Fairy Rings READ ALOUD Short Poem for Kids

FAIRY RINGS (Evergreen Tales theme music playing.) Softly in the gloaming
Flitting through the vale, Fairy folk are roaming
Over hill and dale. Pixies in the hollow,
Elves upon the height, Let us follow, follow
Through the paling light. Follow, all unbidden,
To the grassy glade Wrapped around and hidden
In the forest shade. Hark the elfin tinkle
Of their little lutes! Mark the golden twinkle
Of their fairy flutes! See them dancing, dancing,
While the silver moon Tips their swiftly glancing
Little silver shoon! Tripping, tripping lightly,
Where their footprints fall, Look! the grass is brightly
Growing green and tall! Springing close, unbroken,
In a fairy ring, For tomorrow’s token
Of their frolicking! (Evergreen Tales theme music playing.)

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