Fake News Writer | REAL OR FAKE? Round 20! | YouTube Series

I'm going to be reading some headlines some of them are real some of them are fake and then I'm gonna be incredible at guessing them alright here we go da new white supremacist erm NPC really means no people of color what does it mean anything else let me hear somebody say NPC around me oh my gosh I'm gonna say this was really posted but how concerning is a computer game computer game see if that's a kinda know anything I can barely log into my gmail fake let me say this this is not real true I'm gonna say this is real I think this is fake okay this is fake it's not real let me go and erase that NPC you can say it around me it's all good it's so concerning and I would believe that it was published I don't understand what it means but I got it right you know it's like times like this where I'm like you know I was a college graduate you know consider myself like fairly intelligent not very intelligent in the end that's all that matters being right I read these and I'm like suddenly I know nothing that degree Y border crossers caught with children deserve the death penalty no no death penalty no and children in the same mm-hmm you can't you can't get away with that in a headline I'm gonna say this was really posted yeah oh god I hope that's not real I'm gonna say this is real I sound like some somebody who has hey this is probably real no it's not it's fake Lord let this be faked please Heavenly Father say it for me that has definitely not thank you know every time I do that I get it right go back on my instinct he's definitely not published I won't say it again already I got one more and I'm placing all of my money in this one how does the mainstream media keep coming up with such stupid stories to cover 24-hour news cycle there's a lot of time you got to run out of things to talk about oh man a lot of stupid things happening yeah that's definitely a real or fake okay god help me here give me the words of wisdom this headline is truly posted I'm gonna say it's fake I think this one's real real I believe somebody wrote that real let's say real headline yeah that's real daily wire thanks for coming through beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes deep to the bottom somehow America's mainstream media keep finding the dumbest thing to cover while president Trump has been busy of late making some incredible news on Iran on North Korea on China hey we got to escape sometime right oh don't real a fake that's all I was supposed to do but you shouldn't escape too much keep watching what's happening and if you can't ignore what's happening that's privileged

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  1. Hi everyone asking about season 2. The reason it is taking a long time is because we don't currently have the money to fund season 2. We are trying to meet with investors and producers to raise the money. We recently won a Webby award, which is a huge achievement and should boost our credibility with investors. I wrote season 2 already, and I happen to like the script more than season 1. We are hoping for longer, funnier, and higher budget episodes for season 2. Will make a huge announcement when season 2 starts to happen. Please hang in there! Season 2 is very likely to happen. In the meantime, we are going to be releasing some new types of videos like the actors react to comments and actors play 'what do you meme' using photos from the show.

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