‘Emotional Constipation’ – Poem by Kari Thomason

This is a poem that I’ve written. Just remember,
I say it as it is! ‘Emotional Constipation’
You’re all bunged up A fear of using the loo
It could be days Or thirty years
Since you had a good poo None of the instant remedies
Seem to work Deep hidden inside
The problem lurks What are they worried about?
The expenses or the smell To invest in equipment
That could release you from hell? Just a pair of ears
A little bit of time No need for a prescription would do just fine
You’ve heard the saying ‘Shit or bust’
There is a middle saying It’s called TRUST
Why do we have to see blood? To say ‘there’s a problem here’?
Or call security on the drunk When it’s being turned away, is their biggest fear
Rules and regulations Targets to meet
Just a red flag Spelling clearly DEFEAT
It has taken thirty years To have a good shit
I know this is blunt But if the cap fits
I found that pair of ears Patience and time
It didn’t cost me a penny Now me and my life
Are doing fine. Thank you. In an ideal world or even the real world, what I think NHS need is an army of volunteers called The Listeners. What they would do – listen. There’d be no training courses so the government couldn’t say there’s costs for this, no special equipment needed, just a pair of ears to listen, and the big essential thing of all, and I quote all would be life experience. Those that have been there, can see and avoid it getting to where they see blood to act. The Listeners would be not just in hospitals, everywhere. Prisons, churches, homeless centres, drop in centres, You don’t have to be mentally ill to have a Listener, you can be bereaved, you can be grieving, and somebody will know you’re grieving because they’ve lost someone. You don’t have to be ill, to self-harm or do anything. Just listen.

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