Episode 79: Dan’s Expert Tips for Authors, Publishers, and Speakers Who Want to Make Some Money!

hey everybody how you doing this episode 79 of dance expert test for authors publishers and speakers and want to make some money I'm Dan Blanchard the best-selling and award-winning author speaker and educator and the connecticut president of the Association of publishers for special sales as well as the host of Mandela a TV today I want to talk to you about repurposing all right so what exactly is repurposing repurposing is when you're looking at the work that you're already doing and you wonder how else can I use this work that I've already done so I don't have to do all new work alright just week things you've already done alright so for example right now I'm in the middle of curry and are choosing a book cover from my new book on author should speak and so let's work I have to do I have to make that decision I'm going back and forth with my book cover designer and what I'm doing now is I'm repurposing the work I'm doing with choosing a book cover and I'm putting it on social media and asking my Facebook fans and friends and connections and everybody else what they think so now what I've done is I've taken my might the work of the decision of what the book cover should be for my next book and author should speak and I'm gaining exposure and I'm doing social media posts with it and there's a marketing – alright so I have to come up with like a separate – like market him think I've already done it right there okay I've repurposed a speech that I did for the American Federation of Teachers and how to become more successful at difficult students and I got that speech transcribed and then turned into a book and I cannot clean up made it a book so I repurpose that content from that speech okay I write about a dozen articles like newspaper articles all around the world so I've repurposed those articles and I have cleaned them up tweak them a little bit made him two blocks and then from there you know I've made them into vlogs video blogs and then from there I've repurpose them into social media post and even have repurpose them into books alright so I mean what have you've already done what have you already done what else can you do with what you've already done I have a TV show and Dahlia TV about my host stuff you know thinking about eventually getting some of those episodes transcribed into and then posting them up as blots and who knows maybe a book so I hear repurpose the content on my TV shop ok we can repurpose the pictures that we have Instagram and Pinterest repurpose those into other social media marketing activities that we do I even maybe he was a fart cover for a book no so could repurpose it see you I got a great bet you don't have to go digging for another great picture right um I think I know this one's kind of creative I've even repurposed the phone call I did with the great Dan Gable when he endorsed my book you know I had my wife take a picture of me and I put that out in my social market and social media marketing efforts and I've repurposed that picture alright so you know that every purpose up phone call imagine alright so some of you may know I'm a history teacher during a day in a special education teacher during a day so some of the history content that I learn and teach I repurpose into like my books and blogs right so again the question is you gotta look around at the things you're already doing already learning already participating in and say how else can I use the work I've already done in other ways multiple ways now if you repurpose and do what I'm saying eventually you're gonna look like like you're doing everything and it's your everywhere alright and that's like a really cool thing because that really grows your brand and name and brand recognition just very important people are thinking about do they have enough trust to click on that link all right so repurpose and you're taking a step in that direction I'll be back real soon without a tea I hope you've enjoyed this episode 79 of repurposing I guess I'll be back real soon for episode 80 but in the meantime be sure to check down at Dan Blanchard on net or granddaddy's 6 calm I'll catch up with you real soon take care of

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