Fans petition HBO to “fix” Game Of Thrones season 8 – Are D&D Bad writers?

49 thoughts on “Fans petition HBO to “fix” Game Of Thrones season 8 – Are D&D Bad writers?

  1. Her brother was crazy her father was crazy and I'm sure it goes back further then them. Varys had a network of spies but be real my guy… the whole world is up in shambles and his network collapsed. Forced him to actually make moves and take risk he'd never take before. The night king should of been a better fight I agree but arya was a was perfect to take him out. Arya is infact one of the most dangerous people on the show. Sounds like You're reaching, cuz it's not ending the you'd want like. AND why wouldn't the night king go for the dragons in the air? It's the more imminent threat. 1 dragon landed with dany to pick up John while the other scouted and reigned down fire from above, so the night king made the better tactical decision. But like I said, u seem mad things aren't turning out the way you'd like and your reaching for things to complain about. I'm pretty sure dany was never meant to be what the all made us to believe in the books or the show. Wouldn't be a very good plot twist if they did too much foreshadowing now would it

  2. The dont have to build up for dany going crazy. Targaryens have a history of being unstable. The foundation already there wym?

  3. Hate how Jon has become practically an extra on the show. What was the point of him coming back alive ? To warn people of the night king? That’s all he’s done since

  4. George R. R. Martin and HBO wanted 10 Seasons. D&D gave us this half 8th Season so they could run off and F up Star Wars instead. Daenerys in the books was always going to end up as the "Mad Queen" but a full Season 8 and 2 more Seasons after that would have built it up more slowly and better than what we ended up with.

  5. Teflon is you see this and they want to correct there mistakes what if everything we saw was a split second of bran have a vision of all this and we all go back to episode 3 when he was warped before he meets the Nk

  6. d&d (cunts) blocked their social accounts…hmm… wonder why…🖕💩🤓

  7. I signed the petition and donated $15. It’s at around 800,000 right now.

  8. Those two POS fucks should man-up and admit why they don’t give a flyin fuck about respecting the show, hbo, RR Martin, and a decade of loyal fans (supported even in weaker seasons)! Maybe they can’t man-up cuz their two cockless fucks that need a shin to the side of their fuckin jaw…Anderson Silva style KO…
    Fuckin “Cunts”…

  9. Episode 5 they jumped the shark, raped the shark had babies with the shark n fried them with a dragon.

  10. And how mr Ageon Targariyan survived a field of walkers which were nerfed into walking dead zombies. Plus he is safe behind a stone while blue flames are all around him. Done

  11. Haha love this!

    5:33— good point, but they could have answered this in the Long Night, when the NK made the wights shove their faces into Melisandre's fire in order to get past it and breach the wall. He could have done the same thing with forcing the wights to dive under the water to put the chains on the dragon.

    Also about Varys, Melisandre told him he would die at some point. and he was ready to die after realizing he was supporting the wrong ruler in his mind, and knew that Dany would go to destroy KL and he wanted no part in it

  12. I swear I've been asking on several channels about the chains and water. No explanation

  13. DnD are going to go to starwars and make an already dying franchise worse.

  14. I just re-watched all of season eight so far. Boy I can almost guarantee bran and Teryan have some sort of a plan together! They’ve had two off screen conversations, and three different awkward stares at each other. What do you think?!

  15. Teflon Tv
    You obviously haven't read the books.
    R+L = J is a GRRM story arc, not a D&D.

    Also, Stannis does infact question if Jon Snow is a bastard on a few occasions.
    Also, its possible that had Jon accepted Stannis' offer to become a Stark, he may have lost his claim to the Iron Throne.

    Benjin Stark obviously knows.
    Aemon (Maester of the Night's Watch) seems to know.

    And Jon does have VERY Targaryen features.
    He is black of hair, with straight black eyes.

    Targaryens are know for two different sets of features, referenced in the book that Ned reads when he finds out Joffrey is a bastard.
    All Targaryen heirs are either White of Hair with red/purple/blue/green eyes, or obsidian black of hair with black eyes.
    Jon obviously fits the second category.

    The R+L = J has been a story arc present in the show, that D&D knew about, since the very first episode.
    I want season 8 redone, mainly because they've fucked up most of the story arcs, but R+L = J has been the only redeeming factor of season 8.

  16. I don’t know about a redo but out of all the seasons this one feels rushed… very disappointed 😔

  17. Seriously, the degree to which they've botched this series makes me care less about the remaining 2 books to be released. I mean, at this point, who would want to read them if they're only going to be reminded of how disappointed they were over the HBO series?

  18. I literally know nothing about the knight king n his motive.whatever bran said that the guy was coming fr him to wipe the memory of the world makes no damn sense. Blood raven was stronger than Bran y not kill him in cave long before Bran? Becuz of a little Mark bran got? N that wall I thought it was made of the strongest magic😐🤦🏾‍♀️ how come an ice dragon blow it down🤷🏽‍♀️N the children of the forest their characters wasn’t developed right with their tiny fire ball. U mean to tell me that is what they used to fight wars with the first men? What a joke😂

  19. I can't believe we are complaining about a show that have dragons, half dead man, a witch giving birth to a demon, zombies and giant people. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  20. And this dude (Teflon TV) sounds kinda like the wheelchair guy in HBO's prison show, OZ.

  21. I should have recorded my reaction watching your video … I died laughing … great video … I agree with everything …

    You forgot Sam … he did not use the books he stole from the citadel …

    Why did not HBO pay these guys to get out of there? (D and D)
    And they did not hire people who got more involved ??

    Fuck the prophecys
    Fuck the theories
    Fuck all
    Fuck the characters
    D and D: Lets put a stone in GOT forever

    D and D are sucks … GOT is a joke now …
    Epic fail …
    Even the actors are upset
    A complete disaster …

  22. How about in episode 3 when they had the Dothraki lined up ready to lead the attack against the white walkers? Prior to Melisandre showing up they were ready to charge with plain arakh, knowing there was only 3 ways to kill the dead…fire, dragon glass, or Valerian steel. And how in the hell did Samuel survive the frontlines? 🤔

  23. These are crazy fans! Petition because things didn't end their way in a fiction work? wtf!
    And you support this bs? Time to round up some useless subscriptions, starting right now!

  24. Amen! Amen!! Amen! Fans have waaaaaaay better ideas of an ending based on the past 7 seasons than these guys. I absolutely agree this was a rush to the end…it is such a shame!

  25. Ahh, Tony. You've finally joined us. We didn't want to hate all this, but we were given no choice. Welcome.

  26. VARYS season Elaria and Olenna
    "FIRE AND BLOOD".."vengence… join us"
    VARYS season 8…
    Sucidal Martyr to prevent FIRE AND BLOOD before theres any hint it will even happen….
    ROTFL….Ohhhh Lordy i could type for days.
    This show is now sketch comedy…
    Its SATIRE….Sigh..

  27. I wonder if they're gonna pony up pocket money to cover the $90 million the Season re-do will cost. Never underestimate the power of group stupidity.
    And incidently… How hard is it to understand that more than one ship with a scorpion ambushed Rhaegal? It wasn't a freaking machine gun ballista fir chrissake. Geeze dude….smh

  28. This video is 100% more entertaining then the whole off s8.

  29. Euron's fleet had many ballistae, he wasn't the only one shooting…. It would be great if they redid it, I can't believe how bad s8 is, what a waste.

  30. In the books, dany killed alot of citizens in alot of countries

  31. no dude, HBO is Homo Bitches and Others, they fucked it up. and took your mother fucking money.. fagots.

  32. yall need to STFU. yall want everything to end and nice and happy ever after. SMFH people this is not cinderella

  33. Pretty sure each ship has the crossbows. So they could easily shoot multiple arrows.

  34. I'm glad they didn't make Dany some weak ass hero. That would've been so boring. She's a psycho, and she has always been a psycho, and that's why she was great… and there are no innocents in King's Landing. They're all worms on a rotting corpse, and they needed to be cleansed with fire.

  35. The Hound should have chopped Cercei’s head off instead of letting her slither by like a coward.

  36. My husband said the same exact thing when we watched them reload the ballistas in KL.

  37. This is hilarious…and so true! I fricken loved it! Much more entertaining than this last season of GOT.🤣

  38. I don't plan on watching the prequels if it ends like everybody says, Jon leaves, Bran on the throne.
    Why invest so much time in a series only to receive a crappy ending?
    Won't do it!

  39. This video just saved my life! Thank you! Agree with everything. Don’t fuck with this fandom!!!

  40. Omg I’m literally dying of laughter this was such a great video.

  41. Hey Tony!!! So we knew Dany was going to go crazy…My complaint is not with that. My complaint is that D&D did not build this development up. I would have been on board with it if they had her roast Cersei's ass in that window of the Red Keep and then go after the people. She did not go after her main target and for all the $h!t Cersei has done her death should have been gruesome. Hell the Mountain could have taken her out Qyburn style before the BOWL.

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