Faculty feature: Tina Escaja

Well, a cyber poet is a poet that is engaged
with technology, and technology based on the electronic medium, primarily the Internet. And for me was particularly liberating and
interesting when I first came to this country, and for the first time I was exposed to the
screen. It used to be black with palpitation of the
cursor, white, like “pum-pum.” It was like calling you, and I thought it
was the perfect opportunity to establish a connection and through that connection to
create elements of interaction. I created prototypes of robots. I was really convinced that I wanted to present
poetry from the point of view of a robot. One: Inhabited by ciphers, code, códigos,
circuits. That’s why it’s so important for me to create
artifacts that delves into the idea of true communication, true interaction in a new age,
which is the electronic age in the 21st century. I think poetry, traditional poetry, is important,
it’s beautiful, I still do it definitely, but I think that we should challenge our way
of understanding, reading, and experiencing poetry. Algorithm infers my entity without weighing
position or effect Pure response to your number on keyboard,
diode, digital syntax, the word that uninforms, undesigns me.

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