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Live! As soon as I turned it on… Oh, my god! A comment immediately says,
“Are you crazy, TAEYONG”? Hello, everyone. I’m TAEYONG. “How are you on V LIVE at this hour”? You asked,
“How are you on V LIVE at this hour, TAEYONG”? Hello. Do you like my hair color? You can see the eggplant emoji
in the title. I like eggplants. Eggplants are really good.
And my hair is like eggplants. So I added an eggplant emoji. My hair? I like it. My hair today is like an eggplant. You’ve been giving me
so many purple hearts. Thank you. Everyone, actually, today… I was going to do V LIVE tomorrow. I was going to do it tomorrow… But my hair today was really hot.
My hair? Not my hair. I mean, it’s so hot today. So I turned on V LIVE. Today really… I breathed in so much air
from high up there. Very… Because of a little too much oxygen… I feel dizzy. Today, really… I’ve been looking… I want to talk about them all. I participated in the “Hotel Del Luna” OST. Such a great opportunity. I feel so honored to participate
in the “Hotel Del Luna” OST. And… So many people are sending me
lots of love. So I feel really good today. I’m in trouble. What do I do? Honestly,
I don’t know what to do with these feelings. It’s only been 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Already 13 people are watching. I saw it earlier…
the chart. Oh, no, I can’t I can’t contain my smile. No. 1 on Soribada. It’s amazing really. And… And here… Melon. Melon…Melon… Ranked 12th on Melon… I learned this word from DOYOUNG.
Hand over mouth. It’s really amazing. I’m in a messy state. And I can be on V LIVE tomorrow, too,
so I was going to do it tomorrow. But today…really…
I really had to do it today. It’s really the best day today. What do I do? Honestly, I can’t believe it. And in a way, it’s all thanks to you. I’m so thankful for your help. “TAEYONG, other fans said
you have such a great voice”. Thank you so much. Actually, when I go back to the dorm,
I’ll be alone. So I came here to work on music. It’s been a while since I got here. I came to work on music,
and really good… Good… So much good news… I couldn’t not be on V LIVE today. If you want, I’m not sure about tomorrow. I’ll have to watch and see tomorrow. If I can, I’ll be on it. If not, I’m not sure. Really… Thank you so much for
such a Today’s the 3rd year anniversary
for DREAM? What a happy day today. I’m so happy today.
For both you and me. Huh? “You’re starting to sound like TAEMIN”. TAEMIN… My hair has changed a lot.
I feel like I should stop changing it now. “Please tell us about your work
on “Love Del Luna””. Can I? I could, huh? Actually, I found out about this when… I was doing SMTOWN.
When I went there… I was really nervous and did SMTOWN. I think I wrote about 4 rap versions
at night. About 4. But I decided to go with the original version. I think that’s what helped me
get a better outcome. From my standpoint… It was such a great memory
and valuable experience. You don’t think I will have hair next year? Thank you. I really didn’t mean to do V LIV I’ll play a song I worked on today. Hey. Hey. Hello, I’m here. – Hello.
– I’m here today. – I’m here today.
– Welcome. We worked hard today. – That’s right.
– But we heard such great news today. – You and I…
– Let’s share a lot. – Huh?
– Never mind. Out of the songs we worked on today.. What’s your favorite? – Today…
– The – Favorite…there were so many.
– So many? – Yes. I think you could play this part
at this point. – That’s what I think.
– You mean the computer voice part? Yes, computer voice. – About 5 seconds?
– 5 seconds. – No, 7 seconds?
– 7 seconds. – Yes, 7 seconds. – About 7 seconds.
– It’s about 48 seconds… Then how about that part and this part? From the back. – Where? Which part?
– There! From there. – 7 seconds.
– 7 seconds. OK. – You surprised me.
– Hello. I’ve been working like this. – So cool.
– We’re working hard. We’re working hard. – Everyone. Good night.
– Yes, good night. Good night. Good night…everyone, have a good night. OK. Thank you for watching this video. My V LIVE, my V LIVE. And then…thank you for loving my songs. With Punch. I look like a sweet potato? Yes, you can go. No, you’re not in it.
Just me. Then today…actually…what was it? I didn’t plan on being on it for so long.
So… I wanted to share this great news with you. And after telling you about it… Thank you. I don’t think we’ve told you this. JUNGWOO must be getting a lot better. You don’t have to worry too much
about JUNGWOO. He’ll be back in a healthier state,
with a better mindset. So don’t worry too much. It’s good to be concerned about it… Please continue to pay attention to him. When he comes back later,
please welcome him. Going forward.. Please continue to love and support
me and NCT 127. I hope you will continue to support us. I’d appreciate it if you could
love the “Hotel Del Luna” OST even more. Thank you so much
for the love you have shown me so far. I was happiest
when I saw comments like this today. Someone said… My fans are called “TYONGF”. TYONGF… Someone said, TYONGF must really love
TAEYONG. Another fan said that.
I really loved hearing that. Because my fans and I… I can’t really explain it in words. But we have a bond. We try to understand each other more. We try to find things in common. I really thank you for that. I’m so happy today. TAEYONG friends.
T Thank you, everyone. I hope you get some rest tomorrow. I’ll see you next time. Everyone, good night!
Good night. Thank you, everyone. Bye.

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