Fake News Writer | DON'T READ THE COMMENTS Part 3 | YouTube Series

– Oh my god! (paper crinkling) Oh my god! – This is like my (paper crinkling) college thesis. (chuckles) Two pages. – The second I saw this, I knew it was liberal-biased cringe. They co-opt everything. Liberal snowflake Progressive
idiots rage on campus, assaulting people and vandalizing in order to shut down
speech they don't like. – Assaulting people? I don't remember assaulting anyone. That's fake news. – He talks about (sighs) Milo. (sighs) Oh, Jesus Christ. However, if a conservative complains about something like this, they are triggered. That makes no sense. Being triggered is what
conservatives started saying to mock liberals, as liberals are the only one that actually came up with
the idea of being triggered. (sighing) – Hence literal safe spaces
were set up on college campuses complete with cookies and crayons and pets to calm the nerves of
these special snowflakes. – That's us! – Listen, if there is anywhere with crayons and puppies and cookies, I will be there. I don't give a fuck if you're
insulting (laughs) anyone. – I'm a special snowflake. Uses some words that we don't say. Now we have this cringefest
called "Fake News Writer," thank you so much for watching, wherein some brainless,
NPC liberal takes a job writing conservative propaganda. Another co-opting of language by the left. Thank you so much. This is why the left can't meme. (laughing) They are mindless NPCs who mimic rather than innovate. The term fake news comes from Trump to describe a media that is
completely unhinged from truth. Unhinged from the truth? Comin' from him? The left have gone crazy. They no longer simply disagree
with those on the right. They have become like a religious cult in the way they vilify
people on the right. We are actually a religious cult. Um, so. (clears throat) The left are outrageous liars, and it is absolutely grotesque. Is he gonna say anything about me? Okay, Russian collusion.
(popping) Steele dossier. – Inflate a complete fantasy of Russian collusion with Trump but spin or disregard Clinton's
scandal with Uranium One- a documented, unquestionable violation of national security.
(popping) – Russian collusion, Russian conspiracy. There was no Russian conspiracy! Okay. Then we have the lies to support Clinton, a compulsive liar herself. Uh, billions, corporate
money, Wall Street, Trump. Oh my god. Remember when Project Veritas filmed operatives connected
to the Democratic Party admitting to paying off crazy
people, homeless people, to create chaos at Trump rallies? (heavily breathing) (sloshing water) Just in case you need a reminder, here is the secret tape. The second half is where the most despicable confessions are. And put a link. So if you find this comment on YouTube, you can go and find the link if you, you know, if you have a whole day to
spend on something like this! – Here, we're getting somewhere. Yet here we have a show that pretends fake news
is a conservative thing. Give me a fucking break. I despise these people. They are ideological hacks. – They are intellectually dishonest to the point of narcissism. Get outside of your bubble, you scumbags. Ooh! You are merely useful idiots, mouthpieces for the global establishment. Thank you so much. (chuckles) Remember another
smear job by the fake news, how they made Trump adviser, Steve Bannon, look like the most evil
Nazi racist scumbag that has ever walked
the earth since Hitler? (sighing) Well, maybe the scumbags that reflexively believe
this left-wing propaganda should step outside of their bubble, even one step. Perhaps listening to
intellectual defenders of Trump, like Bannon, might help you realize that things aren't as simple as you pretentious fools think it is. – Honestly, I could keep reading this just so you all kind of like get an idea of what this person's saying, but I have a question. Do you have a job, sir? This is two pages, like essentially single-spaced. Printed, like, do you
have this kinda time? And if you do, send me a link to wherever you work, because I wanna work there too. – Eloquent. You've set it up nicely. Yeah, yeah. You didn't talk about the show enough. A minus for effort. Content, (blows lips) F, which is also the first
letter of "Fake News Writer," a new series on YouTube. Watch it now. – Again, pets, crayons,
cookies, good idea. Let's make it happen. (upbeat music)

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  1. Damn, my concise, slightly left comments didn't make it. Obvious bias.

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