ethan's poems

hi it's Ethan again I'm going to read you another poem and this one is called God gave us by ether McGuire God gave us a life to live a way of life to lead whichever path we may take we only have we only live the once so live it as you will God gave us life to live air to breathe eyes to see is here with legs to walk with an ax mouth so we can speak God gave us time to live but within that time we should take care of each breath of each air we breathe God gave us a life however we choose to take it we choose all the time each step that we take we all should be thankful for the days that we have we should be happy and proud just be thankful for each day that we live God gave us a life take it as you will share your life pass on the messages that life teaches you along the way pass on the love and the wisdom some day God gave us life live it now you will use your eyes to see use your ears to hear you next to walk but most of all your mouth to breathe and that was called God gave us by Ethan McGuire a future parents look out if you like cut Thrones thumbs up share and subscribe for now you've been watching Ethan and look out for more poems speak again soon and bye for now

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