[ENG sub] BTS Waiting Room Interview with MC JIMIN] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 200227 EP.654

Hello everyone, I’m Jimin and I’m gonna be conducting the close up interview! We are about to do our comeback performance And we’re preparing very hard Who should we meet first? Who is the first guest?
– Hi there! Jin (a.k.a worldwide handsome)
– Hi!
– Yeah
– How are you feeling right now? Well it’s our first performance so We’re gonna destroy the stage! That’s right – Was that perfect?
– Yeah I can feel your passion
– Well thanks Now we have to do an album introduction, right? Our album is called

It’s been 10 months since our last one, and it’s our 4th full album It’s dope Very simple – Can you tell them what kind of songis?
! Jungkook~ singing contest~(*Jeonkuk singing contest is a Korean TV show)is… Umm… first It’s unparalleled – And powerful…
– Sing it for us! (Loading) (Yeah~) – V!
– Yeah? Our ARMYs are waiting – Do you have a special weapon that will turnthe hearts of ARMYs?
– Of course! Show us Into ARMY’s heart… pew! (An honest reaction by his BFF) Also, SUGA hyung is an expert on acrostic poems Let’s do an acrostic poem with ‘ARMY’ AR! Ah BTS’s comeback is so… – MY!
– Micheossda! (Crazy!) (10/10) And last but not least – J-Hope!
– Yeah Performance leader, J-Hope
– You’re our performance leader
– That’s right Show us a 7 second spoiler of the performance! That’ll be easy Are you gonna count down for me? OK sure Ready, go! We go like this… And Jungkook’s neck veins! What about me?? – The end! That’s it
– Look at these veins! An abrupt ending… Everyone! Our comeback stage is about to begin Should we say something for all the ARMYs that are waiting? ARMY~ Don’t turn off your TV! Keep it…! See ya~ BTSCOMING SOON
– Bye~~

100 thoughts on “[ENG sub] BTS Waiting Room Interview with MC JIMIN] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 200227 EP.654

  1. Ellos:saludando al inicio del vídeo
    Yo: saludando como loca a mi teléfono a las 3 de la mañana :v
    El demonio de mi cuarto: pensando que era para El :V

  2. Buen servicio; Antes de iniciar el vídeo de Bangtan pongan Filter como anuncio

  3. Happy to see all of them well and healthy !!! Truely Talented Sincere and sweet 7 of them. A bit more love to JiMine baby mochi . So nice to hear Jimin voice in this intro 🥰

  4. 이 어려운 시국에도 내새끼들 방탄이땜에 산다 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. This morning, my mood was gloomy like a hell bcuz i accidentally dropped my phone n the camera was broken….right after i saw jimin, my mood turned to rainbows

  6. Tão fofinhos!!! Bora aprender coreano p entender oq nossos bebês estão falando!! BANGTAN saranghaeyo

  7. A honest reaction by his BFF 😭😭
    I don’t know why but after hearing Friend I’m just so sensible when they do soulmate things together!!! Vmin 💕

  8. I wish I met Jin handsome face so that I can see how handsome people look like 🌹😭💕🙏

    I wish I see Jimin sexy dance so I can know what is sexy dance is 😏😭💕🙏

    I wish I see Teayung Box smile so that I can feel the heaven 😳😭💕🙏

    I wish I hear jungkook lovely voice so that I can feel the Romance ❤️😭💕

    I wish I hear Rm talks in English so I can know who is the best leader

    I wish I see suga sleep so I can laugh.

    I wish I see j-hope smile so that I can see the real sun ☀️ 😭💕

    Bts I wish I meet you one day 😭🙏❤️

  9. 80% of Comment: I don't know what people are saying
    Me: Do you know about Captions???

  10. Awww on the English sub with the Interview with V it said a honest reaction from his BFF. Yes, Vmin will friends forever y’all

  11. All i see is
    “I don’t know what they’re saying but let’s laugh”
    But no one talking about how Jimins Outfit pulled a Lee Taemin

  12. Did they just add the subtitles or something? All these comments saying they don’t understand, but the subtitles started automatically for me🤔

  13. y'all, i missed this type of videos, i don't know, it feels more genuine to me, like….i just missed this content of BTS and not just the Bangtan Bombs

  14. They are 7 Prince indeed 😍😍😍 can't express in words how handsome they all look 💕💕💕

  15. 7 angels came from heaven just for Armies ……………
    Oh my …….How all can look sooooooooooo Handsome? ????????????????😭😭😭😭

  16. Did I watch this entire show at 4 am? Yes. Yes, I did. With my nursery school level Korean, I understood about 1/10 of it, but I don't care. Then I get to come back later and watch the subs!

  17. Jimin is not the most handsome guy in BTS but why I feel he is so beautiful. Omg

  18. 1:36 the comeback of Taehyung's "and me" moments 😂 he's always bragging boiiiii

  19. Everyone in the comments: I don't know what they are saying but I just laugh

    Me: Hellooo? Just turn the English caption on

  20. BTS is so different when they are performing and when they are not, they are so sweet and angelic when not on stage but full on aggressive on stage

  21. Yey! Thanks for updating the vid, finally it has eng cap 💜💜💜

    ('Coz few hours ago, there's none! 😂😂😂)

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