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@kpop2us Hello, IU Hello I often get it. I’m happy V LIVE was 2 years ago when I was ‘pallet’ IU greeted at V LIVE for the first time in 2 years since he was Nupbang at ‘Palette’ I’m happy. Where is this Now it ’s our concert room We had an ensemble from 4 o’clock today We had an ensemble, but now we have a little bit of V LIVE and we have a ensemble again The atmosphere was good and I had an ensemble. What are you talking about? There is no set This V LIVE has never been decided I’m out and you and everyone send me here I’ll give you my best answer And I ’m not talking about this, even though it ’s what I do today. I’m out of today’s album The album is just 6:00 … what time is it now? 5:01 I’ll tell you about the album that I’ll be out in a long time since ‘Palette’ 59 minutes later There is not much spirit today’s day. . . So … ‘Out of time’ music video from today’s day I think there ’s a concert, and it ’s the first release date that ’s so spiritual. That’s fine … It’s the first album that trembles and something really feels so far He wrote in the recent talk and prompt now I have been touring concerts called “Love, poem”. I did the whole album Dye it once a week I was spending that time Also, as you know, the hair color has already fallen again. Although it was originally Zhenqing. . . Just two days before … By the way, it’s already sky blue again Oh, I don’t really know the world of dyeing And I have to go back this week to dye my hair Let’s go I’m already watching for 65,000 minutes This is … I’m a little weak in numbers Work, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million. Is the heart already with just 500? Work, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million. Only 500 seems to fit. Is it 5 million? Heart exceeded 5 million I ca n’t read it too quickly. Uh. There are a lot of overseas fans right now Deggle Chan is here … ‘Small built scalp’ I heard ‘Blue head Ayu’ “ Is your scalp okay? ” The scalp is rather no problem Unusually … By the way, I think I never had a pain in my scalp when I first decolorized What? The scalp never hurt The scalp is still very strong And this … scalp has not been decolorized Yeah, funny words … So until the head is very close to the hair root … Hair root. Do not decolorize to the root Wimmoli is gently applied so that it can be connected, and the scalp is healthy. Already … From this level here, my head is now … Almost something … I said at the concert If you have a lot of damage to your regular hair texture, don’t you say dog ​​hair? I’m so sorry for the dog to say so … This level is a head that can not be used from the beginning This is also the word I gave at the concert I don’t have to worry about that … What … no idea Don’t worry By the way, even if our fans do n’t worry about me, this may be a pain for Korean fans. I’m really a born child again and again I haven’t been worried about hair before, but it’s possible that my head is so bad recently. . . I’ll come out beautifully V LIVE seems to be always beautiful I pulled this wreck Wok I can’t see it! It seems that there are so many Chinese fans participating now I ’m sure I just wore “I love you”. Fans wo n’t be worried. ‘I love you’ Even in Saudi Arabia … ‘I love Saudi fans too’ Even in Vietnam ‘I love Ijikmu the most’ says again so as not to catch a cold Cold honestly, this year will not take I took a cold about five times this year So to be honest, if you have winter or again Because my immune system is really terrible to me I do n’t seem to catch a cold anymore. I got a cold. And do n’t worry. “Please pink” please, This is already everyone I have only black color that can be dyed other than blue In order to make pink, I have to decolorize the blue color again and bear pink Then you probably have to shave The hair flutters Never decolorize again Only the next black color of this hair is left unconditionally, After dyeing it in black, to be dyed again with another color … At least really at least 2 years? If you wait for a minimum of 2 years … you have to have black hair at once for 2 years Since this is the head of the last dyeing, please enjoy yourself Singapore. . . You came in Singapore ‘Please do the yellow color’ ‘Please do the purple again’ ‘Please green too’ It seems not to be I ’m sure it ’s a photoshop with a single click. I want to show you everything that can change. If you can’t do that … Soyeonsem was supposed to be And … Dung Dung Dung. Please send me in Taiwan Dung Dung Dung … so many people Already … 100,000 people have already seen This … 7 million … 782,1340 … It ’s always going up and it does n’t make sense to read part of it. 7,833,108 hearts were gathered Thank you very much. Already … let’s talk more about me. There are a few things you can be proud of today … It is here The album is out Thank you for a little applause Thank you so much This is … Today … This album came out today Is n’t it beautiful? ‘Love city’ Please close up once Close up suddenly, zoom out suddenly … Close up here .. ‘Love city’ quiet Can you see it well? I tried to make it like a book like this I will open it once When I was ‘CHAT-SHIRE’ It ’s already 4 years ago It is a mini Vol. 5 called ‘Love poem’ If you open it like this! Is that a little … I have to leave it Isn’t it? If you show me the details in detail, I will show you a runaway like this … Like this … It’s like this Because this is what I really made here like a book I put some fun elements If you look here, you’ll always have photos of the author in the poetry So, Mr. Yu Inna, who I like very much, took a picture of me when I went to the United States That photo as a writer’s photo I wrote a few words from the artist below. This is finally here ~ This rose pattern … Symbolic pattern like the first symbol of this album I painted a blue rose like this I made that… ‘Anger Photoshop’ photo card This rose is … Blue roses are important for this album Blue rose … If I get an album later … When it comes out … When the album comes out … When the album comes out … Please read the song introduction once As I wrote there, the blue rose flower words It seemed impossible originally. It was impossible, but this … Because blue roses are not originally Because this is an artificially created rose, Originally it was a flower word that was impossible Later, when we were able to make many blue roses miracle! I also forgot one thing Miracle! It seems like … So this time, my album and the flower language look very good Especially the title song ‘Blueming’ is very indispensable The blue rose has become a symbolic presence. . . What? Did you achieve 10 million hearts? Do you match? And more than 100,000 minutes are watching now This time, the lyrics of the album Edakanun … I hope you can show me the lyrics There are many complaints Let’s see an example of ‘Love poem’ ‘Love poem’ photos are also often seen this time Uh! ‘Love poem’ All the lyrics … At the end of the lyrics, this blue rose is like a period I took it instead of the end This is enough for all lyrics now The place where the blue rose symbolizes terribly in this album is big I’ve tried so much here and want to know what’s in it? This is how the photo card and bookmark look like If you look later, I’ve written so many lyrics The lyrics are just written ‘out of time’ I wrote the lyrics, “After the Gingin affair, it was written in the first line for the first time and I wasn’t scared” This is how it looks. . You can see the set list Where can I see the set list? Set list … this is this? Is this this? If you see the track list here I shouldn’t even show the track list. I can’t do it anymore Why was it … Anyways, I suddenly sweat Is V LIVE closed? I’ll drink a sip of water The track list was captured by this camera Originally in my performance, the audience shouted when I was drinking water, Thank you very much. V LIVE is so difficult excuse me. If you proceed as if nothing had happened, So … do it that way Introduction to Mini 5th ‘Love poem’. Have you filled your chin with water now? Because it ’s water and no saliva Please tell the fans a little bit about the water if they are misunderstood. Let me introduce you to Mini Vol. 5 ‘Love poem’ I wrote all of them again in the introduction of the album It consists of a total of 6 songs This time I managed to play a teaser for 6 songs. Even at the performance … A song called “Lullaby” was heard earlier in the performance ‘Love poem’, the last track of ‘Love poem’ If you’re like ‘unlucky’, you’re a lyric teaser ‘Out of time’, ‘Blueming’ and ‘That person’ showed the teaser to the video teaser. I think it was very good I thought it was very good The teaser of all the songs like this made me really busy. Because there was almost no time off I think I did it very well And all six songs I participated in the lyrics I ’m a lyricist and I ’ve put my efforts into this And the question of what is such a song that is especially a little attached? I did not see it, but it seems to be clear. In the lyrics part, I want to choose a song Do you use too much? Half of the 6 songs … ‘unlucky’ and ‘out of time’, ‘Blueming’ I want to choose three songs like this All three songs feel completely different. So if you’re like ‘unlucky’ With love for the day All six songs of this time draw love for what theme It may be love between lovers or love for me. It might be a little human … human comprehensive love There is love for my day, there is close love for my past days, It has a lot of love ‘unlucky’ put love for my daily routine So … I released all the lyrics … I did only one verse ‘unlucky’ There are lots of better lyrics later ‘unlucky’ is the first track It ’s a really cute and cute track. Refreshing But I didn’t use the lyrics so cute The lyrics have a bit of wit, but I tried to write a little seriously I personally like the last part of the 2nd verse And it is served with the chorus I haven’t seen this song yet Such lyrics appear in the bridge part with the chorus. Go out to the ‘I love ma days’ chorus ‘I know that life is sometimes so mean’ ‘It is true.So I’m trying’ This part comes out This was greeted and life couldn’t be done sometimes I know it but I’m working hard Life is so much better than evil Because I’m army like no one I’ll just make an effort I will live so much It contains words like this I don’t think life really is sometimes suddenly… So when I acted so that my life would not be me, I sang this song I sang this song together with the band. Very difficult In the section that calls the lyrics It was hard to be any sad ballad I couldn’t really live my life I remember singing with this feeling If you’re out of time, you didn’t ask me today ‘Out of time’ is the only album It was a song that started with a heart and said, “If you write lyrics without writing a word,” Of course, I didn’t want to write English for another song, Most of the songs are pop melody and tracks If you wrote the lyrics there, most of the songs use intermediate English. ‘Out of time’ was written from the beginning with the feeling that ‘Never English is written’ The reason is that it is an extension of ‘you and me’, Of course, the genre is very different That’s why English lyrics aren’t in you and me So I wanted to use that point in writing Lyrics written with a lot of hard work You know this because this song comes in Repeated. Even though this has been repeated all the time, the Borus melody It ’s hardest for me to write lyrics for repeated songs Writing lyrics on repeated melodies Rather, I would like to write a sentence in the description for the melody that keeps going on in a descriptive way like this … So when I first heard this song I hope the lime fits unconditionally into the bolus. But let me make that lime once without using English By the way this is really … I like to write lime But it was really difficult to use lime for this melody Mins, are you watching this? Don’t you look? I have n’t seen it but it ’s really hard to write the lyrics for this song It ’s hard for me to explain this… Even if someone explains me so much I believe some of my wise fans will also organize and raise this, text So it ’s not “it ’s better” Well then. It’s easy to match the limes to ‘all taralanda’ and ‘all’ Because both are parents By the way, I combined ‘all for everything’ and ‘all for everything’. What do you mean. . Don’t know what it is? So … It was difficult It was really difficult So if you look at the lyrics This is what I really have to explain I started with a life that leaned like each other This is the combination of vowel lime and stand lime ‘Remember’ and ‘Life’ So this is … I ’m trying to explain this in words So this is n’t the mother ’s lime, The fact that I had a lot of hard work because I put the lime in front of that one letter ‘Moon’ ‘Moon’ ‘Million’ words’ If the melody that jumps up is just lime, I thought it would be interesting to hear it when I heard it, It ’s very sad that the message is cloudy again when you take it with fun I think this song is a bit meaningful to me The next story of ‘you and me’ I inherited the baton Because it is a sentence written by inheriting the baton to Aunt, the message can not be abandoned So writing the lyrics while balancing the two It takes a little longer for me to be satisfied The lyrics took a very long time I will do that much If you talk further, you probably do n’t like this song a little And a little talk about the video A lot of people ask me what this is about around the ‘outside time’ I searched for a lot of interpretation I tried to find it on many blogs Already everyone’s interpretations are all too funny and I like them I don’t want any restrictions on the video I’ve continued to share that kind of thing from Director Fansua today. Director Fansua is enjoying the fact that interpretation is coming out in many ways. I want to tell you one thing This is … There is no one, I want to tell you some Isn’t that Ayu in ‘you and me’ see time? Other … When I looked over my eyes when I passed the train Do you remember IU with Bora hiding her eyes like this when she lent something like this? That’s why IU is a child who can see the future and other times to you and me If you look at it. . It seems like no one has found it yet Bora made something all the way to the beginning and the back Isn’t it similar to what I did with you and me? From our standpoint IU of that ‘you and me’ story looks at the future first I saw the wise and foolish behavior outside of time. So it ’s the world of “you and me” I imitated the wise and fool’s back in advance, chasing them Bora is making time machines outside the current time Let’s meet me By the way, even if you don’t know what IU is like That boy did that? The action that was going on with you and me was We just did so in line with the future behavior of Bora … Everyone did so IU is some strange space outside the current time It ’s out of time, just words. I have a connection with wise friends outside of time Even though something is connected to each other, the space-time is It is such a setting After that there are other stories that we have actually made, I decided with the director not to tell about it Your interpretation is very interesting Please interpret it to the fullest Mins brother Imins composer after 8 years since ‘you and me’ And singer IU Also, Fansua Music Video Director And Lee Hyung Woo ’s actor who appeared at that time It ’s a song that everyone ’s so cooperated with and made it as fun as a present for the fans after a long time. . . I wanted to do this song a little before everyone released the album So today I ’ll give you a pre-release. Now … I just talked about me? I ’d like to tell you a little more about the “Out of Time” episode, Because it ’s normal for us to get older for a period of eight years. The director originally told me to shoot more like that time … Mr. Bora also went to the army and the skeleton became very big At that time, both of them were really children, because they were teenagers. And I do n’t have such a young face anymore The director was a little disappointed You said, “They have grown really well,” There is also such a story that I was a little sorry for not being able to incorporate changes in appearance But the result is that in a more mature version I wanted to put that kind of stuff in the lyrics too The child at the time of ‘you and me’ grew naturally with the passage of time So to a more mature story How to tell the person who can’t meet I ca n’t meet, we do n’t have this level. That personality has changed dramatically. Because of growth So, I want to add a little to the content of such a lack I had a lot of trouble trying to talk about mature people Let’s take a closer look at our fans. By the way, it was so fast that it had already exceeded 200,000. 20 million … Is the heart 20 million now? Is it right? 20 million? Is n’t that great? Thank you very much. And now there are a lot of Chinese fans Me too·· If you suddenly try to speak Chinese, you can’t remember anything love I want to meet you Besides … there are some words that I can do Me… Beautiful I’m now … ‘I’m beautiful? ‘It was to be Is it me beautiful? There are more Chinese fans now Thank you very much. And it exceeded 20 million If this doesn’t receive a lot of hearts, please appreciate applause I ’m really clapping my fingers like this, The palm is finally on Thank you very much. 30 minutes have passed And for the title song ‘Blueming’ This song is really interesting in writing lyrics I hope everyone listens The songwriter is very interesting. There are only 30 minutes left so if you give me some more hints It ’s a chat window Why this is ‘Blueming’ Why am I still holding a balloon with a photo Did you care a lot like this? But to the chat window like this … If you look at the children My speech bubble is blue. In the chat window, however, When i try to start when love just started I think that time is the time when love is most overflowing. So, at that time, the word I picked up was ‘Is this really the story that comes out in my head?’ It ’s very poetic and everything is amazing. By the way, when that time is over, of course, I will return to mediocre again. I just thought that time was the most poetic time At that time to explore each other So it ’s just the chat window of that time I wanted to express this word of love as Rose this time. That’s all for roses. I wanted to express any fruit of love with roses How can I do this again As you know, I really like the song ‘Million Roses’ by Dr. Sim Subon Because the song is also a singer and lyricist, and a song that I respect very much It is very nice to express any fruit of love with a million roses. So that part I … Poetic words that speak love Everything was felt like a rose flower sucking one by one Then, as if going out to a teaser, ‘Would you smoke a million roses with me?’ Is this a fruit of love once? Would you like to go to the world of my stars, nostalgic and beautiful? That’s the story So this chat window where roses bloom is inside this Nemokan People do n’t know because they ’re just blooming. Because this chat window is our secret garden. It will be read once later I wrote a lot of very interesting points I would like to discover such a lack and listen to it happily. Do you want to see the story for a moment? ‘Let’s meet in Indonesia’ ‘Let’s meet in Vietnam’ etc. Overseas fans are really participating today ‘You are the most beautiful’ Thank you Chen Please send me in Thailand So ‘Love=City’ There was my official ‘Love=Rose’ … Make up this album and have this formula Let’s write lyrics with this organic nature Track And by the way, I think ‘Blueming’ is the song that is often said And that was really fun This is a story that happened in the mobile phone anyway. I tried a little bit of this As for this, the cellular phone does not appear even one cut, as it is … A little interesting element I just have an earthquake in it I’m already expressing the vibration as an earthquake. What the other party gives me, presents All expressed as gray props I expressed all the tools I give to the other party as blue props. So we are exchanging such things with each other Exchanging feelings with each other No mobile phone will come out from now Such as emotional changes in the mobile phone I appear directly and come out It would be interesting once again with this in mind ‘I want to see’ ‘It’s beautiful’ It ’s so fast now I’m sending so many here and there now Is a total of two No is ‘Out of time’ and ‘Blueming’ ‘That person’ only took a teaser Director Fansua took a picture of ‘That person’ teaser ‘Blueming’ music video was taken by naive people I really want to give you Santa Bonn Let’s talk a little about the concert? Take this down a bit I’m taking a concert tour now Currently, we have finished three cities in Gwangju, Incheon and last week to Busan I’m going to Seoul this week I made a stage to the prototype at the gymnasium So I saw the size of the rehearsal and stage, but it ’s very big. I can’t breathe If you go behind the scenes on a normal stage, you can do the quality of the audience. By the way, I could n’t be separated, and I was a little burdened And come at the same time ~ It looks very interesting if you are really good at it You can see everything in all directions. Even if you turn here, Yuena I had both the worry and crush that it was very interesting at the same time I want to tell you about the performance episode, I really didn’t talk about this at V LIVE Actor Yu Inna is running Orcon now for my concert I was worried when I started in such a situation You are running Orcon together now … I’m surprised I can talk to you, but I have to die if I never die Lie so much, until 5 minutes ago, with Kakao Talk, where are you now dyeing roots? After 5 minutes suddenly open a sentence and appear salty ~ Yuka always wears clothes like me At that time .. So suddenly I came to the three cities However, Busan is a Ushokgodun that has been laid down for two weeks before he really does not come. What did you shoot that day and what happened? So I honestly believed that to some extent By the way, I thought I could n’t come to mischief So come on KTX? Get on SRT? What time do you arrive? What color do you wear today? You ’re wearing like me today? By the way, you ca n’t go today unless your sister is dead. And that ’s why I ’m not sure Its recently on the internet. . . I do n’t think it ’s happening again recently. In a popular drip ‘Melona when coming’ Can I talk about trademarks? I already talked about I did a lot of drip called ‘Merona when coming’ ‘I really can’t go today …’ ‘Merona when it comes’ Older sister 30 minutes before the performance starts I bought melona By the way, I really thought that Melona wanted to eat So, this is the only day that I got on the train without a manager Don’t forget Melona from Seoul By the way, if you come to Busan in Seoul So I got off the train and lost the supermarket, and there was only one melona So I went to a large mart and bought 50 melonas there. Hold melona in the box ‘I bought a melona’ and I’m in this door So come on ~ Is this a response to my drip? Yoo Inna is a very good sense. . . I thought it was a drip that took me a step further towards ‘Melona when coming’ You know you’re really on the internet and you’re missing the ‘Melon when you come’ How much the real author wants melona to eat What did you tell me to buy melona because I don’t talk to you about what you originally bought for me? So really come 50 in the box That day my band, dancers all had a melona party I also bought a melona before the performance, even though my sister bought it I trembled until I finished the first part of the stage It ’s very cold on that day. So, while I was commenting in Busan, ‘Isn’t everyone cold today?’ It seemed that it was so cold after eating Melona Isn’t this really one of the unforgettable episodes until the end of this year’s concert? Because I laugh too much. Really renting this seat and always worried about me so much I really appreciate Mr. Orkonroyu Inna I’m just going to know you from Seoul. You do n’t have to be masked and salty I came in astonished, Sidun came straight Sidun I love everything Thank you very much Yo Inna V LIVE is almost over now, but … Still, we have to give a bit of preferential treatment to those who watched V LIVE. About 20 minutes before the album is released So I couldn’t hear the new song, really, just a little bit of money in the ensemble room Even if I make a surprise request about 3 minutes before joining the band Also have it as ok I hear a little new song and send it Please enter my band master Hongseojin Come and know us and today’s filming At our team protection level I came here very easily. All the bands were here. So do n’t publish it behind the back To do I also have a lot to talk about now I must brag about this This is inio Who did it like this? I’m new inio Is it very beautiful for this performance? Is your sister so beautiful? Is it really beautiful? I tried this in blue I got it for the first time today Can you pick this up a little? Every time it moves like this Isn’t it really beautiful? And here … both of them are a little anxious to do this This is gray This is blue I tried this in gray & blue I have a song called ‘Lullaby’, but … I gave this song to the audience earlier in the performance I do n’t have time, so the refrain Please take it only once can not hear. Will you come out? Is there a piano sound? OK Okay with a very ensemble tone OK It ’s a song like this I’m glad Sister, go and take a break This song is … It ’s a very sad song. Among all my songs I’ve ever sung, including this album It ’s a song that thinks it ’s probably the most emotionally sad song Someone who can’t get to dream anymore … A person who wants to see but wants to live and can’t meet any more But when this dream ends, it is a dream that is forgotten It ’s a story about going to visit and laying a lullaby while singing a lullaby. It is a song written by a person who came to the dream without a dreamer In a work called ‘Persona’ I took last year The fourth short film, director Kim Jong Kwan ’s “walk the night” That … I love the motif that if you wake up in a short movie one day, it’s a dream This is a song written to the director Please listen to the song once It ’s so sad and calm, but hard to say It seems that another song can be delivered My own song The song “That person” with guitarist loading No, today, Mr. Kane always can really dress up in an ensemble room By the way, I’ve been the most liberal ensemble I’ve ever played Because it ’s such a day that there ’s filming today, This song is my own song I’ll tell you short Should I start again from there? I can hear you so far Thank you very much. We, Bandmaster Hong Sojin and guitarist loading Like my brother, it was a pool shot when I left my brother. With the help, I was also glad that I could play a little song for fans 10 minutes away. Everyone is ‘very beautiful’ I ’m united in a blue heart Korean fans look like this and have a great sense and are very beautiful All the time … how did these people collect all the words? Did you talk to each other when I didn’t see this? Let us blue color That’s true even for overseas people … Thank you very much ‘We’ll let the flowers bloom together, my poet Ji Eun’ Was it ideal if I suddenly started crying here? Have you ever cried on Comeback V LIVE? I was just crying Recently there have been so many tears and sac Thanks. It seems to me how this was all brought together Thank you so much Already… A new album will come out in 10 minutes I honestly don’t get excited about the real one. everyone This is the first album like this It ’s an album I ’ve been holding for so long, I hope this song arrives without any difficulty I ’ll send it to you, so it ’s good to communicate well to you. Yes, what should I do in this album? From the heart that this album should be really better But it ’s better to hear this A little kind of roses in my heart I want you to feel that kind of love If you are listening to this album because you made it with love, I want you to feel a little love And it ’s already cold Everyone is in a lonely season However, the person comforted the person and the person worried the person. What else can you be comforted about? Music is like that, movies are that, drama is … That ’s why everyone chatting with each other like this and chatting together now Everyone has a warm heart I just want to let the roses bloom and cure this cold winter I already have an ensemble once V LIVE is over Asia tour has continued since the performance in Seoul Taiwan, Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Jakarta There are a lot of first fans to see this time, I’m glad I’m too happy There seem to be many people who are a little worried about me I’m in good health right now, and the conditions are good … With everyone’s support and encouragement Do n’t worry too much because you ’re getting happier while you ’re on tour. Also our new ‘Love poem’ album … If you have to go to this soon, you can turn it off quickly. What’s more, is this now 30 million? How many hearts? Achieved 30 million hearts I do n’t really get this feeling because it ’s too bad. The biggest applause came out V LIVE people who receive a lot of hearts are applauding Please refer to other artists Thank you so many fans for joining us today Let’s go to music listening sooner I will meet again at V LIVE Thank you very much everyone

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  19. 아이유는 어떻게 저렇게 예쁘고 아름답게 가사를 쓰지 정말 대단해….

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