what’s up everyone so I’m just gonna go
over the story behind this I’m working the same exact thing because I’m filming
them back-to-back but so the story behind every final stroke I wrote it in
my first year during November ish I don’t really remember it was during the
first semester of med school I was you know on my high not high it was about
November and I got an email saying that there is a poetry contest at Baylor
College of Medicine and they were wanting to medical students to talk
about a subject than medicine at all a bunch of parody song store all of high
school in college and so I was used to playing with words and rhymes do you
know like I wish I could be the perfect doctor but I come back to the water no
matter how hard I try so I said you know what let me write a poem and as I just
started scripting it out I want to write about how I observed med students around
me changing from the start of medical schools and so the main story that I
actually use as like the catalyst for writing this was we did have some
mandatory sessions sprinkled throughout first year and I was fine with going to
the mando sessions because I was already at school attending lectures in the
morning but there was a common basically people didn’t want to go to the
mandatory sessions and we started having these sessions where the school would
bring in patients who were diagnosed with the conditions that we were
learning about in class and we would they would stand in the front talk about
their illness and we would be able to ask them questions about their
experiences and I thought that that was great because that’s why we went into
medicine something I should add those sessions were usually optional also the
patient sessions but one time they made that session mandatory I was like this
is great everyone is gonna finally experience this one thing that I love
about our curriculum so once it finished like you know full applause for them
because they deserve it for coming in and just you know talking and answering
all these ridiculous questions that medical students have and at the end I
ran to one of my friends because literally the whole class had to be
there was a mandatory session and I was like
you never come to these what did you think of it and he answered he was like
oh you know it’s fine I just I don’t understand why we have to be here for an
hour when I could have been home studying and like I was so shocked I
could not believe that it’s not like I’m blaming the student at all it’s just how
this system is built you need to do well numerically I’m sure the student
recognized how important it was for them to hear someone else’s experience it
just wasn’t prioritized equally with the grading it was so distasteful to hear my
ear heard it and like wanted to spit it back out it was like poison and I
thought wow this person came into med school probably with the most purest
intentions to treat people but because there are so many exams and they’re
really difficult and studying is grueling they lost themselves
essentially and it was so sad to see that very quickly it happened this is
just a greater indication for the people who design medical education to stop
putting the emphasis on the wrong areas yes you need to do well academically but
whatever it was that was giving them fuel to enjoy life they would cut out to
then do well academically if this mentality is not stopped I can
easily see why so many doctors have problems with communication don’t know
what it’s like to work on a team and really just hate their lives because you
end up not being human so yeah that’s the story behind the the poem for me it
gives me motivation to want to climb the ladder keep my positive personality and
then change it if you took the elevator up your only job is to send it back down
be a person of principle in your place of power today tomorrow and forever
thank you so much for watching this got really philosophical out of nowhere I
will see you next time god bless you know oh yes
be safe be strong be swagged god bless you and I will see you in the next video
which who knows what it will be it probably be something about
we do iron because I have that next I’ll carry a baby is known being birth
what well see you you

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