Explanation of Modernism, Surrealism, Impressionism & Expressionism (NTA-NETTGT/PGT)

hello everyone welcome back my name is Judy Sharma and you are with me on my channel lamda dr. JD Sharma as we are running a lecture series on English subject LD greater upp SC so our today's topic is from the syllabus of English section a and today we are dealing with some trends and some movements of literature that is modernism Expressionism surrealism and Impressionism but before we go ahead please make sure you subscribe the channel if you are watching this video for the first time so that you don't miss these videos in future first of all let's take modernism actually modernism is an umbrella term that covers many areas and that particularly applies to all the creative arts fiction drama music and architecture as regards the starting point of this modernism so there is no authoritative there is no official declaration about the starting point of this ism however if we have to describe something if we have to ascertain something so late 19th century or early 20th century can be said to have been the starting point of this ism and it continues it is supposed to have been continued up to the advent of Second World War yet I gotta he late 19th century said or world war ii case starting point at your age money that theory modernism money that they're basically modernism is an age of newness creativity haven't got tendencies freedom freedom of expression in all kinds of spares of literature so the artists or literature's poets and fiction issed or authors of these aids tried to liberate themselves free themselves from all kinds of restrictions restrictions in expressions of their poetic truth as far as literature in is concerned so modernism is a breaking away from the literary rules established rules and regulations of the past is it is a breaking away from all the conventions all the bondage of the previous is and in it too there are many isms like surrealism Expressionism Impressionism Vortice ISM imagism and many more new technologies like aviation telephony electricity they affected the new thoughts in all the poets and authors added to it the revolution in physics anthropology and psychology they added all they created a new dimension for the poet's to pursue after philosophy which they express the India writings Johar field match I have oh science Scofield oh technology kafeel hope computer garfield ho astronomical field of philosophy cavillo physics cavillo kisi bhi field major harper scientist nice and late is a good theory they were he waits for author scope like a literate your scope be Jelena lucky opening up quake nitric acid present case occasionally tree seconder whose it is now you see which are Darin a it modernism Quay hoppin John Deere a modernism Abajo sorry TJ noon and night up my poetry man up in novels men create key modernism Kirk creativity canoe Nazca sub-sahara impact literature candor kinetic theory though novels or poetry conductor novels keepeth ki jaya the writers like James Joyce Virginia Woolf Henry James in on a new techniques cohabit used Cornish rocker there were new technique T up keen on chronological plot a stream of consciousness technique different time frames breaking of the times or up the plot scope linear plot kids again who random plots a random sequence of events used karna should occur there no all some time Kalay cabacas other experiments Chiarella like James Joyce Virginia Woolf Mahatma normally cuz I spent Abajo Giada would show tachycardia time c'mon women it's my boss sorry changes they cave art OS out at IKEA both chota plot eclairs experiment large narration moves could affect Giga yes a logic event coke both come time moves quiet space theater a level unlike the traditional plots which had their linear sequence starting middle and end modernist fiction man there was no such kind of thing novel could start anywhere could end anywhere Norsemen narration Kiribati I so unlike traditional narration home machine narration kids again there was a break in the narrative frames can he say be coy be narration is started at a without any warning or for grounding naka introduction now before grounding pennies every consideration start karate is Kubota example aapko virginia woolf key mrs. della women james joyce key portrait of the artist as a young man man yeah Finnegan's Wake me you have you Lisa snapper technically a milder plot keyboard keys I wrote radition plots jokey novels new da da da da there was more emphasis on plot and the second in prices was own characters but in these novels in the modernist novels the the main focus was on the character own characters psyche or the inner life of the character what the character is undergoing what is his unconscious thought process or subconscious thought process kahani da da da da matinee courtesy ja da Matta Joker toake characters or character development psychological development inner development it's about that example of Co mrs. delle women Miller main plot is of one day a story is very simple but the narrative takes place in the psyche of Clarissa sera generation hello Clarice a key subconscious mind Mary Cassatt I actually went with other focus name yayyy modernist novel skia cause Matata I got poetry about car there to poetry my experiments Kelly Nunez Kelly a creativity Healey a the credit goes to three joints TS Eliot William Butler Yeats or Ezra Pound Ezra Pound imagist poetry key in May this movement cash what key gooseneck I activate poetry should be as simple as that the image should be as hard as dead coy vagueness Lee Co each other complex images nails Cudney image will clear hona chahiye will cool clear terms mature second important character in modernism is william butler yeats yet french symbolism Co English literature can the liquor you see case at Celtic revival 4p literature folk revival symbolism in everything might illogical symbolism his own personal symbolism was NAU's key is correct battery an example of course key a second coming man Dix I just made sure what Klein's meketa turning and turning into the widening gyre the Falcon cannot hear the falconer the Falcon falconer gyre Yosuke couch personal symbol set by gentium sailing to Byzantium Maori Byzantium separate points man Byzantium whose cultural mythology correct symbol Jaya whose cake cyclic movement of civilization kike symbol the third and most important character of modernism is undoubtedly TS Eliot he should be given the credit of bringing many isms many things into English literature cha have o interest in metaphysical poets and metaphysical consists TS Eliot's keepo MN Co metaphysical conceit shkabaj other use builder Schiavo love song of jay Prufrock ya wasteland me up they accept though they both touch example wasteland here this emboss original metaphysical concedes metaphysical images used here second thing interested in tradition he says in his traditional individual talent that poets poets of modernism should view themselves in the light of tradition third important characteristics is the interest in old mythology old cult old symbolism based language cups of so for example hey just make it before sorry and in school boss sorry poetic allegiance Costner a protip and whenever you see a critic I retired snare whose vest Lancome use of ideas or poetic shorthand kadala poetic shorthand is lee acadia confused short easy poem men whose boss sorry Allison scarcely used Kia next important contribution of TS eliot is to give drama it's a new life in the form of poetic drama poetic drama koyukon high definition acknowledged even TS eliot nahin Dada whose kasib stretch example akka murder in cattle mills actor so modernism is said to sum up different tendencies and different characteristics like obscurity purposeful obscurity classic allegiance or difficult Allegiance use of metaphysics or metaphysical conceits symbolism imagism pessimism chaos fragmentation human psyche in deviant monologue free words etc our next topic is Impressionism the very term Impressionism comes from French painter Claude emanates painting impressions hysterical painting chronology pitchers comics odd objects car impression coach O'Connor not key objects Co in other words the his aim was to render the effect of light on the objects rather than objects themselves in literature the term is used to indicate the in faces own subjective impressions over objective facts the literary theory of Impressionism was developed by Ford Madox Ford in his essays in 1913 only Impressionism and he practiced this theory in his novel good soldier in 1915 which Chi M cotta whose novel can the characters the inner life Kosho karna rather than external reality external plot the technique or the literary theory of Impressionism was used to show or emphasis on the inner life of the main character rather than the external reality or external plot men the focus of the writer kaavo kisi character kiya four main character ki inner life Co revealed karna developed Colonel Hoda Anarchy storico batana historic examples aapke virginia woolf key mrs. Dalloway James Joyce ker the portrait of the artist as a young man here Ulysses yeah Dorothy Richardson k Haku will sack time portrait of the artist as a young man man Joe is stiffened hero a buscar character could develop Kirsten a psychological development of the character rather than the plot or the main story worried Impressionism Katia now let us come to Expressionism the term Expressionism was coined in the early 20th century first in art then in literature theater and cinema it characterized boldness distortion and forceful representations of emotions as a movement it flourished in Germany in the wake of the revival of interest in the writings of Frederick need shape the epitome of Expressionism in German cinema was Robert wins the cabinet of dr. Caligari the term Expressionism was probably first used by Bach sillas who used it as a reaction against realism and who aimed it to show inner psychological realities Expressionism going lankan Dahlonega credit windham Lewis WH Auden or Christopher Isherwood Cusato Wyndham Lewis was chiefly influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche or ISA provoked a few snake in a movement Expressionism cages see England candleshoe rupees Kanata Vortice ism Expressionism say or Freddie's need shaky works a prohibition overlay America Canada England candor or Joe or Thursday who's my author Burt old bridge connemara eugene o'neill Kannamma tribe el mirage Kalamata in sorry Logan a open a works magnet dramas may Joe emotions could use carabao hard emotions here forceful patience of emotions could use here expressionism kite watch example up Co Eugene O'Neill K hairy ape similar hairy ape major Bob Smith J yank hair was cause of Mildred Douglas hairy ape Heke a genious John work a heckuva la de da so Bob Smith starts undergoing a psychological tribulation and area under escape what the hell shall mr. da and then he starts behaving in a in a real hip real chimpanzee real gorilla who schema is a hero sub-code destroy corner sugar desire so that was the forceful representation of its emotions josuke motions tender Wolcott boho t-bone Behati forceful representations Baja Oscar Nikola the last topic is surrealism as a movement surrealism was originated in France in nineteen twenties it was developed of Dadaism as an art movement it was popularized by Salvador Dali the movement characterized the workings of the unconscious mind and to synchronize these workings with the conscious mind the work ordinates or develops non logically or rather illogical the work basically shows the working of the unconscious mind surrealism Boden attempted to capture the mind sip deepest and most unconscious aspects in painting though the term super realism or surrealism was coined by G Apollinaire but it was Andhra Britain who recommended that mine human mind should be liberated from all kinds of reason and logic and rob riggle was chiefly influenced by Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud's theories of unconscious and its relation to the dreams Andre Breton called surrealism to be psychic automatism Bhatia authors in key writings may surrealism compact dicta for Antonin altered Jean Genet Eugenie UNESCO Samuel Beckett Dylan Thomas James Joyce Martin Amis and George Barker as unconscious is a source of creative energy for these writers so they explore the territories of conscious or unconscious mind they expose the private chaos and help in their writings they recorded dream in its nonlinear or even of an abrupt sequence ugly writings me sorry writers mind scale une sorry private kiosk oh sorry frustration Co suppression Co illogicality Co chaos co-expressed Curtin original output Dylan Thomas capo mm balaiah yochabel cool automatic writing hey Jessica mind made Jovi chemical reaction horror I was Co as it is expressed correct so that is all for now hope you found this lecture informative and it added something to your present knowledge and paired some of your doubts keep learning is stay motivated thank you and please feel free to like this video and share this video thank you

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