EVISE® Author Demonstration

hello and welcome to this avise author demonstration devised is Elsevier's journal submission system where you will submit and manage your submissions to Elsevier journals in this video I will give you a very quick tour of the author homepage and advise and explain how and where to find information about your journal submissions will be looking at a few things signing into a vise updating your details the author homepage your current submissions your previous submissions help support and devise eLearning now to start locate your journals avise home page via Elsevier comm from the advised home page you can register if you don't yet have an advise account but will work on the assumption that you have one and sign in here now this is your author home page note that only your submissions for this journal will be displayed on the home page you will have one account in a vise no matter how many journals you work on and you can quickly switch between those journals by simply selecting another journal title from the my journals list here to update your details and you ize account click on your name here and then select update your details your name address and chosen texana me topics are all stored here now returning to the author home page let's take a look at where you can find information about your submissions your pending submissions are organized into the following categories my submissions that need revisions my incomplete submissions and my submissions with journal now depending on the status of the submission relevant information will be available here for example the submission title and reference number the current status of the submission and the date when the status would last updated click the little information icon next to the status for more information about that particular status also available are the due date for the current task the article type the date the initial submission was made and action buttons will also appear here the my submissions that need revisions category will include any submissions at revision requested status the my incomplete submissions category will include any papers or submissions that are started but not yet complete at submission initiated status invited submissions at invited status and submission sent back to you at resubmission requested status the my submissions with journal category will include submissions that are currently in progress with the journal in other words submissions that are with editor under review or ready for decision once a manuscript has been submitted to the journal the submission title is then hyperlinked in blue clicking here will open the manuscript overview where all details of the submission are stored if the submission has received a previous decision reviewer and/or editor comments are available in the decision tab the history of the messages sent relating to the submission are stored in the messages tab as an author you're going to receive an email notification when your submission is received by the journal when a reviewer has been invited to review your submission and when all required reviews have been completed and your submission is ready for the editors decision to view your previous submissions to this journal click this hyperlink from the home page here you can view a full history of all submissions made to this journal including the reviewer comments and editors decision to start a new submission click start new submission now if at any time while you are working in advise you need help support or further information click the help link at the top of the page this will direct you to the Elsevier support center where you can find FAQ is about all aspects of using advice if you need to contact us you can use these links at the bottom of the page to email us live chat or call us if you'd like to learn more about advice visit the avise elearning where you can take the e-learning course as an author or you can search for a specific topic for instructions thank you for watching

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