Escape – Poem by Pedro Borges

Sometimes I want to get into a car and drive away And by sometimes I mean all the time the idea of a ride that lasts forever Romanticized, I’m sure whatever, sounds perfect. I love the notion of an open road ahead of me an ocean to the left of me Especially the vastness of it all. The lack of an ability to grasp even half of what this world has as a view. But I sit in my room Entombed. and with thoughts of flying away leaving a trail of breadcrumbs I’ll never use seeing one place for a second time only through my rearview. I want to leave a footprint on every beach, climb every tree just to see how far I can reach. Each destination a page in a book that will only close when I die. So you’re damn right, I’m gonna fill it up. I want to fall in love in different languages look up and make friends with the planets truly soak in the Sun. chase a shooting star as far as my legs will run. When we’re little we’re taught to reach for the moon we grow up and settle for a cube I wanna cuddle with the universe the cosmos will be my outer spoon I’ll breathe in the Stars and exhale opportunities that will kill the world’s most evil man. His name is regret His name is a word I once learned but traded it in for a makeshift spaceship and I blasted away From time to time I feel confined like a caged Sparrow with tunnel vision my optics narrow So a relentless wave batters away at my brain of the sound of the word ‘stay’ Who knows it might be masochistic to listen to that distant voice that isn’t perpetrating the same But I believe we have an anatomical need to break chains and make change So to the sand grains and dew grass I’ve yet to pass- Sorry for the delay I’m on my way. You

8 thoughts on “Escape – Poem by Pedro Borges

  1. Nice. That took me away. 🎢🎢🎢😻😻😻

  2. "I will breed in the stars." That line really resonated with me. And the way he followed it up was stunning. I loved the energy and passion put into this, loved the visuals as well.

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  4. Poetry in English lacks the musicality of the romantic languages; there for it you have to be highly skill and be very involved with all things related to real poetry and exemplary expressions of English literature, but does not matter in what language do you write, if you can with words draw images which come directly from within your feelings and things like your experiences, your love, your compassion and the things that you desire for yourself and others, everyone will love you, if in your poetry they can find comfort and hope.

    And never write, because you have to, but because you want to!!… English is not my first language, so please excuse the errors!!…



    Let us know what you think of it in the comments <3

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