Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

– [Narrator] We’re bombarded
with ideas everyday about how things should be. Sometimes it’s in the name, and sometimes we just fill in the gaps regarding the look and
functionality of everyday things. From the truth about our favorite cartoons to the lies about some
of our favorite foods, here’s a very tongue-in-cheek
list of things that prove your life, or very minuscule, but super interesting things
in your life, is a lie. (bouncy, ambient music) – Amazing. – [Narrator] Number 10,
that’s not ice cream. Ironically, people most
enjoy ice cream on hot days, when it melts the fastest. But even in cold weather, once that frozen treat
is out of the freezer, it starts to melt in no time. This presents a problem for advertisers trying to photograph
the perfect ice cream, especially considering the bright, hot lights needed for
professional photography. And that’s why when we look
at a picture of ice cream, we’re basically being lied to. What you actually see in that
drool-inducing commercial may be a picture of mashed potatoes with enough food coloring to
make it look like chocolate, strawberry, or mint-chocolate ice cream. A combination of powdered
sugar, vegetable shortening, and corn syrup is also commonly used. Either way, this gives photographers time to take a variety of shots. Then the ads run, and
I scream, you scream, we all scream because it’s fake. Number nine, butterflies
aren’t so innocent. If you ask anyone to name a
beautiful, harmless insect, chances are they’ll go for a butterfly. They’re majestic, and can’t
hurt anyone or anything, right? Well, our preconceived notions about them seem to be slightly wrong. They aren’t all nectar,
flower, and sugary bits like we’ve been led to believe. They can be savage. Look at this photo of butterflies
scavenging on a dead fish. How embarrassing it must have been for that fish to explain in the afterlife that he was killed by
a load of butterflies. Although you’d have
thought being reincarnated as a butterfly would’ve meant
a life of tasty sugary feasts, it’s not quite so nice. Butterflies regularly
feast on rotting meat, animal dung, and decaying corpses. Ew. Look at this picture of them
feasting on a pile of poop. I expected better from
such an elegant insect. Number eight, astronaut ice cream. Have you ever heard about
all the awesome food astronauts eat up in space,
stuff like astronaut ice cream? You might have even tasted
some out of curiosity. If you have, it’s about time you found out that you still haven’t eaten anything like real astronauts do. You’ve been cheated. You see, some press
releases and news articles showed that vanilla ice cream was used as part of an astronaut’s meal
plan on the Apollo 7 mission. And these rumors ran like wildfire to the point of it
becoming common knowledge that astronauts had a special
space version of ice cream. The National Air and Space Museum and Apollo 7 astronaut, Walter Cunningham, have confirmed that ice cream
never made it onto a flight. That is, until more recently
when NASA blessed astronauts with freezers on their
ships for real ice cream. It seems the space ice cream
rumors were taken advantage of by companies wanting to make more money selling terrible food based on novelty. Number seven, Coyote versus Roadrunner. Looney Tunes was a
classic animation series produced by Warner Bros., and you’re likely very familiar
with its array of characters from Bugs Bunny to Porky
Pig and Elmer Fudd. Perhaps two of the most famous
enemies from the short films are arguably Wile E.
Coyote and Road Runner. The classic storyline goes that Coyote wants to eat roadrunner,
but he’s so much slower. Therefore, he decides the best way to capture the Road Runner is to devise a load of
seemingly ingenious traps. These traps always somehow
seem to backfire massively in the most unlikely of ways as Road Runner just goes
around his daily business of running marathons for fun. The truth is that Coyote
never really needed to get up to all his silly antics had the team at Warner Bros. done thorough zoological research. The reason? Real coyotes are not slower
than real roadrunners. Coyotes have a maximum speed
of up to 43 miles per hour when they’re in pursuit of their prey. This is far faster than a roadrunner, which can run at a top
speed of 20 miles per hour. So had Wile E. Coyote really tried, he should’ve had no
problem running circles around Road Runner before
devouring his prey. Warner Bros., it seemed lied to us all. They could’ve just gone
with another real predator of a roadrunner, such as a skunk, which is actually slightly
slower than its prey. Though, then again, a coyote is just great
entertainment value, a sort of poetic license. One could argue that
bunnies don’t exactly talk, or Tasmanian devils don’t exactly spin like tornadoes either. Number six, MJ didn’t
have anti-gravity powers. Michael Jackson was the king of pop. His incredible music and popularity gave him a near mythic status, which leads me on to
one of his iconic moves, his ability to seemingly defy gravity. Jackson frequently performed his gravity-defying lean during shows, with backup dancers able
to perform it as well. However, this trick wasn’t due
to some hidden powers MJ had or could pass on to his dancers. It was basically just a
very smart magic trick reserved for the King of Pop himself. Michael Jackson had a clever
shoe which had a slit in them and connected directly to a sort of peg that was secured to the floor. This inventive contraption
had even been patented by the star, enabling anyone to lean as far as you want without falling over. Number five, cars in adverts are faked. Adverts on TV are a
great way to sell cars. Just show a spotless
car driving flawlessly on a beautiful country road,
and half the work is done. Yet, when you watch any car commercial or car scenes in movies, chances are the car you’re
watching isn’t actually real. You’re being lied to yet again. CGI in commercials these days is rampant. In other words, most of the cars you see have actually been
created on the computer. To achieve this, visual
effects companies like The Mill actually employ a
bare-bones automobile rig that looks like a pared down contraption from a Mad Max movie. With it, they’re able
to transpose the image of any car design or brand over the top of it in post production, eliminating the need to
use real cars at all. You can understand why they do it, because it saves them money
getting the real thing, and also means they can
finish the commercial and start promoting the car prior to its full completion date. Still, there’s no doubt it’s
a rather deceiving strategy. Number four, I before E, except after C. This is a classic English spelling rule our teachers have been
telling us for years. It’s taught in middle and
preschool as a sort of rhyme, and many of us have grown
up with it all our lives, so just blindly take the
rule as completely accurate. In case you forgot, it helps you decide whether a word is spelled with I-E or E-I. So remembering this rule of
thumb has helped us remember how to spell words like
siege, as in this example, because there is no C, I comes before E. However, words like ceiling show that with C before both letters,
they switch to E-I. But this is not always the case. One exception is the word efficient. The rule isn’t very efficient here as it totally fails to work. And in fact, from close to
4,000 possible listed words, it also doesn’t work with
11 so-called irregular words such as ancient, conscience,
either, and height. Some examinations of it agree that it is generally quite a good rule that does mostly work. Though, its jingle is
what makes it special. So to avoid misspelling
words in the future, keep this rule in mind, but don’t always take it as face value because it can be a bunch of lies. Number three, penguins have knees. Penguins are super cute animals that we all think are covertly
conspiring behind our backs in slick black tuxedos and bow ties. It’s just the way they waddle. It’s cute, but sneaky in
a sort of strange way. And whilst we may look at a
penguin and think its legs are just really small,
irrelevant appendages, we’re not really seeing the full picture. From this picture ask yourself, does a penguin really have knees? I, for one, would admit that it definitely does not look like it does. But all you’re really seeing is a very small part of the whole picture. Have a look at this X-ray, and you can see that penguins
certainly do have knees. The majority of the penguin’s
legs’ skeletal structure is inside its body to keep it warm. This skeleton also no longer
makes it look so cute, but it is still pretty surprising to see what the penguins have been hiding. Number two, palm trees
aren’t trees after all. Thanks to Jim Tim for
notifying us about this one. Palm trees are the hallmark of paradise, usually accompanied by a white
beach and plenty of coconuts. Except, it seems their name isn’t an accurate botanical representation of what they really are. They are tall and sturdy with
large leaves and a trunk, but those traits aren’t really enough to make them legitimate trees. There are a number of
important differences between actual trees and palms. For example, unlike trees, palms have no bark or woody tissue. Also, more importantly, palm trees do not produce a cambium layer, that part of a tree between
the bark and the interior that produces new growth each year. This can be seen if you cut horizontally through a tree’s trunk which
would essentially show rings. Yet, a cut through a palm’s would not. The trunk of a palm is
simply a mass of spongy, hardened material that expands
as the palm grows taller. There are a load more
qualifications to classify a tree, and a palm really just
doesn’t cut the mustard. However, a lot of people are also wrong for assuming that they’re grasses. They’re not quite grasses either. Although palms are indeed
classified as monocots, along with grasses, onions, and lilies, they’re a distinct separate
family from grasses. Therefore, they are closer
related to grasses than trees, but they are distinct from both of them. Number one, the green gummy bear. Most people love gummy
bears, those squishy sweets that you just can’t stop
eating once you’ve started. They all have the same shape, but their colors are different,
which surely indicates that each bear is a different flavor. Why else would one be colored
green whilst another is red? Surely the unofficial
law of processed foods is that the color indicates
that its flavored the same as a fruit of the same color. Red would therefore indicate
a red fruit like a strawberry, whilst yellow usually
indicates a lemon flavor, and green a sort of apple
or lime flavor, right? Wrong. Green is actually strawberry. And the red gummy bears
aren’t strawberry or cherry, but actually raspberry. It makes no sense to me. But according to HARIBO,
the largest manufacturer of these gummy bear sweets in the world, the green gummy bears have
always been strawberry flavored. What makes the discovery even crazier after all of this time is that the flavors are clearly labeled on the packaging, but you’ve probably never
paid close attention. So whilst we’ve been expecting lime, it’s just been a berry deceitful lie. If you didn’t notice, your taste buds need a good calibration, unless you’re not from the United States. According to seriouseats.com,
HARIBO varieties vary greatly depending on the country they’re sold in. Serious eaters from the website insisted that those made in
the HARIBO homeland of Germany tasted vastly different
to those sold in the US, which are made in Turkey. From this picture, you can see
the German gummies on the top and the American ones on the bottom. The German varieties comes
with an extra flavor, apple. Not only are the American
ones more vivid in color than the German ones, which
are made with natural colors, they’re also more true
to their color code. The red gummies in Germany are
actually strawberry-flavored, whilst the American
strawberry is still green. To make it even more confusing, a HARIBO spokesperson confirmed that in the GOLD-BEARS version, the green bear is actually apple-flavored, unless you live in America, that is, then it’s still strawberry. Do you know of any other surprising things that could’ve made this list? And which one did you think
was the most surprising? I’d be interested to know, so
leave a comment down below. Also, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to drop it a like and subscribe, clicking that bell icon to stay updated. Thanks for watching.

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