature No, I don’t care. How cold what temperature of degree your fucking jewelry. Yes. I know but you cannot be frozen below 100 million degrees like it just has to if you’re gonna sure if it cannot be a temperature What if it’s 90° You fucking hot. Stop lying. That’s it Right lie, right stop lying to the people. You cannot be on the level with the devil Well, you cannot uh, you can’t party if you’re if you’re gonna be a party you’re gonna be if you’re gonna be lyrical You better not you better stay the fuck away from miracles. That’s it. No miracles. No certain regular mortal human You don’t perform miracles if you cannot be no, no, no No more love in the club No more if I go in VIP, they don’t need to see ID right no more Come on ID. They know who you are If you’re going to VIP ain’t no your face you pay for it. If you’re gonna get buried it cannot be in the cemetery Mm-hmm, if you are in the cemetery, you cannot be buried No more leave it alone. And you can’t you cannot if you go to jail. You cannot make bail if you’re gonna have swagger You cannot be like Mick Jagger. They gotta be like you can be like me Jagger But you it’s one of the other you have to have one or the other no more rhyming Mick Jagger with swagger? No no more spectacular with vernacular You got to stay away from that one Why do you feel that you have to say that a pencil is a utensil a pencil is a fucking utensil. It’s right, right? It’s already a utensil you don’t have to make it It’s… once you got the pencil you already have the utensil. The utensil is the pencil so you don’t you can’t use a Vest to protect your chest Come up with some other shit come up with something else The vest may be the best. be creative Maybe the best protect your abdominals or if someone’s gonna murder you they obviously’ve heard of you, right? Yeah That’s the how do you I think we went we went over that But but but I do think that is important to stress because if I murder you like I never heard of you What is the difference? Do I not feel as bad because I murdered you because I never heard you and if I did hear of you I might actually feel bad in my way of my conscious or something If you’re gonna be near death it cannot be on your last breath you cannot You can’t be on your last breath near death, but if you’ve got bodies, it’s not like John Gotti You cannot have bodies like John Gotti. You cannot rhyme casket with basket No more money funny, honey bunny no more Static addict. No again, if you like static, you cannot be an addict moderation Static and moderation you cannot be addicted to static forget You can’t you can’t you can start static? If you start static just you cannot get addicted to its really become an addict for static. It’s automatic Oh, you can’t be automatic, either it cannot get your manual manual and it did not need yeah The static has to be the static cannot be automatic. I think this is I think this is good It’s a good start. Yeah, I think they’ll be better MC if they follow these rules. Yes This will make you if you really want to be if you really want to be considered one of the greats. Mmm-hmm You can’t do any of this shit and you if you’re gonna keep it real You cannot pack the steel you can pack the steel, but you should probably shouldn’t keep it real. Keep it fake. Yep Be fake with the steel or be real without the still You cannot keep it real and pack the still you cannot rip shop in hip hop to the tip-top. You just can’t you can’t Stay ground level stay ground level ground. If you’re gonna make me drip drop cuz I flip flop I cannot be in flip flops, if you’re new up-and-comer right in hip-hop and you don’t understand the history of Hip-hop that these things have been rhymed way too many times by now We’re just giving you, you know saying like the the don’ts Listen, I’m I’m telling you something. I’m trying to talk to you I’m telling you something. I’m telling you something young man and you’re coming up in this game These are the fucking rules like it or not. You cannot say this shit And if and if you come up missing it cannot be like Hoffa know No more missing like Hoffa. I think they found Harper anyway My office so you can’t no more missing like Hoffa

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    And is it alright to make you quiet through a riot?

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    But if you once had pampers, you can't drink any popper along with Jack the Ripper

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  7. " LYRICAL MIRACLE spiritual individual criminal, subliminal, in your swimming pool"

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    P.s. here som examples. Ed and Anne, bruno, mgk, nf, logic, adel, abel, l.p., smokers, puth, Chris Jones, aloë blacc, goulding and many many more. Fire away with alot of evol love

  10. Omg Eminem I'm Kiera I'm on my grandma account and I'm yo biggest fan I'm 9 I love your vids omg you are the best omg I would die to meet you

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  17. I dedicated a rap verse to eminem from the top of my head! he's the greatest just look at how he wears those threads! ,them hoodies are surgically attached to the hairs of his head! , you know that his career's never gonna be dead!, because he's always gon be in yo momma's bed ! No matter how long his haters see red! You better Listen to what i just said! Best know that no one can stop him not even the feds! Anyone who thinks other wise best start taking they meds! His footprint on earth is unstoppable , untoppable no one will ever be able to walk in his treads! You be trippin if you think dis man aint got the most street cred! He's just so amazing yo, just "Incred"-ible, he is loved by all, even by ppl who have dreads!, you know it's true, all the bitch's too, they all think he's so "edi"-ble!, it's no wonder he got to the top he just sped! No one can say he didn't earn his fucking bread! He's from Detroit, thats where the GOAT was bred! He will never fucking leave from his homestead ! He still so hungry yo, he will cut your throat, he eats rappers thats how he gets fed! He will always be spraying motherfuckers away with lead!, you dare not speak ill of him yeah, cuz it's your heart that will be filled with dread!! Aint you heard by now that he's the best? Even if you live under a rock and your name is ted, cmon now i know you must of read! It's a true story about a real MC who will rip you to shreds!

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  25. U cant finish a quest and bang on ur chest
    U cant finish a test and make a request
    Or keep trying ur best but die like the rest

  26. It may seem like he’s joking but most of this is true, and i’m at fault for using some of these rhymes. He basically gave me constructive criticism, glookin Em

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