FASTEST Mag Loader in the World

it's a fully loaded Glock 19 bag 15 rounds seven and a half seconds that's awesome seven and a half seconds yep so there's that all right hey folks we're going over the elite tactical system cam loader today that's ETS and we're not gonna violate any of YouTube's policy so YouTube if you're watching standard capacity magazines only and what we're dealing what we're doing is we're just talking about how to use this device to just take existing bullets and existing standard capacity magazines and put them in there without hurting your fingers too much and wasting a bunch of time doing it here's a couple in the box oh yay for that it's like 445 Cal what you do with that so uh are you 45 guys we're like oh come on man well hey I'm a 9-mil guy so we'll be dealing with 9 mil all right let's jump in will start with rifle right on the box I had no problem with the rifle loader the cool thing about this guy right here is it'll load five five six three oh eight seven six – you name it so really cool and it works with a whole ton of different magazines so doesn't really matter and it was kind of pretty user friendly wasn't finicky at all right off the get-go you just got to remember to use it properly there's a couple key things to remember with the rifle and you're off to the races for the pistol I had a few more problems so we'll go through that and let's take a look all right tada here it is there's just one moving part this is kind of universal it's very portable this is the only thing that you have to bring with you to the range and let's see saves your thumbs way way quicker I really like it and the price point on these are is like ridiculously cheap twenty twenty-five bucks not not bad so well here we go all you have to do is you go ahead and take this doodad right here it lifts it free put this on the back of the mag and make sure it's pressed up firmly and then you take this this is a doodad this is doohickey right now ETS is rolling their eyes being like shut up man do do the research and get the name of like I want to rename it the funny things that I think so doohickey and doodad is gonna stick right here and all you do is put this against your truck and pull back especially for the pistol you're really supposed to face the rounds upward put it against your chest and pull in like that that's the technique that works really well for the rifle though you're able to do it just about any way and get away with it so here's the next line right here you put it up grab the next bit and voila there's 20 rounds right off the go and then here is just missed a few today's my first day using it I'll get better but there was 30 rounds really really quick so there's a PMAG here's one of theirs this is pretty cool especially I'm probably gonna use these mags for home defense so I can have one in a rifle and if I need to switch it over real quick I can and it's detachable so let's go through and use theirs right here let's now I shoot Fiocchi ammo for all my range stuff and the trays on them were really short and the bullets were facing up upside down so if you have this type thing what you can do is you can take another tray flip it upside down in it and pull it up and now you can grab the back stuff now when I did that it flopped around a little bit so I ended up jerry-rigging my own little device here it's not necessary but this keeps all the rounds from kind of flopping around when you flip them upside down so all I have to do now is flip it have all my rounds like that and so yeah I was procrastinating a bit and made my own little thing right here there's the other 30 rounds really really quick I pistol for me was a little bit more finicky I watched other youtubers reviewing stuff and it just right out of the gate zip zip zip worked great for me my mag loader required just a little bit of break-in and it required me actually following the instructions so in case you're a dude that it really liked you get out of the box and immediately discard distraught instructions and go at it thinking that you're just gonna figure it out that's how I am and you're gonna get a little frustrated let me walk you through it so for this the very first thing you do take your cam loader and you're supposed to oil this tray right there's just a light coat and there you go once that's done you'll go ahead and take your magazine and insert it all the way and you'll think it's all the way and it's not it's got a little bit more distance so make sure you push really hard to make sure it's seated cool once you've done this a few times it starts loosening up and man this thing is working really really well now I wasn't pleased right on the box and one just sucks and now I'm like this is awesome so anyway a little bit of a learning curve for me I'll go ahead and pick up all these on the tray right here this is where it's really important for the pistol loader to point rounds upward put it in the center of your chest or wherever in your chest right here put doohickey right here and then go ahead and pull ends and all ten just went in let's pick up the last five here so if you like this stuff I've got links below for you pretty cool I like mine I plan on using mine all the time good job ETSU made a good product so yay for that hi folks hope you enjoyed this video make sure you go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification button because subscriptions don't really mean anything you gotta hit the little bell so that you'll be notified of future videos make sure you give us a thumbs up and you could go ahead and comment below and share of course that stuff helps me so anyway see you next time

31 thoughts on “FASTEST Mag Loader in the World

  1. What manual? Are you talking about the packing material? Who goes thru reading what is essentially packing peanuts.

  2. Strip Lula has been doing this for a while. I actually got my time down to 2.3 seconds to reload a 30 round M4 mag with 3 clips of 10. I was going to have a race with one of the guys in my unit to see if I could load a mag faster than he could empty it on semi. Son of a bitch put it on burst and emptied his mag as I was seating the 3rd clip in the Lula. Damn, cheater. He wouldn't do a second race.

  3. He says, "Lets keep this California compliant". Shortly later, quickly loads a full 30 round mag 😂

  4. If your not into drones doing the fighting for you, Why not have an automated ammo delivery system via drones? Hell why not attach them with thermal imaging and common aggressive stances are programmed like the right leg back or maintaining no mans land and build smart glasses to have the eagle eye. Equiped with darts that have gravity induced speed multipliers to ko them rather than kill. Or use a C02 delivery format for small clandestine operations. Or a small spray from a fancy suit..

  5. BEWARE OF EARS !!! MIC IS TOO CLOSE TO THE MAGS !!!🤯 BLOWING OUT MY EAR DRUMS !!! Not everybody listens on their phone. Some of us have headphones.

  6. Too bad I shoot cheap ass american eagle ammo that comes pretty much loose in boxes

  7. How do u get the one for 223/556 the amazon link is only for 380 40 9mm and 45 ?

  8. Thanks for the intro, here's another..Warrior Poet, by doing this you are upholding the Americans with Disabilities Act. I am a disabled shooter, my disability will sometimes make loading mags a painful act that can end my shooting session. A device such as this allows me to go to the range and practice with the same tools I would use to defend my family and my home.

  9. That system ain't new, was using similar stuff in the military.. good to know its available in civilian life.. all fancy and shit

  10. Just noting production values, black objects on a black background in low light conditions are hard AF to see.

  11. 60 rounds for home protection? You live in Syria? Fking American incestuous hicks

  12. I just got one for 9mm pistol but have not tried it yet. I wish they would do one for HK mp5 mags.

  13. its called a stripper clip…..already in use … since the early 60s…

  14. To be in accordance with YouTube, you're only showing ten round magazines?! Da fuck is that?!

  15. So i can only find the handgun ones, does the 9mm/40 also do the rifle and they are just not telling you that? Otherwise i cannot find the ets rifle loader on amazon

  16. My rifle loader just came in the mail less than an hour ago. Seeing I usually buy my 556 ammo in a bulk box I’ll also have to make a doohickey like you did to stand the rounds up straight. I can’t wait to try it out. It looks awesome.
    I’ll probably buy one for my 9mm.


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