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hey guys how's it going today we're gonna talk about the big question I always get when I tell people that I'm a songwriter or a music teacher and that question is how do I beat writer's block man how do I finish a song right so to me those are actually two separate questions number one is how do I develop my ideas how do I use song form how do I have discipline and finish a song the other question is I've got a verse but maybe no chorus or I can't think of lyrics for this one part ideas on coming to me so today I want to talk more about ideas right the creative side of it and not the technical side of it because I want to start with the big picture of getting your ideas out there getting them working with each other so here's the big answer I always tell people and it's super annoying the answer is you don't beat writer's block you don't do it because yeah you can sit down and force something out and I've had plenty of great material that I'm really happy with that I've forced out every note but in general it's easier and sounds better if it's a little more natural so what you want to do is say you've got a verse and no chorus no bridge no lyrics like maybe it's just a verse melody let that be it come back to it later it's totally okay guys it's totally fine if you walk away for a couple days couple weeks I've had months where I don't write anything I don't write and know the music but what you do is you save that verse idea maybe down the line in the future you've got a chorus but no verse for it put them together there's your song a lot of my songs are patch works of various music that I've written at different points in time no shame in it so to sum up today's video three steps one chill out to walk away for a little bit but three make a note of what you do have and be aware of that next time you're writing and you're freaking out and you're running out of ideas go back to that bank of material that you've come up with alright that's it for me today guys hope you enjoyed this video if you did definitely be sure subscribe to the channel and if you want to get first access to new videos go to patreon.com/scishow

2 thoughts on “End Writer's Block | Songwriting

  1. You’re such amazing person! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Love you man ❤️

  2. Very helpful tips! Lord knows I’ve struggled with writer’s block more times than I’m comfortable admitting.

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