Esame Literary Adaptation (ENG)

Nicholas char Sparks was born in Omaha Nebraska the 31 December 1965 his sister died at the age of 33 from a brain tumor Sparks has said that she was the inspiration for the main character in his novel a walk to remember he had a cathodic education he was married and has five children in 1989 he moved to New Bern North Carolina where he started writing his novels and where he now lives with his family in 2015 sparks divorce from his wife the novel do not book stars with an elderly man who reads a romantic book to a woman with Alzheimer in a nursing home the story is about two young lovers Noah calluna a poor a lumber mill worker and Ali Nelson a rich girl from the city the two meet at a party the big social differences between the two won't stop them from falling in love with each other and they will spend together two three weeks in which they will know each other deeply they wish her dreams and fears in the house near the river which Noah wants to buy someday and he swears to do it despite their love is so strong their story has to hand because the summer is over and the least forced to go back home with her family Noah keeps his promise to write to Ali letters he write letters for two years without having an answer only 14 years later he will found out that Ali never read that letters but that her mother kept them from her because she never accepted their love at the same time Ali convinced herself that Noah has forgot about her since he never sent the letters as promised at the same time in the second world war began and now I joined the army well elite began a nurse thanks to this job she will meet alone on Mon Junior with whom she will engage on the other hand the NOAA as soon as the word and decides to buy the house of his dreams but without the woman he locks and the widow was long after eleven months of work the house is finally restored and ends up on the local journal le reads the article and decides to see no offer the last time and so going back to New Bern after eleven years without seeing each other they're still in love with each other and Ally is now forced to decide if she wants to marry alone or if going against everyone and everything for her biggest love at the end she will make the right choice and will follow her heart at the end of the story the woman with Alzheimer understand that the two young lovers are her and the man who is reading the book at the beginning of the disease he promised her to read her the not work so that she could go back to him even for a distance it was us it was us every movie based on a novel has some differences from it and also in this movie we can underline some differences the plot has not been changed so the differences are minimum but there are some little structural differences the movie is more dramatic while the book is more romantic the book starts with another Li man who reads a book owe to a woman with Alzheimer same in the movie but in this one the two orderly protagonists appear sometimes in the book not so much in the book the events of the two protagonists when the were teenagers are not an important part of the story while the movie first tells their teenage love story and then their adult life and the love story the final part of the film tells of how le after became aware that no I restored the house of his dreams goes back to New Bern just to see him and in this part of the movie we find unknowable Keene inside and consumed for the absence of love in his life in the book is totally the upside Noah is so happy to see Ali again and he only has sweet words for her moreover in the novel Noah immediately tells Ali about the letters in the movie she finds out of this during a fight and the biggest differences is that in the book Noah without anger or bitterness because inside of him he always knew that her mother kept them from her he tells her that he wrote her letters for two years in the movie is angry because he thinks that she didn't wanted to read them and he specified that he wrote 365 letters one per day Nicholas parks is one of the most famous American writer in the world the novel The Notebook gave him an enormous success despite he already had it with his previous novel the movie is the most famous and the one with more success thanks to its drama the except plot and also two impeccable actors the book doesn't only talks about the love but also about the serious disease the Alzheimer which is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gradually worsen over time it is the cause of 60 to 70 percent of cases of dementia the most common early symptoms is difficulty in remembering recent events and also people its sensitized the public to an incurable disease which is very hard to deal with especially for the relatives of the patient this book is about a man who never gives up and tries to bring back to him even for a few seconds the love of his life it gives hope to those who have to deal with this disease it also talks about the brutality of the Second World War and of how the soldiers died in agony and of all those who were waiting for them at home lived with the fear of never seeing them again or with the hope of seeing them home it's all about love the rare one impossible to find but for those who are on incurable romantic like me the hope never dies of a love burn at a young age when everyone thinks that it is just an infatuation while that love lasts forever despite every obstacle like distance social inequality Dhokla love like this nowadays that lasts forever are rare but possible to find just look at our grandparents to understand that values like this still exists in precious people when I was a child I didn't like to read my passion for you to began in high school and one of the book that made me change my mind was a notebook I always like to love stories and this book is the perfect romantic novel it makes you believe and hope that one day you will have a love like this I decided to choose this book also for the movie because it's my favorite I have watched it a million times and every time I cry in my opinion is the most romantic and dramatic book and movie ever the one thing that makes it unique is that it is not like the others in this case is the man who refused to move on with his life after the end of their story a love story the woman on the other hand moves on this is the unity of the story the man who doesn't want to love anyone else because he knows that he will always love the same woman for the rest of his life

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