Episode 78: Dan’s Expert Tips for Authors, Publishers, and Speakers Who Want to Make Some Money!

hey everybody how you doing this episode 78 of dance expert tips for authors publishers and speakers and want to make some money i'm dan blanchard the best-selling an award-winning author speaker and educator as well as the connecticut president the associational publishers for special sales and the host of Medallia TV today i want to talk to you about enjoying the little things in life there's some heritage in this business you know you all know it's overwhelming like I have this overwhelming to-do list and I'm sure you do too sometimes you look at it you just want to go crawl under a rock or get back and better under your sheets and hide right because just so overwhelming but what it has done for me is that it has forced me it'll be a super time manager right I'm really really good at it super efficient right I become super efficient very very good have been very very productive and like a very very little time all right I mean I just so many things a day that will just make him below the normal person's mind okay I mean there are days you know all right actually there's one of the downsides there are days where I don't even see the Sun like I'm up at 4:00 a.m. getting ready in honor on going and there would be times I'll be coming home at night and it'll be dark so it's not when I go to work doc when I come home and sometimes I'll work too like that we I was in the morning and like barely ever sleep but that whole like days when you don't see the Sun I mean that's not the greatest way to live okay but as you know this is such an overwhelming business and it could be a double whammy if you're doing it like the way I'm doing it well you have like your day job and you do your authoring speaking publishing marketing and everything else you do like around it you know I'm saying early mornings late nights weekends holidays whatever right wherever you can lunchtime whatever right but what helps me and I think will help you is that we've got to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint okay and if you remember it's a marathon not a sprint it'll be easier for you to build in some balance into your schedule into your structures into your life so you can start enjoying the little things and I don't take some time have to enjoy the little things in life you're gonna eventually implode and it's just not it's not productive okay just isn't so you gotta find time to do family I mean I mean I'm not my kids sports things like every night you know tonight I'll be going to my daughter's musical right I'm there every night and yes I'm freaking running to get there and then as soon as it's over I'm like running out of there my kid get my kid home quick so I can do what I got to do you know I'm saying but you got a build in family time you got a built in gym time all right and if you can't get through the jam then I'll go down the basement a little exercise right but do something you got to build that in you got a building nails I said I've eaten a lot of males in the car we're driving my multitasking right and you know that's not healthy to do that all the time it's not healthy physically emotionally spiritually mentally not that I mean it's okay once in a while some time but not all time you got a build in time some mail and believe it on that you got a build in times for entertainment yeah entertainments good I mean we all need distractions in our life and if we don't have these distractions hopefully we can find cheap ones or free ones but if we don't especially if you're just starting off we don't have these distractions or a life this positive distractions healthy distractions in our life I'm saying even if it's just sipping a cup of coffee and watch a sunset you know I'm saying if we don't have that in our life we're gonna have problems not just in our life but in our business and I was just gonna one's gonna feed the other problems in our business gonna give us trouble alive trouble in our lives gonna give us trouble in our businesses okay so here it is you know I don't know if you know this but long time ago I used to be the kind of get bench press champion right and here's the thing you can't bench press 24 hours a day know me because very counterproductive right your muscles grow during the time that you're not bench pressing a ton of time you're doing something else right resting and recuperating right taking a good nutrition getting sleep right that's when your muscles grow so if you bench press too much it's gonna become counterproductive if you do this business too much it's gonna become kind of productive you need some healthy distractions that hopefully you're free or cheap okay I'm special if you're starting off I know if I already said that but I've said again especially if you start off so um don't bench press 24 hours a day don't do this business 24 hours a day because your burnout and your performance will suffer your business will suffer your sales will suffer which would cause your life to suffer and you don't want that okay so anyways I hope this episode 78 was helpful of enjoying the little things in life back road episode 79 but in the meantime be sure to check me out on damn black to dotnet and grant is a calm and I and I'll catch up with you soon take care

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