[Eng Es Sub]BTS RM KIM NAMJOON Genius 5th grade poem You won’t believe what he wrote 믿기지않는 김남준 5학년 시

100 thoughts on “[Eng Es Sub]BTS RM KIM NAMJOON Genius 5th grade poem You won’t believe what he wrote 믿기지않는 김남준 5학년 시

  1. There was Korean historical event "the North-South Korean summit meeting" held last week. And Namjoon's poem about unification of North and South Korea written when he was only 5th grade (around 11 years old) is getting attention again. I can't believe how deep, thoughtful and eloquent this boy was even when he was only 5th grade. I made this tribute video in hope of our country's peace and unification along with RM's beautiful poem. I hope you enjoy.

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    BGM: BTS – IDOL 국악 버전 (Korean Traditional Instrument Ver)
    by Flow Music

  2. RM 💗💗💜💜💜💜💜…BORN LEADER 😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. his poem was truly so beautiful! by the way the IDOL instrumental as bgm made the poem even more powerful and impacting. To think Namjoon was only 11 years old when he wrote this poem about Unification of S. and N. Korea is really impressive too👏 thank you for the video💜

  4. Gilak, SD kelas 5 aja udah buat cerita sebagus ini? Gak salah emang suka sama dia, & pantesan BH percayain lirik lagu sama dia 👏👏👏

  5. Wow This is truly awesome poem. I could not believe that is from elementary school boy. It is sure looks awesome being with Moon Jae-In and Kim Jong-Eun for unification by Korea. But everybody knows how communism dictator works and deceive people. I CAN NOT ACCEPT AND ALLOW MOON JAE-IN TO WORK ON UNIFICATION BY COMMUNISM FOR KOREA.

  6. For a 5th grader that blows me away. Beautiful poem. Nicely done namjoon nicely done.

  7. i will not be surprised if Kim Namjoon be Korea's President in the future..

  8. Now i understand, why purple is their color of love. So much respect for our Leader RM.

  9. 박수 보냅니다ᆞ고맙습니다ᆞ감동입니다ᆞ남준이 시 보고 소름돋았고 정말 할 말을잃었습니다ᆞ시, 서사적 전개는 백석,윤동주님과 비슷하네요 ᆞ이 동영상 보니 '바이스톰2.0'도 생각납니다ᆞ요즘 본 의미 의미 있는 영상들!!

  10. Thank you for sharing this with translations – how beautiful his poem is. Very grateful to be able to share this with our New Zealand ARMY community 💜💜💜

  11. When I was in 5th grade I made speeches about these children who had trouble finding their original and true happiness

  12. That's why the original color of army bomb is originally purple. And he also said that his fave color is purple because it means a lot to him. That's why kim namjoon deserves a big respect.

  13. I heard that few years ago, some korean Armys commented
    also I am not korean , but asian Army
    I know about korean history
    I want say, all Armys should learn about korean history
    Korea could be most powerful country in the world, they can but after II World War, divided Korea two piece
    That politican washed their brain by america russia japan
    America, Russia Japan participated for their divide
    Now china has role
    they all have fear, because north korea want to have nuclear power, But usa, russia, japan, china have already
    They don't want, Korea could have one too,
    that is problem. It is all about power
    Because of Power greed suffered many countries innocent people,
    RM want to only piece, and that both korea could unite !!!!!!
    It is amazing, deep
    Our Namjoon is truely Genius, World need RM

  14. RM was born to be a leader.. He is an intellectual..future president of Korea

  15. A 5th grader wrote this !
    His IQ is so high too!
    This explains how the lyrics he writes are so meaningful 💜
    He's so wise and sincere 💜
    We purple you Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster. 💜

  16. Thinking joon 147 iq top 1% student in Korea.Top 1 in exam in whole korea.Salute to Kim Namjoon
    Im gonna share Im also a A+ Student Valedictorian in our Class top 3 student in our City and Now going to my Highschool Valedictorian

  17. This is why he loves purple💜 its unity and peace… So proud of our leader!!!!

  18. I absolutely see him as future leader of korea .♥️ aren’t we??

  19. 소름끼쳐 정말 초등학생이 어떻게 저런 생각을 할 수가 있지 어떻게 호랑이의 허리에 금이 갔다고 표현을 하지 ,, 두 개의 극이 합쳐 보라색이 됬다고 할 땐 진짜 아미로써 소름 ,,

  20. i loved it when he wrote about two colors.
    Kim Namjoon is great and he is born to be a leader.

  21. Namjoon in 5th grade : Can write poetic poems that can bring tears to the adults
    Me in 5th grade : …………….. Just watching cartoons and remember cartoon's songs


  22. Not bragging but damn i sure am proud that BTS’ leader is this genius hot daddy lol 💜💜

  23. I couldn't even write one poem and if I make one…it will be a mess, but this poem….its hella beautiful and so deep..

    5TH GRADE?!?! i'm shooketh…5th grade me is writing a 100 words for explaining a phrase/sentence etc…

  24. This man bring peace since he was a kid with his poetic talent.

    I was really surprise when he wrote "one day when two colors of the flag unite as one and become purple" that a beautiful coincidence..

  25. little did the 5th grader Kim Namjoon know, he was destined for greatness. the man that you are today. i'm beyond proud. 😭💜

  26. I got goosebumps thank you unnie and once again i am so proud of you our president joonie love you 💜

  27. There are no words to describe the intelligence and talent Kim Namjoon has💜
    Our light!
    Our leader!
    Our President!
    We Purple You Namjoon💜

  28. He already mention purple color since 5th grade…. i purple 💜 u uri leader Kim Namjoon 💜💜

  29. I've got the goosebumps when he wrote when blue and red become purple.. i meant, PURPLE is our unification colors for all ARMY around the world.

  30. I dont know it was bg music or the poem or the lil kim Namjoon's hopeful wish but i really cried hard….mama i am sorry for being such a lazy ass..😭

  31. purple really plays a significant role in our fandom~ i just love our leader and this family~ 💜

  32. They unite all the army around the world too. Spreading love around. Purple indeed!

  33. Just when you think you cant love this man more than you already do

  34. He wrote a meaningful poem in 5th grade meanwhile when i was in 5th grade I was a potato who even dint knw how to make a good sentence without making grammar mistake. I feel stupid.

    He is true leader. Our President Kim Namjoon💜

  35. Im speechless. He had planned this when he was in his mom's womb. Salute!

  36. He said before (in muster when k-armys surprise them with purple army bombs) that when he was young his fav color was PURLE. Now it makes sense 👏👏👏💜. Namjoon is really a genius, for a 5th elem. student to have this wide knowledge to write a poem about his country. 👏🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️👏

  37. 5th grade 11yr old namjoon just made me feel dumb and slacking oof 😔🤙

  38. Wow, he's just in 5th grade that time. No doubt, look at him now. Being admired by many people because of his smart mind that touches every army's heart :"(

  39. Thank you so much for the hard work you are putting into this video.. 😄

  40. how thoughtful one person could be really amazes me. thank you namjoon 💜much love

  41. Omg this truly beautiful and so eloquently written. My love and admiration for Namjoon manifolds every single time!

  42. Thank you for sharing his poem. I've read it on twitter but your edit made it more meaningful. I teared up watching this. I hope for your country's unification. 💜

  43. Isn't it also amazing that he gave purple such a deep color and later found his member taehyung who also gave purple a new significant and touching meaning. Purple is really the color of BTS and also that of us armys and I love it so much that I even painted my wall purple 😊💜

  44. Jayelle your edit really brought out RM 's vision and the clever visuals and symbolism of his words. Also loving your choice of bgm (Idol sounds even better in a traditional form.

    Thank you!

  45. Deep! Purple was there from the start with NamJoon before BTS and Taehyung coining 'Borahae (Purple You)' – goosebumps at the connections.

  46. Not taking away from the brilliance of his poem but I also had deep thoughts as a 10 yr old (overthinking seems to be a Virgo trait) so I wasn't that shocked at capabilities of 5th grader to write these deep words. Still impressed.

  47. Wow.. when namjoon said that purple was his fave color when he was little.. i didnt believe him tbh…idk why BUT now after knowing about this poem.. 😱😱😱


  48. When I was in 5th grade I barely make a whole sentence for an essay

  49. thats why he likes purple. WE STAN THE MOST INTELLECTUAL, SINCEREST KPOP IDOL EVER!!!!!! Wow Namjoon! 👏

  50. makes sense why at some point, he was part of the TOP 1%!!!!!!

  51. The poem and the video eealy give a strong message..

    I realy admire Namjoon's brain.. a deep thinker @ his young age.


  53. Is the bg music an original instrumental used as reference in their song IDOL?

  54. This came to my recommendations! I’m embarrassed. So embarrassed that I have only seen this today. My love for Namjoon will not be any less. He was born a true leader. A true artist.

  55. This poem is so beautiful for a number of reasons. I'm so proud. I have never heard BTS's thoughts on the North before so I am glad I get to hear it and I assume Namjoon still feels the same.
    Purple 💜💜💜 it means unification. Between nations, races, people. It was already my favourite colour but now it has even more meaning because of BTS and I will never forget it.

  56. This is why Namjoon said purple has been his fav. color since he was young! Another reason why he's my bias! Hope one day a united Korea could elect him President! He'd bring a bout so much global dialog/trade/peace/logic to all his global inter-actions…😍😍😍

  57. Wait if they ended up doing this in the future.. namjoon has the power to tell the future through poems

  58. I really love Kim NamJoon ,I learnt so much from him even I'm older than him,he is so kind,deep and sincere! A very Loving and Humble Leader!

  59. he’s is/was so smart istg. Like I love him so much. Being a Namjoon stan is stressful y’all.

  60. I lost myself on youtube and click on a random moment of the video and things was in French, I'm french so I was so confused :'')

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