9 thoughts on “EWWC – CHINA MIEVILLE — Will the novel remain writers' favourite narrative form?

  1. hey. China… i Guerilla edited Perdido Street Station in mental hospital 🙂
    i took out alot of the anger, and violence 🙂
    and made it my strange and humorous 😀

  2. woo, he's advocating a basic guaranteed income!  "how about if future novelists were to get a salary?"

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    #EWWC #EIBF #writersconference  

  4. Great talk 🙂 one of the phrases I liked the most was this one at 25:36 by China Mieville:

    "What if most fiction is, at best, moderately important? What if it is so vague and culturally drivel-some, and so mediated by everything else once the culture industry extrudes it through a writer-shaped nozzle, that our stern declarations about subversive literature are, mostly, kind of adorable?"

  5. The African guy is Ben Okri. He's one of the most prominent and intelligent writers in the room.

  6. how democratic is that, that I can skip the Chinesse girl or the african guy to listen to other guys who have something relevant to say… i'd like to do the same with novels, skip the boring parts but not lose the sense of the plot

  7. Censorship sucks! This was a great talk!

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