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LETTY: Eminem is one of hip-hop’s greats. His lyrical abilities are well-known—not
to mention he can effortlessly rhyme the word “orange” without much effort. EMINEM: If you enunciate it and you make it like more than one syllable, you could say like, I put my orange four-inch door hinge in storage and ate porridge with George. LETTY: In July 2018, Em hopped on IG live
for a rap PSA on recycled bars. EMINEM: If you’re a new up and comer, right, in hip-hop and you don’t understand the history of hip-hop that these things have
been rhymed way too many times by now, we’re just giving you the don’ts. LETTY: So what are these don’ts and who’s guilty of using them? Let’s see. EMINEM: If you’re gonna murder me, it cannot be like you never heard of me ALCHEMIST: You gotta know them. ALCHEMIST: If you wanna be a pimp… EMINEM: You cannot have a limp. And if you are a pimp and that’s what you
choose to do that’s fine. It’s all good. Just do not have a limp. EMINEM: You cannot be a mobster and eat lobster. If you are a mobster, stay the fuck away from
lobster. You cannot have bodies like John Gotti EMINEM: You cannot die hard. You cannot die hard like Bruce Willis, no more. Knowledge and college, you are not allowed to… You can have knowledge but it better
not be from college. EMINEM: No more manage to do damage. If you’re gonna manage something it cannot
be damage. From now on lie in the booth because you cannot be in the booth to spit the truth to the young youth. No more. EMINEM: If you’re gonna be lyrical, you better not, you better stay the fuck away from miracles. LETTY: There you have it, Eminem’s “Stuff
To Never Rhyme.” What did he miss? EMINEM: I’m telling you something youngin. You’re coming up in this game, these are
the fucking rules, like it or not, you cannot say this shit! I’m Letty for Genius News, bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

100 thoughts on “Eminem’s List Of Played Out Rhymes | Genius News

  1. "If you have knowledge, then it better not be from college." Me after learning more from a YouTube channel than my Physics professor.

  2. 'I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on
    Has got to fucking go too.

  3. He forgot four very important ones.
    1: Rhyme and time.
    2: Night, light, and bright.
    3: Poem and show 'em. If you have poems, YOU DON'T SHOW 'EM!! YOU READ THEM!!!
    4: Problem and solve 'em.

  4. Name one black man you know who has ever put an Eminem CD in the deck while you were in the car???

  5. It's crazy! I spent my youth trying to look like Eminem. Bleached hair, clothes, you name it.

    Now he looks like me! Semi scraggly beard and brown hair.

    You got me through high school for better and for worse and I love you for it all the same. Keep keeping.

  6. So he’s saying that these have been done and are iconic? Or is he saying they’re over used?

  7. You can't say "1 fish 2 fish, red fish blue fish"

    but on the real, em is washed up as hell.

  8. criminal better stay the fuck away form subliminal
    if your bustin shots better stay the fuck away from glocks
    if your in a car, stay the fuck away from the roof missing

  9. Shawty fine af😋also lilpumps a lyrical genius and 69 came and changed the rap game and cardi has unique (non basic) lyrics

  10. dont worry baby ill get you off, just stick a finger in turn your head and cough, no need for lube we’ll do it in the shower after this you will feel my power

    look at me now im fully charged when slightly arroused my dick is large, i will escape without a trace now take this hail right to your face

    You cant stop me im to on, one blast from me will set you staight after this im going to masturbate

    With the wave of my finger and the flick of my, one zap from me will kill you quick, so get on your knees to suck and blow but not right now ive got to go

  11. Never rhyme fire with desire its probably not played out its just a little weak

  12. THE AMOUNT OF "SHE GAVE ME BRAIN, [insert something about knowledge, college, being a scholar, a tutor, drove me insane, i'm a genius/graduated]" IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

  13. On kamikazes fall em says “give song to someone I’ve never heard of all I know is I Wrote every lyric I ever murderd” soooooooo🤔

  14. 1:48 Why does “Offended” sounds like it came out of Kamikaze when trimmed out like that…

  15. Eat the cake like anna mae is too played out. Jay said it, cole said it, lil b said it.

  16. Playboi Carti: Did 0 of these rhymes
    Eminem: Did 1
    Playboi Carti is more original then Eminem.

  17. If you're gonna fuck something, it cannot be the police. I get it, you're angry about injustice or whatever but if I hear fuck the police one more time outside of the NWA song, I might blow my brains out.

  18. 0:55 that subpar line was the best out of the whole song. Let that sink in

  19. Stop always taking that orange rhyme thing i already heard it like 20 times in the past week ffs lol

  20. If your hands are in the air like you just don't care, put them down.

    No one can be too cool for school

    If you are a villian do not chill.

  21. And most importantly don’t rhyme nikka wit nikka cause we all knows that rhymes lolz

  22. All this coming from the man who once said "twist it ma, like an air conditioning knob".

  23. 21 Savages name is being dropped in so many fuckin songs now. "I'm 21 and my shit was savage"

    "21 like I'm savage". It's fuckin annoying.

  24. dont rhyme the n word with trigga


  26. I speak the truth to the youth I say
    "Hey youth you better start wearin' bullet proof!"

    -Ol' dirt bastard

  27. I love how he's always up for taking the piss out of/not take himself seriously.
    He's giving a list of the things you should never, ever rhyme and uses him as an example

  28. I throw a pair of dice,
    then a parrot dies
    and goes to paradise.

    •MY BARS•

  29. Why do people think he was serious. He was trolling for the most part 🤣

  30. The 50's example is wrong.
    That song is more than 10 year older than this video
    And yes logic too

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