Enjoy the Poems Tour

My school days did not give me a love for
poetry. Quite the contrary. All of my experience with poetry involved analyzing the poem to
death, pulling it to bits, trying to figure out what the poet might possibly have meant
subconsciously behind each word he chose. No wonder I didn’t like it! But Charlotte Mason’s approach to poetry is
much different. In fact, her approach has kindled within me a love for poetry. I didn’t
think that was possible. Here’s how Charlotte did it. The thing to remember is that poetry study
doesn’t have to be elaborate; it doesn’t need to be (and really shouldn’t be) analytical
for the most part. Simply choose one poet and linger with him
for an entire year. Once a week or so, read aloud one of his poems and enjoy it together.
Soak in his use of words. Gaze at the pictures they paint in your imagination. That’s how
you develop a love for poetry. The Enjoy the Poems series makes it simple
to give your children this valuable gift. Each book in the series focuses on one poet
and gives you a suggested schedule for lingering with him throughout a year. Twenty-six complete poems are included, and
we’ve sprinkled in some helpful background information and occasional definitions; plus,
practical tips and inspiring quotes from Charlotte Mason and others are provided. In the back
are pages for your children to illustrate their favorite poems. Each book also features a truly living biography
on the poet—a biography that not only tells about the person, but presents living ideas
about his or her life that can influence and shape your children. Those insights into the poet’s heart and
life, as well as a picture of his face, will add even more to the wonderful thoughts of
the poems themselves. It’s a simple yet powerful approach that will
help you and your students enjoy the rich world of poetry.

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