European Literature Night 2014 Graphic novelists: Line Hoven

so please welcome on the status is Lina joven from Germany from Hamburg and the police Brett hello hi so um we are here because they're partly with respond to you because your book has come out in English which is fantastic news from blank slate press love looks away and we're gonna be hearing a short extract from that so we're going to perform together army we are because there are male voices as well as female voices I mean just didn't have a problem with that but I'm happy to do the male voice is free yeah of course be fun um and um within your your technique is worth mentioning we've seen the beautiful watercolors that Judith uses but you work in scrape abroad which we will be seeing little demonstration of what the interwar well that's just talk a little bit about that for a stock it's a very labor-intensive medium isn't it it is and it's really hard to make rush yeah if you make a mistake you how do you fix it with ping ok then you get back in again but just it isn't she is white line out of black isn't it that's this the complete opposite of one we think of normally as drawing yeah it's a cardboard that's covered with china clay and then over Prince it with black ink and to get the picture you have to scratch away the black with a knife or something sure mm-hmm exactly and this meeting my something that you you studied in art college yeah and it's particularly attracted you what was it attracted you about that and I guess because it's so time consuming it's just like you can listen to a million audiobooks I get lost in that in the finer details yeah yeah for the next 10 hours and i guess the scale is not normally that large does comic carpet tends to be sort of half up or sometimes twice up it's usually with the scrip aboard it has to be it has sales I it has it be small doesn't it yeah exactly oh this project is actually a series of stories which was Tracy the the history of your parents and grandparents this is like and for you almost as a way of where I come from wasn't it why is it called love looks away what is that how would you explain that I started here for the book came when I did the first story which tells the story of my father eh and one in the thirties where he was part of Hitler Youth and I did that story and then afterwards I thought about well wed way what where do I belong because whenever I was in the US I would feel uncomfortable with German history and I went to school there for a year and other students put not see on my spins and stuff you know so that was the one slide where I always felt guilty typically German hmm and then at the time when I did that story Germany was so anti-american because of Bush right so you had that side and I was like where do I belong what's actually so love looks away me for me it's like you always have this backpack full of stories with your family and stuff that you feel uncomfortable with and if I think if you love someone you're not you're not I think he just it's a decision to look away look away as in forgiveness yes my grandparents although I knew no they were part of Hitler's mmm whatever I mean that was a family secret up to a certain point was it cuz I was it was it something you had to find out or was it well my mother was in the SS for a short time and the whole family didn't know they were not really happy about that part in the book how did you learn about that in the first place well I did some research didn't did you talk to your grandmother about it right of course why I don't claim that was too late yeah and so from there he decided to follow on from how eventually how your parents met over the course of time so we do the readings we have a go now with you these guys are doing audible job I shied ruin the illusion that this actually isn't it's just a dumbing actually doesn't depend a thing at all let's go out that and they they press the button and you were doing brilliantly the Judith because you were a responding I'm sorry I blown out of Compton that's no fun but we will do it if you like but you seem to know when we want to change them anything but to do is give them a pulse beat when well though because are quite a few silent images in this okay but um so just situate the stress i'm sure i'm not going to use this there's no real need to really is the no no the illusion is ruining their there we are okay and this is actually of course this is the second story yes yeah it takes to situate us here yeah Muskegon Michigan yes yes yes yeah good and what year are we in here before to use okay somewhere okay during the war what yes yes yes okay so we all done yeah yeah so baby it's cold outside this is my random sound effects so how was your date with Tommy oh let's not talk about that there are more amusing things to do how about race the winner gets first pick of the girls okay it's a deal on your marks get set go what are you doing down there well what does it look like come on I'll teach you how to skate so do you make a habit of picking up girls so get in your way only the ones who melt the ice not bad at all you sure learn fast Thanks how'd you learn to skate so well I'm a professional hot ice hockey player no kidding what's your name how Laurie okay now take you home Catherine wait let me get that full door for you me too we must really can't we must leaving these partials we intend to bring this bag to realize only American armed forces must be used any place in all the world to engage the forces of the enemy I really hope we beat those Germans do you think you'll have to go over there sure I definitely won't want to go for now I'm forced to work at the gas company because the out of the officials won't let me they aren't allowed to recruit from that kind of company besides my mom doesn't want me to enlist well I'm a patriot anyway let's not worry about that right now can i call you sometime okay hey buddy all set for revenge to this afternoon yeah sure but keep it down you know we'll be in trouble if anyone finds out herel just relax you don't mind if we take your car do you did you change your mind you look real worried I'm just afraid they'll find out about this it's a different district nobody will know we're here now anyway mr. Warner you're next that's me I think that cute nurse likes me hey looks like i have a soldier in the US Army now you're next huh congratulations mr. lorry I have your x-rays here did anyone in your family ever suffer from tuberculosis maybe I don't know well it looks like you've had an episode sorry mr. lorry but I can't send you to Europe and your condition Alisa send the next one in please great way hey sis why won't you let talk to this guy who keeps on calling I don't know he's very charming but he said something about wanting to go to war but listen he really seems to like you hi this is catherine well okay I guess you can pick me up on friday okay we have these images hips even here he's an ugly Tommy does that um well that's Kathryn my grandma and then in their wedding in 1945 it looks like it's in that Cathedral but it's actually just like this photo you know set yes yeah you can tell that there's a mind over there I try to make it obvious it's not Tommy oh right right or anything and down there is my mom Charlotte and Santa Claus well next one we have another picture of similar age four yes and underneath there's a picture of my mom with her grandma with her mom and her brother Mike this picture doesn't really exist though I mean some of these are just made up oh okay tell that there have been more children than stuff right that they didn't actually have our kind of material drawn for this yeah excellent I run reports peacefully Nalina hoban's reading right I know this is working for but i think its rise to give a flavor what's the comic like what's the story like how the pictures or I'll keep looks very well thank you for so we've got some images up here as well but just go back go back to finish off about the story I mean the what did you what was your feeling completing the book and what how did you feel looking back on your family was it did it give you a new perspective on who you are today for example no good workout no still lots of unresolved things the whole question where do I belong and yeah and also in the beginning I asked my parents if I'm allowed to use their real names and I ask everyone who was still alive if I may use davion there just go ahead I mean it's just like the final thesis fart school no audience exactly yeah what sounds that it was done as an art project wasn't it originally without but there's no publisher in mind no no and then it was published sometimes when i Google myself a motion pictures come up of it from them from the book all modern photographs of them perhaps yes and so that's kind of strange but do you feel nothing strange about that and we've talked to dude is about the whole exposure of autobiography and how family history would if he did it again if he knew it was going to be this publicize would you change the names no I think I would have been more precise maybe oh my god no not precise is the wrong word I would have told maybe more more things that I didn't in the beginning because I was afraid how everyone would react right maybe I should I I could have done more mm-hmm mm-hmm okay right we're seeing some other work here tell us a bit about the other website done which is like really hard to translate because it's just like wooden box is a famous novel too much man right there's a play on that isn't it really a pun on that yeah the whole alphabet from ages it was published in the Frankfurt other minor title as a serious that I did with Yahoo Schmidt famous German writer great so he wrote text to go long lead solutions yeah this is the G so everybody come in German connected yes write the letter G yeah great stuff this is M Michael reading fairy tales of lectures friend and this is my latest so why cuz it's mythology with schm in the front of it so why is it got that disappointed I didn't it again I see this was a sea was also for the fans yeah obviously put words on foot when seventy two weeks wow I had one week to do each picture which is really hard for me because it takes me like it's a lot of work in those pictures to get one picture done so it's based on mythology it's it's about Greek words and what they mean and John puts them into his life and what what bleep mean Greek words mean for him uh-huh just uh yeah so which word is this presumption see you in hell I wanted that to be the last picture oh yes very powerful and it's gone I was sitting on the grapes down there in the beginning I wanted to do owls on every picture so you know kids could have something to look out for but I forgot the Fazio damn albergo well so he came up with 70 Greek words and their concern if against to him okay but an interesting project so what is that word hey you can't know what it is okay right so as when the books published as is it was it published with his text presumably yeah okay right excellent what else are we good okay oh this is quite an early pieces in it when we were maybe still and is it before leibish not big what after yeah oh yes the anthology from Hamburg all done not orange but as in orono town yes a bit which is a very good anthology from the Hamburg art school was in Aspen a night yaneth it's over now yeah it's time and it is time it was good Sasha home one other people came up through that in a very very good German magazine yeah great yeah it's about a strip tease girl fell in love with one of the guys watching her what his arms look like so she doesn't know his face but she's like in love with this I'm his tattoos yeah and she thinks about wanting to send him aside that she recognized him and she's in love with her deeply uh-huh what sign is that all right have a happy ending kind of okay that's all right so if tattooing somehow it seems appropriate because you've got the same kind of you know incisions into whether it's skin or or scraping board yeah tremendous the lettering obviously is not done history report is it for lettering of course is dying yeah drives you mad yeah so you do it on a computer I guess yeah ah joven light over bowled joven bolas definitely simply hoping bold right oh that we are gonna have a chance to see Lina do a bit of work I'll just as you haven't seen lied scraper board we can pick with this or chairs I warmed the chair for you and you can position yourself so we can get the camera switched over one of the technician is going to switch this over and this is this looks like this is the image of course from Madonna mitologia smishing it Olivia yes sir mouthful isn't it yes I don't be i cherish yes but its children Edward Gorey I'm Vickery yes putting his name into the word yes yes really and is it again rather like the alphabet pretty difficult to translate actually imagine it's going to be very specific to the German or maybe not because s is Greek words out she might be easier to translate not so many specific Germany and allusions in yes yes I mean just like that word they should be exactly so you're gonna position it where you'd like to work are we are we gonna get this switched over two seconds we're alive yeah yeah okay I don't we're not gonna be here for three hours or 30 hours as you say 30 hours and 30 hours yeah we could just yes you see a little bit of the technique okay blink blink is that fantastic tell me i want that telly that is real wide screen look at this there we go so you can put a pretty to position yourself and see you had a manicure happening especially there we go we can zoom in and there we are spur fect it's leave it there and then you can take a super stages because the Grateful board is really yes that's to keep the kitty keep it pure yeah what is Magic about this paper it looks like bacon or something yeah i was thinking it looks a bit like a yes what is it like carbon paper it's reverse cards white car paper to get this so you've got some very complicated art supplies I mean and that can't be people aren't making that are they these sheets okay ah but not the typing because in their losses and then it comes out white on 2nite what a brilliant solution have you done that so you don't always use the special tools will you use all sorts of things yeah and of course you get different textures and lines depending on what you're using all right what's the weirdest thing you've ever used as I shouldn't ask now what's the second weirdest you mentioned nails but I mean have you used have you use actual nails as in nails I did you know hammers and nails I oh well why not yes I'm off okay you can use the reddit the rat teeth or something but yes different right so yes there are other media that could be used and I gather that's quite is this is this actually a medium that is sort of dying in the sense that it's not being made people aren't using it very much is it hard to get the supplies

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