Evil Books That Are Too Cursed to Read

– How you doing? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. The following are 10
of the most curse books that have ever been written. But just quickly before we get into it, as always remember to hit
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content, just like this. The Necronomicon is a
cursed and nightmarish book that’s said to contain the
power to resurrect the dead. Roughly translated, its title means an image of the lord of the dead. And is described as being
bound in human skin. In the beginning, The Necronomicon
was entirely fictional and existed only in the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. But as its notoriety grew, real life publishers took interest and decided to produce physical copies, which have now taken various forms including an extravagantly
creepy pop up book. This physical version of The Necronomicon contains many allusions to Lovecraft and prominent features his
mythical creature, Cthulhu. It’s developed a reputation
as one of the most haunted and unnerving printed works in the world. It’s even made a mark on pop culture and has appeared everywhere
from the Evil Dead and Friday the 13th franchises to the afterlife with Archie Comics. If you’re brave enough, you can visit Massachusetts,
Miskatonic University to check out the unabridged
copy of The Necronomicon. The Orphan’s Story’s an epic novel about a Spaniard who heads
to the Spanish Empire in South America seeking fortune. It was written between 1608 and 1615 by Martin de Leon Cardenas, a
monk who broke his sacred vow. What’s remarkable about this novel is that it wasn’t actually
published into 2018. It was almost published on
several different occasions, but the publication
fell through every time because those involved kept dying under mysterious circumstances. A Peruvian academic by the
name of Belinda Palacios rediscovered the manuscript
hidden deep in the archives of the Hispanic Society
of America in 1965. When she began working on the book, colleagues warned her of
the curse that was said to linger in the pages of
the ancient manuscript. While she tried to laugh it off, she couldn’t help it being deterred by the unusual deaths
that surrounded the book. The deaths were caused
by horrific car accidents and sudden unexplainable illnesses. This of course, informed the rumors that the book was indeed cursed, and it’s taken over 400 years
for someone brave enough to see the project through to completion. The Book of the Sacred
Magic of Abramelin the Mage is a three part 15th
century book of mystic arts written by Abraham for his son Lamech. It was translated to
English in the year 1900 and quickly developed a
reputation for being cursed. Abraham believed that every person had their own unique personal demon. Through this book, readers
could learn rituals and bring their own personal
demons under control. They could then learn to
perform supernatural feats using symbols of magic words on a grid. But this book has a huge downside. It’s believed anyone with
a copy in their possession will be haunted by spirits
from another realm. They’ll also experienced terrible wrath that will ultimately
bring about their demise. In 2013, and online bookseller sold two mysterious handwritten
and spiral bound spell books for a whopping $13,865. As the sale was being
finalized, the seller warned that any non-believers who
mess around with these books will bring a deadly curse upon themselves. It’s believed that a
grimoire or witch’s spellbook must be burned after the death
of the witch who wrote it. These grimoires were written
by High Priestess of Wicca named Persephone Adrastea Eirene, sometime in the early 1960s. It’s thought that Eirene ran her own coven and was known in her local area as someone who was to be avoided. The two books are reworkings
of her mother’s grimoire, and contain vast
collections of incantations, curses, spells and enchantments. There’s information on
how to summon spirits, demons and otherworldly entities as well as how to perform exorcisms should the spells go awry. It’s unknown if she’s
currently alive or dead. But the first pages of her
books explicitly warn readers. To those not of the craft, the reading of this book is forbidden, proceed no further or
justice will exact a swift and terrible retribution,
and you will surely suffer at the hand of the craft. The buyer and location of the
books is currently unknown. Believed to have been written sometime in the early 15th century,
The Voynich Manuscript is known as the world’s
most mysterious book and the Everest of
historical code breaking. This cryptic 240 page
book is written entirely in an indecipherable language.ccc It’s also full of elaborate illustrations, but these shed no light on the mystery and are likened to something
from an opium dream. The first known owner of the book was an alchemist named Georg Baresch, Baresch had no idea what the book was or how it came to occupy
space in his library. It was later owned by a string of emperors and other important members of society. There are of course a range of theories surrounding the Voynich Manuscript, with many believing the text
was brought to earth by aliens, and that deciphering
it will unleash a curse that will kill whoever reads it. The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis is a curse grimoire of demonology. Its original authors are unknown, and it said to be comprised of texts compiled sometime in the 17th century. The book contains passages
on how to conjure spirits of the dead and demons and how to control these
entities to do your bidding. Curses and invocations
also play a large role in the ancient text. Esoteric topics like
how to become invisible and how to locate missing
or stolen items are covered, recipes for love potions
and liquors of persuasion are also scattered throughout the book. This definitely isn’t
a book you wanna own. It’s reportedly so cursed
that it’ll doom anyone who keeps a copy on their bookshelf. Those who have owned it have
reported strange occurrences like pages turning on their own and books flying
violently across the room. Strange whispers and shadow creatures have also been reported
by owners of the manual. Owning The Lesser Key of
Solomon is also believed to bring about catastrophic bad luck. It said that the only way
to break the book’s curse is to burn the pages and
properly dispose of the ashes. The Codex Gigas aka the devil’s bible, is a weighty tome that
dates all the way back to the 12th century. This book weighs a whopping 165 pounds and harbors so much negative energy that it would make Stephen King blush. The Codex Gigas is said
to be written by a monk who had broken his spiritual vows. For his crime, the monk was
sentenced to die entombed behind a brick wall. The night before his death, the monk began writing everything he knew about the human experience in a book. Realizing he wouldn’t have
the time to finish it, he summoned Lucifer and asked
him to complete the project in exchange for his soul. The book was then allegedly
completed by the devil himself. It’s overflowing with
dark rituals and imagery and even includes 19 inch
drawings of the devil and other demonic entities. The Book of Soyga is a
Latin essay about demonology that dates all the way back
to the early 16th century. Only two known copies of
The Book of Soyga exist. One was owned by the scholar John Dee, who devoted his entire
life to decoding it. Dee determined that the book was full of dark rituals and incantations. However, he struggled to
decipher the final 36 pages. Obsessed and frustrated, Dee
summoned the Archangel Uriel to help with the translation. Speaking through Dee’s
medium, Uriel explained that the book came into existence
when Adam ended paradise, and that it could only be
interpreted by Archangel Michael. But if you’re thinking of
cracking the case yourself, beware, according to the legend, anyone who successfully
deciphered the final 36 pages is fated to die within
two and a half years. Tomino’s Hell is a notoriously cursed poem written by the Japanese
writer, Yomota Inuhiko. It was first published in 1919, in a book called The Heart
Is Like A Rolling Stone. The poem is about a boy named Tomino, who was stricken with guilt and grief following the deaths of
his sisters and father. The poem is imbued with a
lot of the author’s own pain and suffering, and it’s
believed these qualities have manifested in the form of a curse. According to the legend, anyone who reads Tomino’s Hell out loud will suffer a tragic
fate, most likely death. Their soul will be eternally damned, and they will descend into
the deepest recesses of hell. Exercise extreme caution. Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at a book that is said to be written
by the devil himself. Remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way, you’ll be completely up to date with all our latest content. The Grand Grimoire is
one of the most potent and deadly occult books in existence. It was written sometime
in the 16th century by a man who was supposedly
possessed by the devil. Therefore, it’s often referred
to as the gospel of Satan. This book is full of dark incantations and can teach readers how
to summon powerful demons and even raise the dead. Of course, wielding these
powers comes with a price. It’s said that anyone who
reads The Grand Grimoire is offering their soul to the devil. For this reason, the original text is considered highly dangerous and has been locked away somewhere in the Vatican Secret Archives. (bells chime gently) If you enjoyed this video, then you’ll probably enjoy
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