7 thoughts on “Evan Thomas, Author, "Ike's Bluff"

  1. I paid in for fifty years against my will and some Ivy League spoiled draft dodger uses the word "entitled".

  2. "These are problems that are going to be with the next president. We're gonna need someone like Eisenhower"
    Yeah, that didn't exactly happen. We needed the guy who beat the Nazis, instead we got a thin skinned, draft dodging slum lord with the vocabulary of an 8 year old. We're fucked.

  3. just realized ive become a cspan person and thats terrifying

  4. The last adult President we had.
    Others like JFK and Jimmy Carter were somewhat OK, but most since Ike have been misbehaving children, emotionally.
    A man who respects the middle class.

  5. Thomas does a nice job here and doesn't pull his punches when it came to Ike's many health problems and alcohol and drug usage. Overall Ike comes out looking good here, but he never fully overcomes the legend that he was detatched and fearful of confrontation.

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