Excerpt from YA novel, STEEL HAND, COLD HEART

hi my name is Rachel Minard and I am the author of the young adult novel steel hand cold heart this novel is very special to me Karina is a character I wrote into my third novel that I ever wrote that was eight years ago and it was your typical enemies two lovers trope with a revenge plot so that didn't end up going anywhere but I could never forget my steal handed warrior that I had featured at it so I brought Karina back a couple of years ago and wrote her into steel hand cold heart she is a member of a clan of women Vikings who live on the island of Hvar and they worship the goddess hel as part of the initiation they have to burn a steel gauntlet on to their hand with claws and then they serve the goddess and to do that they have to kill people to send them her souls and in exchange that they believe that provides wealth and bounty for their Island so I'm going to read a little bit of it for you here so you can get a taste for what steel hand cold heart is all about chapter one they called me Karina the unstoppable know the name did not render men to tear like merciless merle nor did it inspire awe like Dagon of the destroyer or command attention like o to iron fist but the moniker was mine I earned it for the many times I have been knocked flat on the training grounds or limped on bleeding limbs to finish a fight it was how I earned my place as one of Hell's daughters the hand of death herself I leaned over the rails of our longboat your Mandir aptly named because the figurehead was carved an image of the giant sea serpent wriggling its way through the water east toward freesia a strong wind held our mainsail and we bobbed back and forth on gentle waves these smooth waters were a blessing from the sea giant ager he approved of our quest speeding us along our last rate of the season the last offering to hell before the long way this was the daughter's last rate of the season but my first I could hardly contain my excitement I wanted to be there already to see the villagers faces when he arrived on their Shores Rove's when we offered their blood to the goddess hell I curled my steel fingers into a fist on eve of my initiation Thor warned me attaching my steel hand would hurt her exact words were it feels like cutting your fingers off one by one and pissing in the wound Veta are warmed at the steel gauntlet and the coals until it glowed sunset red and I grit my teeth as he slid the molten metal over my fingers the steel hand burned through flesh and muscle until the metal touched bone my eyes had watered a violent scream had gathered to my chest I held it back I didn't have the luxury of showing weakness and once the hand was seared to my fingers I belonged to hell she who bears the steel hand has the goddess's blessing to take life that was three months ago it took that long for my hand to heal to become useful again so that's just a quick introduction of what's to come for Carina if you want to read the rest steel hand cold heart is available on Amazon for $2.99 ebook it's also part of the Kindle unlimited program so if you have that you can get it for free thank you for listening

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