English Literature: Meet the Team

I think great teaching has got to be about conveying your passion for the subject but it's not just about that I think it's also about encouraging students to find their own voice and their own different way of engaging kind of intellectually with that subject we do try and offer our students an environment that they can feel that they can kind of grow in intellectually that they can follow their ideas they can have confidence that nothing is too wacky you know that will support them to kind of work with materials that interest them the idea here is that we're collaborating we're producing new ways of thinking about these texts and that's the really exciting thing I'm looking for curiosity I'm looking for enthusiasm and I'm looking for students who believe in themselves enough that they can not only achieve their potential here but actually exceed their potential I definitely look for excitement passion about the subject so just a willingness to learn and to try out new ideas and to read outside your comfort zone I know everyone's gonna feel nervous if they're coming for interview trust yourselves to kind of follow your instincts think about what you're gonna say a little bit in advance don't be intimidated we're not there to count you out we really are there to try to find out about the kind of person that you are so that we know who we are going to be working with for the next three years

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