[Eng sub] Neptunia VIIR Blanc VR scene 4: Blanc’s favourite poem

G-Good day, Mr.Player. I did some thinking after I left the other day. It’s about the way I talk, or rather how I present myself. Umm… people often say that I am gruff and surly. I thought it would be better if I came off as more gentle, but… When I heard that you are a person who can observe other dimensions, I got really worked up over what kind of person you are. But after talking with you, I realized that we aren’t that different, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep this kind of distance between us. I…want to get along with you better. That why, from now on, I’ll try to act more like how I normally do. I would like you to behave as you normally would as well. So, once again, nice to meet you. Oh, I always meant to ask, but I could never find a good time. I always wanted to capture your likeness as a character in Tomodachi Life. It’s a game where your avatar and the avatars of all your friends interact with each other. It might sound a little boring, but it’s actually pretty fun. There are plenty of situations that can happen, but the most interesting thing is seeing how the avatars develop in unexpected ways. In the world I’m currently playing, Neptune and Noire have their personalities completely reversed. Noire is earnest but gets tripped up in weird ways, and Neptune ends up covering for her slip ups. Vert ended up forming a comic duo with Uzume, and frequently practice their jokes on the balcony. As for my avatar, she recently debuted as an idol and performs on stage while wearing various cosplay outfits. I’m not good with large crowds and I definitely can’t perform in front of them, so seeing my avatar do that gives me some mixed feelings. So, can I enter you into the game as a resident? Thank you. I’ll definitely add you when I get back. I’ll replicate your appearance perfectly. Anyway, for today, I brought this along. A special set of 100-match poetry cards. They might be easier to understand if I said that these are Uta-garuta cards. The poems on these cards might be different from the ones you are familiar with, but I believe that the rules should be the same. By the way, you shouldn’t think of 100-match as just a simple card matching game. They may not look like books, but these are still wonderful poems. A poem carries the weight of the poet’s thoughts and surroundings. By reading between the lines, one can gain access to far more information that what is merely written. Plus, understanding the meaning of the poems make them easier to remember. There is a clear difference in speed between those who understand the poems, and those who don’t. And out of all these, the poem that I like the most is… this. For your sake
Even offering my life
Is worth it This poem appears to be about wanting to be with someone so badly that he’d be willing to throw away his own life in the process, but the part that really resonates with me is the last verse. How long would I feel this way
I wonder? He was willing to sacrifice anything to meet her, but after he’s met her, he wants to be with her for as long as he can. That’s what it means. W-what is with that expression? Isn’t it natural to want to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones? It seems like you want to say that this poem doesn’t suit me. Just kidding. It’s a joke. I might not seem like the type to tell jokes, but ehehe, I have moments like this too. Yeah, when I’m with you… Ahem, I think I’ll head back for today. Oh, yeah, I’ve never played 100-match with Rom or Ram before. I think I’ll try playing a simple version with them when I get back. See you.

8 thoughts on “[Eng sub] Neptunia VIIR Blanc VR scene 4: Blanc’s favourite poem

  1. I feel i was in the date i never had… with the best girlfriend i never had neither :'v

  2. I only have one question: Why does Blanc always come in the room so casually. I'm not complaining, though. She can do that anytime she wants.

  3. my heart
    i already liked blanc, but these videos are making my heart beat faster

  4. I'm really curious about that "100-match" game. Is it a thing? How do you play it?

  5. I love how that CPUs can make stuff appear in their hands

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