Fascinating Discovery thru Mr Mehboudi, 5th Century Poet that has made contact with me

hello beautiful family in the light so much love to interview so I wanted to take the opportunity to share this with you what happened yesterday after the contact with mr. moody so mr. Berluti left me yesterday when I asked them in Farsi mr. Mahmoud is there the esoteric poet from 5th century from ancient Persia that made contact over the last 10 days and these are the documentation of his communication that I've collected and what he shared little by little through his poetry so yesterday when I asked him I said mister nobody can you please give me something to count on something that I can just search first up to something that can just validate this and so he gave me a word and that word was how I managed which I showed in the video as an as I said yesterday I heard this for bet I know what it was so I called my mom or who it was I called my mom because it was familiar I just couldn't put my finger on it right there coming up off the meditation so I called my mom and I said mom what is how I managed this is she said that's like the kings I said okay what about the king she was like that's like ancient kings I said what do you mean like a dynasty she said yes yes dynasty I said okay so then like hung up and I called my dear sister Miriam sir dari and I said my am get this so I found that this would what what does this would mean to her – she's like oh that's the dynasty with some of the rulers and the kingdom that's like oh wow that's so fascinating because mister mister may Buddha showed me also in the image that he showed me yesterday was this like ancient was that I spoke of yesterday and it was there was something about this royal court something about a royal court which I didn't know what it was anyway so yesterday I decided to Google and my mouth drop so mr. Mahmoud is giving me clue along the way a few clues so I put up I'm a ha ha Manish and I said what error was ha ha Manish and it was during the ha ha Manish era was during the time that mr. Mac woody had before the 5th century and the roar of it this is where my math holy drop was Cyrus the Great Cyrus the Great is kourosh Cyrus the Great is one of my spirit guides winrich one of my spirit cards both me and my brother member into the sacred circle with Reverend hood Cyrus the Great showed up so I was in contact with Cyrus the Great four and a half years ago and I do greet him every single day but I've never had a contact so my mouth dropped as Cyrus the Great died accordingly around 5 560 BC which is exactly this timeframe that mr. Mammootty had had shared information so suddenly I said oh my goodness I'm on to something and this reminded me that I went to Iran in 1999 in August which was where they had the giant Eclipse that wouldn't happen for like another hundred years and it was the only place that was visible there's the city of Isfahan so when I've been there that August 19 I had I did guru she lies and when I've been to Shiraz that's where Persian persopolis is and past guard are and all of that and I remember when I went with my aunts and cousins there are left and I needed to stay there and when I was in that line at that time 20 years ago I didn't have this spiritual awakening of the knowledge the way I have it now and at that time but I remember when I went there that breath that I took somewhere inside of me every part of my being was like it united in this knowing that I've walked here before and I've been here and I knew it so what happened to pass our God which is the tumor Cyrus the Great was and also saw offices – there was this vibration that I couldn't explain so that was 20 years ago now put this all on the side so here this comes on my math drops I started looking into it then I learned that Cyrus the Great was was summoned by Marduk and the minute I heard saw the word murdered I was like wait a minute the god of the Thunder like I know about this business because murder gets ties to uh nanaka I know the Galactic side of this very well I was like wait a minute what's happening here so the more I looked into it the more I started discovering things so right now this is all I have what fascinates me I don't know the Persian history at all I'm very I've been very disconnected to it but somehow through this mr. Moody there is this through this window I'm I'm being reconnected to an ancient part of me from 5th century where Cyrus the Great was the ruler that ties into this part Iran also the time of Egypt and also this has to do with the Anunnaki so there's the Galactic version and I feel that I'll be able to bring the Galactic knowledge because you know when they said it was the gods they don't recognize like the writings that speaks of the guards murdered being the God it's not recognized as Star people that had come from like let's say from the planet Nibiru that had come to earth and they you know they came to Mesopotamia the Babylon and they started a race and it was you know creating slavery and what have you there's so much behind it and it astonishes me and it excites me that this mr. meridian spirits eye has connected he knows i'm very well connected to my galactic roots but not the Iranian or ancient rude so there's this there's this recollection being made where I can bring that knowledge from the galactic realm through which in the running coach it is very disconnected from so it's just it's fascinating first had to call my brother and and this is a little update for those of you who are following this and more to come so now I'm very very interested in perhaps creating space to go into trance mediumship into the trance channel and see what I can pull in because I feel there's a part that needs to be purified and cleared through you know there many of us that have their new Berean still that part not new Berean like them and not keyline within us and that all also has to be forgiven and and blessed and not all or of pure dark mmm many over more majority board but there are also some of the light ones that also you know it took a different role that's it so this is very exciting I am I'm just ecstatic right now for all of this and just so grateful for mr. Mac we D and what else is going to bring forth and I feel mm-hmm there's a great service that's gonna be brought from this plane so thank you so much the reason why I'm sharing this because nothing that there's times that they have contact from the high around but we can't put it in any context because it's a clue they send us in a clue of journey of discovery and usually it's a part of ourselves that is being rediscovered because it is again still part of our divine purpose so thank you so much for watching a horn of us the end like is banner is house hash so deeply grateful to this paragraph and to mediumship and transmedia ships and trance chattering as these are all her our higher gifts to be of service to thank you so much I have a beautiful blessed

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  1. Awesome discovery, this is bigger than we even know, thanks for following this!! 🐯Truly Amazing!

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