Emotional Shutdown (a poem about recovering from heartbreak)

It is my belief, that after failing so consistently in finding love we must all go through a stage of controlled and hopefully “temporary” emotional shutdown. Where for our own sake we cut back all of our feelings to a bare minimum while we begin work on a psychological recovery. For while our need to find love may be strong it’s a sad reality that our ability to withstand recurring heartache’s begin to break down with each and every failure. as with any system which shows signs of deterioration you need to take it offline in order to begin the process of restoring it back to a functional status.

5 thoughts on “Emotional Shutdown (a poem about recovering from heartbreak)

  1. Beautiful poem :).

    I liked and subscribed.

    I also do poetry, check my channel out and subscribe!


  2. I love the metaphor at work here. I may be in that shutdown process or maybe I am on to something. Glad to have found your channel. Come check me out I have a new work too:)

  3. Hi Westley,I saw you'd subscribed to my channel and I came over to have a look.  Needless to say I was pretty much drawn straight to this particular video.  Several heartbreaks over the decades… well 2 decades, I'm not THAT old yet… including one most recently ushering in 2017.  Happy new year… not, haha.

    But yes, it definitely resonated… each emotional battering feels worse than the one before and feels that much harder to recover from.  And as you said, shutting down the emotions sometimes is the only way to start repairs.  Pity some people don't get that.

  4. Stage of controlled, yes…. <3 Taking time is good. <3

  5. Love is an odd thing and different for every individual… I knew an old married couple in their seventies, when they were constantly at each other, even throwing pans and pots at each other, in heated arguments they cursed at each other … when the woman died, her husband killed himself because he could not face life without her… he loved her since they were in highschool!

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