English Novel – A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking Part 1 Complete analysis in Hindi

26 thoughts on “English Novel – A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking Part 1 Complete analysis in Hindi

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  2. Bhai apne views kyu de rahe hai aap. Aap book ka content bataiye na. Disappointed

  3. Well said sir ..but as we all know that going back to singularity is not possible as per the 2nd laws of thermodynamics the entropy of universe always increase ..and we know that entropy entropy will cease to a contt value at absolute zero which is practically inpossi le to attain

  4. Aaap Stephen hawking pe video banaa rahe aur god ko bhi proof Kar rahe beech beech me…thanku for video sir

  5. Thanku very much sir for this great. Topic….keep uploading this type of videos

  6. Does there exists time and space before the Big Bang ?If time and and space existed after Big Bang then where that singularity matter lying?And if there were enormous pressure at singularity point there temperature starts rising which set it into vibration.And vibration is also a type of motion like SHM and where there is motion there always exist time.It means time and space existed before Big Bang also. I want to know it in clear way… Can you help me sir clearly?

  7. The core is hot but 23:23 by human doing emissions it's getting more hotter

  8. then everyday when we get up in the morning. the sweet sunrays we enjoy on our face is from future?
    but sun is constant but sun rays travels at speed of light. idea is very confusing

  9. sir jesa aapne kha time gravity ke according hota hai to is hisab se moon pr time kis speed se chlta hai ???

  10. My question is that Ye big bang jisme hua wo matter kahan se aaya ek single jagah me ?

  11. Everything is belong to Lord Shiva, These scientists don’t know none. Read the Hindu Religion “Vedas” and “Puranas.”

  12. Sir m aapko words m bta nhi Sakti mujhe apki video dekh sabkuch itna aasan LG rha h ,, bhut jyada,,I swere

  13. Einstein had clear view and theoretical analysis of time and matter… Neither hawking nor newton. ☺️

  14. Maina ab tak jitna teacher se padha hai app one of the best teacher of my life.

  15. Sir please make a video on book Review on book of Stephen Hawking the universe & nutshell

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