Father’s Mother’s Day poem will make you laugh and cry!! | Dude Dad

My son’s mom. My son’s mom is a badass. Not in the traditional sense. No she doesn’t wear camo or carry guns with
lots of ammo. She is smiley and gracious and defuses lavender
on a very regular basis. My son’s mom is a badass in how she loves. She is full metal jacket, hug you till you’re
blue, jump in front of a bus for you– LOVE. Her love for our son has changed her in ways
that not only make me proud, but make me laugh. The other day pushing the stroller across
the street, a car screams by within a few feet and for the first time, she threw her
finger in the air yelling, “HEY! THERE”S A BABY HERE.” My son’s mom. She is a lion, a viper, you mess with him
and I will cut you. I fear for the some one some day that picks
on our son. As his father I will teach him self defense while all the while teaching him to use his words not his hands. But my son’s mom… oohhhh. She. Will. Crush you. It will be no contest. There will be no second chances. She will rip out your throat and shove it
in your pants. My son’s mom. I love my son. But I would be lying if I didn’t mention, I thought him a stranger the first time that I met him. He looks like me that I can see but we have
no history. You see, I became a father when we made our
first connection but my son’s mom, she knew him from a whole other dimension. She knew him from long ago inside her womb
starting to grow. She knew him before she even began to show. Little kicks. Sleeping habits. Can we get some Oreos? Baby needs his fix. You see she became a mom when they made their
first connection which for her was at conception. Except that’s not even right because there’s
something else I haven’t mentioned. You see three months before we had another
blessing. A faint blue line that kept us guessing. A baby? Maybe. And then two days later we had confirmation
that yes indeed it was gestation. I AM GOING TO BE A FATHER. But it wasn’t long, and something felt wrong and 5 weeks in our baby was gone. People told us, it happens more often than
you think. Now I don’t mean to be dramatic but a lot
of people get cancer too does that make THAT any less tragic? This is a baby that I never knew, but my son’s
mom knew him and felt him too. So today I want to honor her strength because
I have now seen it in length. A mother’s love is authentic relentless acceptance. I write this piece because my son is too young to express it it but every word is confirmed in his contentment. She is the bomb. She is my son’s mom. Happy Mother’s Day Heidi.

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