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I was getting bigger, my feet were up, standing up.
But do not know about it. When, the builder was getting old Smiling at my mistakes, my hideers,
Lord, Smiling at my mistakes, my hideers,
Lord, why did not hide, and not tell them the way here He was unmistakable to understand, happiness, it was. Never fear, I was afraid, the heart of the father was great. I am far away from him, now where he is, my heart is the question Otherwise, the second will ask, son! How are you. with smile spent poverty, he shared his every piece of bread without money, live happily, not happy, did not teach the barbarians Suddenly, this is not your fault, it is the wrong move of God. It was to ask God, why did you make it, come only when it is the end time. No doubt, just do not remember, it will be taught, finger-rolling. It must have been raised by falling, smiling, explained, or falling again. I do not remember to bear in arms, but everybody will be picked up on the stumble, Should not have fallen again, somewhere, it has been taught to walk in the house. Neither teaches, serenity, nor theft, cleverness will just be taught. The injury will have to be done by accident, my own life, myself will be coiled. Were you crying, taught you had smiled. It was taught by licensing that I was burning lamp. “Papa is an attachment to you,
         Then there is the tension in the siege. Other than giving me pain,
Where, there is such a wound. ” Referring to my pain, I do not believe in love. People say that he passed away, keeping my father alive is my intense. father,you Taught me to cook food, forgot to eat it yourself you made me to be made somethimg, you sent me to the success, with me,forgot to come. Remember, to earn money for charity,
        Keep open doors for every person-my father

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