Farah Chamma – “Fast Poem”

I will deep-fry this poem in the depths
of this overused oil until it’s crunchy I will add enough salt on it for you not
to taste any of its chemically distorted ingredients I will wrap it with
colourful paper and add Disney character toys for it to appeal to your child and
of course I will give you the tempting option to up-size to quantities that would comprise of enough calories to heat up the North Pole and I will
advertise I will replicate it print it on walls squeeze it into red boxes I will
make sure to market it as a healthy choice by adding some lettuce and beans
better so I will pay the fittest of people to do it so that it seems that my
poem is a legitimate sponsor of the World Cup my poem will get all your
numbers up your heart will be at rates that no cardiograph could read my poem
will be mass produced on your skin it will breed it will not weigh on your wallet it will only permeate your body like
cancer cells and keep telling you that you are loving it

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