Erykah Badu – Friends, fans, and artists must meet on Def Jam Poetry.mp4

bhagavata hey God my next toy is a close friend of mine fantastic artist ladies and gentlemen please give it up from Dallas Texas Erykah Badu friends fans artists must meet which one of you which one is me friends fans and artists must beat which one of you which one of me said it god please oh please let her breathe my way if she's singing my song the day I can be ok say I understand the message in the song she write I was really happy for when she want tonight she a rebel for the struggle fighting just like me I know she down to sing at the cookout free I was kind of disappointed with the song she wrote went to a website wrote a long ass nope she done made a million dollars but she down the earth she'd be rocking Chuck Taylors in a thrift store purse signing autographs to the park was dark I know it's kind of hard when they love your art in the magazine they be twisting up the facts but her response was fair I like how she come back she be staying in for the world sharing all the pain when she fell up in the game she changed fans friends the artist must meet which one of you which one of me folk in the face like she ain't the same still this ain't been she to change your name she don't really like to hang around with us no more what nothing like that back in 94 she'd be falling in spot with a fat ass grin now she rolled the beans she don't need no friend she only really made it cause her skin is like don't nobody really understand that shit she right she doesn't made a million dollars she can give us song she'd be having fun she we wanna have fun see the earlier in the morning looking mad as hell gonna be looking really funny when the shit don't sell Airport about to miss the flight folk Ariana's talking about pack life oh please oh please get a queen of teeth on they come to the show cuz I'll get any free friends fans and artists must meet which one of you which one or me fans friends and orders must meet which one of you folk in my face I'm a suit style niggas hang around cuz of who I get a lot of love cause of what I got say they're happy for me but they really not sell a lot of Records then I roll the beans follow up in the spot now I'm losing friends all I want to do is get the world my heart record label try to make me compromise my art make a million dollars make a million mo tax time come around stealing it I want to say wait but I'm scared to ask my world starts spinning in it's moving fast try to stay saying it's the price of fame spending my life trying to numb the pain I shake that load off and sing my song liberate the minds and they're going on

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