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hi I'm Zack brewer and I'm the author of the cemetery boys here are some fun facts about me I am a total Whovian David Tennant is the best and mine I think David is like the best doctor because he was so emotional and raw and his connection with rose was incredible and it was just such a tragic love story and really as creepy as I can be really into that it's so amazing plus he was a snappy dresser I mean bowties are cool David Tennant is cooler I'm a huge huge fan of bats play ones and real ones you see I think bats are incredibly important to our environment and so I always give two to causes that will help them and to hopefully up their numbers so they can help us take care of this world and I love building bat houses and visiting them in the zoo my favorite bat of course is a vampire bat lots of people know that I am a huge Harry Potter nerd my house Slytherin why is it Slytherin well because we're just better than other houses you know I mean we're so smart we're it we're intelligent we're very cunning and we know how to get things done even if we have to cheat plus I'm kind of in love with Draco Malfoy as most people know I don't have fans I have minions together we are the minion horde now we have two goals in this world the first goal of course is to stomp out bullying the second goal is world domination what do we mean by world domination is getting people to open their minds and to realize that just because you see that kid walking around in trip pants just because you see that girl walking around with fluorescent pink hair it doesn't mean there's someone to be afraid of it means that there's someone that you should get to know because they're interesting they're creative people and everyone belongs in a minion or I collect a lot of really creepy toys I have a vast collection of creepy baby dolls I have all sorts of disgusting stuff animals and I put them all on my coffin couch which is a couch made out of an actual coffin that was used in a viewing I'm very proud of this couch and very proud of my toys people don't go in my office at least people don't leave my office this is my favorite book my favorite possession in the entire world this is my first edition copy of Carrie by Stephen King it's actually signed to me and if you've ever heard my story before if you've heard me speak at schools or libraries or whatnot you've heard me say that I grew up believing being told that writers were people with trust funds that something rich people did in their spare time so I knew I couldn't do it I knew I could not be a writer and so something I'm very proud of is in the book Stephen rides PS I didn't have a trust fund that either this is the first book that made me realize I wanted to be a writer I was sitting in the library I was 12 years old and I just read Carrie and I'd finished and I'll never forget it I closed the book and I said out loud that's what I want to be I want to be an author how many people know that I'm a an advocate for anti-bullying but a lot of people don't necessarily know why from kindergarten all the way through school and into my adult years I was terribly bullied now in my school years I was everything every day I was everything but like pinched punched kicked spit on had things written on my locker things written on my notebook had books knocked from my hands it was awful it was a living hell and honestly it took a lot to survive that but it is possible to survive I'm a huge advocate for things like voices against bullying calm no hate to write love on her arms I love The Trevor Project I give a lot of money to those calluses and I give as much press to them as I possibly can because they do save lives but the most important thing about bullying is that you can stop it you can if you are being bullied please reach out to someone reach out to your parents your teachers your counselors your friends reach out to someone anyone and if you feel like you can't reach out to anyone else you can reach out to me

25 thoughts on “Epic Author Facts: Zac Brewer | The Cemetery Boys

  1. I remember him telling us about this when she was at my school. He was Heather back then, but still…hearing these words, and hearing the story again it's like…he's still the same person. Just with a different name and a different gender.

  2. other people
    Person: who do u look up to?
    Person 2: says an athlete or something

    Person: who do u look up to?
    Me: zac brewer… an author

  3. This is awesome they had him do another Author Facts, as who he really is!

  4. Every interview I see with Uncle Zac makes me love him more, he's such a cool person and one of the authors I hope to meet in person someday. It's gonna happen.

  5. You are such an amazing human being. I wish I could get to know u

  6. wait is he Heather Brewer or Zac Brewer because eon the cover of cemetery boys it says heather but the blood between us said zac is one of them a pen name or something

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  8. so cool, I wish we could be friends! now I must read the book 🙂

  9. Can someone give a summary of the book so I can know whether I want to read it?

  10. He seems really cool and fun to talk to. I haven't heard of the book but now I defiantly have to check it out.

  11. Everyone: Please stop using "she/her" pronouns! Uncle Zac is trans and uses "he/him" pronouns. 🙂

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