Today we’re making sloppy mummabees. What? Sloppy mummabees cause- Sloppy mumma- [Intro Music] Happy Monday everybody Happy Monday. It’s Monday. It’s the beginning of the week. We want to keep it simple We don’t want to get too crazy you’re going to be making any like fettuccine Alfredo or anything too nuts We’re Gonna make a simple meal Well up, mama Bee’s gonna make the simple meal. We got hooked up with a lot of manwich So today I’m gonna call it “manwich-” “-MONDAY”! And we are gonna be making sloppy joes anyone who knows me knows that I like cleanness and neatness so the kids are gonna have a blast because I am gonna let them get messy, and dirty (yes) and and delicious. They don’t know it yet, so it’s a bit of a surprise [they] have no idea They don’t know they’re gonna have sloppy joes tonight, so I was teaching him to use their fork and knife no Manners [proper] Oh, yeah, but it’s gonna be messy-licious today Sloppy Joes all around! So good so easy and am I reading this is a perfect meal to actually cook right now And I’m gonna help you by filming What else is new? What you got first there, Mama Bee? First I’m gonna chop some onion, red pepper, and green pepper Flavor Representing [race] you know [dad] [you] know you’re a big you’re big green pepper. So mommy’s gonna quickly chop up the onions SPY ON! I’d like to saute my veggies in a tiny bit of oil, okay and you just have it on high right now the basis of any dish is onions, peppers, and sometimes Garlic [mhm] for this one I’m not doing garlic because I want the flavor of the sauce to really come through Chappaddy chop chop chopaddy-chop We can’t tell you what we’re making. It’s a big secret, right? It’s a surprise [you] can actually stand around if you want watch us chop onions, okay, watch us chop onions AHAHAhAHAH Watch Mama Bee chopped onions Momma Bee’s chopping the red peppers now all right chopping the green peppers. I know that you can just pretty much add the sauce With the meat, but we like to add a little bit more you can pretty much do whatever you want Mamma Bee always likes to add to it I like to find the little pepper As long as I’ve been married to you, you always love the smell of onions cooking We got the onions and we got the peppers. ♬ Look at that color.. of the red and green peppers. ♬ Oh that is nice just how much oh, I smell it and how long you have [to] sautee just for color I start to cook down You just gotta stir it like crazy be patient patience Cooking is patience patience is lovely food cooking is love Love is cooking. Let’s quote some poetry, let’s quote some poetry Mamma Bee’s putting the meat in right now So now you basically have to break, break the meat down as much as possible Best part is that you don’t even have to worry about adding spices or stuff everything is in It’s all in the sauce listen to that sizzle And I’m not talking about Mamma Bee’s even though she’s sizzling sizzlin’ number one! Sizzlin’ number two we’re going to use one can of manwich one pound of lean ground beef to one can of manwich So we’re gonna try that we’re gonna use one can -in the comments if we should call it sloppy joes or sloppy Mamma Bee’s -oppy mammas, sloppy mammas I like that Sloppy mama that is a mighty-nice lookin’ pan And the piece of resistance that means the resistance piece Do you see? We got one can of manwich with on pound of… meat Mmm. Oh yes That is a tangy sauce right there Yeah it’s a nice hearty sauce sweet and tangy taste So there’s no meat you have to actually add the meat and this is perfect for sandwiches pastas, so yeah You can make sloppy joes you could also make pastas with this sauce and manwich has a whole bunch of different flavors and a whole bunch of different recipes So I’ll include all that in the description you guys can check it out get some other ideas There’s a whole bunch of other things that you can do So I will make sure I leave that down there and in the description below Well, you look at that sauce you what that sounds like? Sounds like love, so I’m just gonna let that simmer lightly okay, and I’m gonna start My surprise well Mamma Bee’s got a surprise. I like surprise How many knives do you have? What a perfect Monday meal oh It smells great Mamma Bee picked out Mm-hmm. This kind of bun I don’t even know what this bun is called, but it’s just like a nice bun I call it a kaiser (a kaiser bun) so you can do it on hamburger buns But I wanted to kick it up a notch. I don’t like biting into crunchy bread. Yeah, so I like these soft breads And they’re big Chances are with one of these you’re good to go. Oh. These are very nice. Don’t touch the bread! I am gonna put the stool embroil so that means the heat comes down right and what I’m Gonna do just put that in the bread Cover it. Oh snap Oh, what a video no nor do they will avoid video onion? We go to video little baby or no that means you smash the the story check boom the heat. Yes So that the cheese melts the bread gets a little bit toasty not too crunchy Enough that, it’s still soft for your teeth in your mouth good, baby. [oh], oh oh You gotta hit that slow motion oh oh my goodness This smells yeah amazing Okay, now OHH Get the cheese Is there anyone in this house that doesn’t love cheese? We all love cheese We’re all big cheese heads sloppy joes with a slab of cheese This is serious that you’ve made here Not that that’s gonna be quick so that I have to watch That’s literally gonna take like a minute or two adding, adding to the field of sloppy Joe mess you can even dip the fries With the extra sloppy Joe. [oh], that’s a good idea Mamma Bee. We just bought sweet potato. Yeah fries. Easy easy easy Let’s make it easy all about ya ever is easy for the family one day Mamma Bee Will show you how to make sweet potato fries cutting up sweet potatoes, but right now We’re keeping it simple on a Monday, so this meal takes around How many minutes has it been it’s like 10 minutes? It’s been. It’s like 10 minutes 15 minutes to do [wow] wow Look at that oh Perfect what? oh my goodness. what? look at that sloppy Joe oh my goodness the monkeys have no idea what I should call the monkeys they have no idea oh [???] That’s Spanish for Livin’ in sloppy, Joe sloppy joes oh The extra sloppy Joe sauce is going on the sweet potato fries What? Now w- you just redefined a manwich Monday meal right here. Thank you You desiree to find it right there Messy and delicious What do we call it? Messy-Licious Messy-Licious? Messy-Licious! Monkeys!! Monday night dinner is ready Mamma Bee, the monkeys are coming Are these sloppy joes? Sloppy joes! We’re gonna get Messy and we’re gonna eat and enjoy [Mamma Bee]
No technology. [Papa Bee]
No technology. two hands with these sloppy joes Mamma Bee, I think it’s a hit. What do you think Mr. Monkey? Oh, yeah Oh yeah? you gonna have to eat that with two hands Take your first bite Miss Monkey *laughing* [???] Mr.. Monkey’s doing something He’s putting the same potato fries right in the sloppy Joe Now there’s no way you can play video games and eat at the same time because you need both hands [Mama Bee- yeah]
for these.. beasts OHHHHHHHHH My God that’s okay Wow That is nice Monkeys you like it? Mama Bee I think the monkeys liked it Even though it’s a messy sloppy joe she’s still super.. Prim and proper How do you not make a mess when you eat a sloppy joe, how? I’m a sloppy mama wow Thank you Manwich for making our Monday’s a lot tastier than they usually are HEY!! Okay, there. They’re a little bit tastier. There mama. She cooks she her stuff is already tasty This is just making a tape yeah. Oh Miss Monkey on a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think? A THOUSAND!!!

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